Breast Augmentation Recovery

Breast Augmentation Recovery

Breast Augmentation Recovery: 11 detailed steps to improve your recovery process

In plastic surgery, many factors can influence the effectiveness and safety of your procedure. These include the experience, qualifications of your surgeon, and the practices at the facility where you will undergo your procedure. 

For example, suppose you’re considering breast augmentation in Turkey to enhance your body. In that case, it is essential to understand what to expect during boob job recovery. 

Therefore, it would be best to consider several things when choosing a doctor or facility for this procedure. If you’re considering breast implant surgery and want to know more about how it affects your travel plans – read on!

What is breast augmentation?

Breast augmentation is a procedure that uses breast implants to enhance your bust. It’s often done to improve self-esteem, but it’s also used to correct deformities resulting from injury or disease.

The most popular reason for boob job surgery is to improve self-image and self-confidence. However, breast implant surgery can also be done for patients dissatisfied with their breast size after pregnancy or weight loss or those who have asymmetrical breasts.

Breast implants come in different sizes and shapes to meet various aesthetic goals. Implant manufacturers have developed profiles (figures) for implants that mimic the natural look of breasts: round, teardrop, teardrop, Etc.

Types of Breast implant

The most common implant material is silicone gel, which comes in several different grades, from high-quality silicone to lower-quality, which tends to break down more quickly. Other implant materials include saline and gummy bear implants.

Here’s what you need to know about the different types of breast implants:

1. Silicone gel

Silicone gel is the most common implant used in breast augmentation surgery. Silicone gel implants are made from a silicone shell over a saline or silicone gel core. 

Silicone implants feel more natural than saline implants and are less likely to leak. However, silicone implants have been associated with an increased risk of capsular contracture (hardening around the implant) and rupture compared to saline.

2. Saline

Saline implants are filled with a sterile saltwater solution absorbed by your body after surgery. As a result, saline implants tend to be less expensive than silicone gel implants. 

Still, they may have more complications, such as leakage or ruptured implants. So if you choose saline over silicone, you must be aware of these risks. 

In addition, it makes sure you have access to experienced surgeons who can perform revision surgery if necessary.

3. Gummy bear

Gummy bear breast augmentation is a popular procedure in Turkey since it is easy to perform with good results. It is especially recommended for patients with small breasts who want to increase their cup size by one or two. 

Patients with larger breasts can also benefit from this type of surgery, but they may need more than one procedure. First, the procedure involves inserting saline (saltwater) or silicone gel into the breast tissue. 

Next, the surgeon makes an incision inside the areola and inserts the implant through it. The gummy bear look results when the implant is too large for the patient’s body or has migrated out of position.

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Boob Job in Turkey from £2500

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11 Steps to Improve your recovery after Breast augmentation

breast augmentation Recovery depends on various factors, including the type of implant used and the surgical approach. 

Most patients return to work in a week or two, depending on their job and feelings. The following tips will help you in the boob job recovery process:

1. Follow Your Healthcare Provider’s Instructions:

Ask your doctor what you should do after a breast augmentation or other plastic surgery procedure. 

The medical team will provide detailed instructions about the activity you should avoid and when it is safe to resume normal activities, such as driving, swimming, Etc.

2. Keep Your Follow-Up Appointments

After your procedure, your doctor will schedule follow-up appointments for you. You must keep all of these appointments so that he can evaluate your progress and make sure that everything is healing properly. 

If you have any questions about your breast augmentation recovery or post-surgery care, don’t hesitate to ask him during these visits.

3. Prevent Infection

Prevent Infection

One of the most important things you need to do after your breast implant surgery is to keep yourself away from infections. Infection can cause severe damage to your body and even lead to death. 

So, you must take proper care of yourself after your surgery. For example, ensure no dirt or dust on your body before entering any public place or area. 

They can be easily infected by germs and bacteria present everywhere. Also, ensure you wash your hands with soap and water after using them at home or anywhere else outside the home.

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4. Inspect Your Incision

After your surgery, you will have two small incisions on each side of your chest where the implants were placed. 

These incisions should heal well if kept clean and dry while they’re healing. However, inspect them regularly for any redness or swelling that could indicate an infection or other complications. 

If you notice anything unusual, call your doctor immediately so they can evaluate the situation further and recommend treatment options if necessary.

5. Care for Your Incision the Right Way

The incision area should be cleaned and kept dry until your stitches are removed. Your surgeon will remove the stitches on the day of surgery or sometime in the following week. 

Your surgeon will also provide instructions on caring for your incision at home.

6. Drink and Eat Properly

Drink and Eat Properly

You must follow your doctor’s post-operative instructions regarding diet and fluid intake after surgery. Some doctors may allow patients to drink clear liquids before going home from the hospital. 

In contrast, others may require that patients avoid drinking or eating until after their first post-operative visit. 

Avoid eating solid food until after your first post-operative visit, at least 48 hours after the procedure, so talk to your doctor about what diet is appropriate for you during this period. 

Also, eat a healthy diet with plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and lean proteins. Avoid processed foods and sugary snacks as much as possible. Finally, ensure you drink plenty of water before and after the surgery.

7. Stay Active

After surgery, it’s essential to be active as soon as possible (with your doctor’s approval). However, you may need to avoid strenuous activities such as lifting heavy objects or running for a few weeks after your procedure.

However, walking around and exercising moderately is OK so long as it doesn’t cause pain or discomfort in your chest or abdomen. A physical therapist can give you additional advice on safe exercises after breast augmentation in Turkey.

8. Cough and Sneeze Carefully

Because your chest is swollen, coughing and sneezing can cause inflammation and pain. Pinch your nose and exhale slowly to avoid this.

9. Know When To Go To The ER

Contact your surgeon immediately if you experience any signs or symptoms like tenderness or pain at your incision site within three days after surgery. 

You may have developed CC and should be evaluated by a doctor as soon as possible. You’ll need to avoid strenuous activities and heavy lifting for at least six weeks after your procedure. 

If you have a high-risk pregnancy or are planning on becoming pregnant, consider waiting until your baby arrives before having surgery.

10. Wear a supportive bra

You’ll need to wear a bra after boob job surgery. However, your doctor will advise you when it’s safe to remove the surgical bra and when to stop wearing one altogether. 

In the meantime, ensure your bra fits correctly and provides adequate support. If you don’t already have one, ask your doctor or surgeon for recommendations on which type of bra to buy.

11. Control Your Pain

Pain control is essential during recovery from breast augmentation surgery because pain can interfere with healing and lead to complications like infection. The surgeon may prescribe some medications, such as 

  1. prescription narcotics for pain management, such as hydrocodone (Vicodin) or oxycodone (Percocet). 
  2. You may also benefit from non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications like aspirin or ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin IB). 
  3. Your doctor may also recommend over-the-counter pain relievers such as acetaminophen (Tylenol) or naproxen sodium (Aleve).

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Breast augmentation recovery process and time In Turkey

Breast augmentation recovery process and time In Turkey

The breast augmentation recovery time is 6 to 8 weeks. the surgeon will perform the surgery under general anesthesia. 

The incisions for the surgery are made under the breast and around the nipple, called inframammary incisions. The incisions can be closed with stitches or staples.

In general, breast implant recovery time will vary based on the specific procedure performed and your overall health. 

Everyone recovers at different rates and has different pain tolerance levels.

While some people can return to normal activities within a few days after surgery, others may need several weeks before returning to work or school. 

In general, you can expect these approximate recovery times:

  • Six weeks: You should be able to return to most light activities without causing too much strain on your breasts. That includes walking around town or shopping for groceries but not jogging or lifting heavy objects.
  • Eight weeks: After eight weeks, you should be able to resume all normal activities without any restrictions on your breasts except heavy lifting or strenuous exercise like jogging or weightlifting until 12 months after surgery.

Breast augmentation recovery day by day

Immediately after surgery

The medical team will take you to the recovery room after surgery, monitoring you for about one hour. You may experience some discomfort and swelling, but your doctor will prescribe pain medication for you to take after you are discharged from the hospital. Your surgeon may also provide a follow-up appointment to ensure everything is healing correctly.

Hours after surgery

It’s essential to plan when it comes to recovery time following boob job surgery in Turkey. During this time, your body needs rest and time to heal correctly. Most patients can return to work within two weeks of the procedure. Still, you should avoid strenuous activity for several weeks. If you have any questions about your breast augmentation recovery process or restrictions on movement during this time, be sure to contact your plastic surgeon before leaving the hospital.

3 to 5 days

You will be able to return home within 72 hours after your surgery. However, you should avoid heavy lifting and strenuous activities for at least three weeks. If your job requires lifting heavy items regularly, talk to your surgeon about finding another job before the surgery.

One week

You may experience mild pain in the first few days after the surgery, but this should go away after a few days. You must wear a surgical bra during this period and ensure that you do not remove it until your doctor or nurse is instructed after the procedure. You may also experience swelling and bruising, which could last up to three months, depending on how much-added volume.

Next few weeks

The next few days after the surgery are the most critical period. You will be given medications to help you relax and reduce pain and inflammation. In addition, your surgeon will instruct you on caring for yourself after your breast implant procedure.

Two months

The breast augmentation results are visible after two months, and your breasts will look more natural as they settle into their final shape. At this point, it is vital to maintain proper posture and avoid any strenuous physical activity to prevent any complications with your new breast implants.

Surgery Time

2-3 hours

Time Off Work

1 week

Hospital Stay

1 Day

Reasonably Mobile

24 hours


Shower fully after 1 day keeping area completely dry

Exercise Including Gym

30-40 days

Sexual Activity

Restricted activity after 2 weeks

Full Recovery

6 - 8 Weeks

Sleeping Position

Sleeping on back recommended for 2 weeks

What Is The Average Cost Of Breast Augmentation In Turkey?

Breast Augmentation Surgery Cost

The average cost of a boob job in Turkey is 2,500 – 4,000 Euro, including everything from the surgery to the travel expenses. However, breast implant surgery in Turkey is cheaper than in many other countries like the US or UK. That is because doctors and hospitals charge less for their services in Turkey than in other countries. 

However, you should be aware that there are still a lot of reputable surgeons and hospitals here who charge more than this amount. Although many reputable doctors here charge less than 3k for breast augmentation surgery, some charge more than 4k; it’s essential to do your research properly before choosing a surgeon. You may pay too much money for your procedure if you don’t!

These costs are broken down as follows:

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