Real breasts vs Implants

Real breasts vs Implants

Let’s face it. Breasts are one of the most important parts of a woman’s body when it comes to physical attractiveness and beauty.

For both sexes, female breasts induce appeal, grace, seduction, delight, and even voluptuousness. Breasts are of all kinds of shapes and sizes, and since Mother Nature does not offer the same proportions to everyone, people have decided over their beauty standards.

Turkey is the cheapest country for breast implants and has the best esthetic surgeons in Europe. This is the reason why more and more people choose Turkey as their fairyland esthetic desire, when all wishes come true, with no extra spicy costs.

At HayatMed, you will get the best breast implant turkey prices and the most wanted results.

Do I need breast implants?

Genes, age, extra weight, breastfeeding, and lack of physical exercises have pushed many women to look at their breasts from a negative perspective and decided to give them a more beautiful and well-deserved shape through implants.

So the next questions would be what is breast implant and what we need to know before deciding to get a breast augmentation surgery? Women choose to get breast implants to give their breasts a bigger and fuller shape.

This procedure can also be done for reconstruction purposes, following a mastectomy, for instance. No matter in which category you are, this procedure boosts your self-confidence and satisfaction.

Hopefully, this article will cover all the questions you may have regarding this surgery while emphasizing the benefits of breast implants.

What are silicone implants?

Real breasts vs Implants

Silicon is a derivative of silicon, a substance that is found in nature and in the form of silicon dioxide. Heating it at high temperatures produces silicone, which can be liquid, gel, or rubber.

Silicone is found in a lot of products and things that we use daily. Silicone has a shape and appearance close to the natural texture of human skin and tissues is not carcinogenic, and is extremely rare when a person suffers from allergies to this substance.

Other breast implants, such as injections with your fat, saline, or gummy bear, and there is none better than the other is. The right surgeon will give you the best results, no matter the type you choose.

Procedure and costs

The breast implant operation is performed under general anesthesia and lasts 1-2 hours.

The operation consists of inserting a breast implant behind the mammary gland (retroglandular) or behind the pectoral muscle (retromuscular). The size of the implants is given primarily by the width of your breasts and chest and by the shape and projection you want.

The breast implant cost differs according to several factors: the quality of the implant and the manufacturing company, implant shape (round or anatomical), approach technique.

A good implant starts from 2,500EUR and can reach 5,000EUR. Cheaper or more expensive, if you choose to get breast implants in Turkey at HayatMed, you will immediately see the expected results.

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