How much does a breast lift cost

How Much Does A Breast Lift Cost

Boob lift surgery is a sought-after cosmetic procedure aimed at lifting and reshaping sagging breasts for a more youthful appearance. 

The breast lift cost can vary based on surgeon expertise, geographic location, procedure complexity, anesthesia type, facility fees, and additional treatments. 

For example, in the United States, the costs typically range from $8,000 to $15,000. While price is important, it’s crucial not to compromise quality and safety. 

What causes sagging breast

Breast sagging, an inevitable part of aging, may occur for various reasons. Our breasts consist of glandular tissue, fat, and ligaments to support them; many factors can contribute to breast sagging, including:

  1. Aging: As women age, their skin loses elasticity and firmness, leading to their breasts sagging more over time. Meanwhile, supportive ligaments and tissues weakened over time also cause further issues.
  2. Pregnancy and Breastfeeding: Hormonal changes during gestation cause breasts to expand and stretch outward; while breastfeeding, the tissue may not fully return into place, leading to the sagging of breast tissue.
  3. Weight fluctuations: Substantial fluctuations in body weight can cause the breast skin to stretch and lose elasticity, leading to sagging.
  4. Genetics: Some individuals may inherit traits predisposing them to breast sagging, such as weaker supporting tissues or reduced skin elasticity.
  5. Lifestyle factors: Smoking, excessive sun exposure, and not wearing proper breast support can hasten the process of sagging breasts.
  6. Gravity: Over time, gravity contributes to breast sagging by exerting an increasing downward force on tissue layers that support them.

Breast sagging may be an inevitable part of life, yet it can negatively affect an individual’s confidence and body image. A mastopexy procedure can address this sagging by removing extra skin, reshaping breast tissue, and repositioning the nipple to achieve a youthful, lifted look.

Who is the right Candidate for a boob lift

Including a Breast Lift with Implant

An ideal candidate for surgery typically exhibits certain characteristics and desires certain outcomes. Here are some general criteria that can help assess if you might make an ideal candidate:

  • Breast Sagging: Your breasts appear saggy, with their nipples below the crease or pointed downward. Sagging can range from mild to severe; severity depends on each person. 
  • Your breast skin has lost its natural elasticity and firmness, contributing to its sagging appearance. After an uplift procedure removes excess breast tissue, its contraction should go smoothly.
  • Stable Weight: Candidates are generally advised to maintain a steady and healthy body weight for optimal results. Significant fluctuations can negatively impact long-term results.
  • Ideal candidates should have overall good physical health, free from any medical conditions that could hinder healing or increase risks associated with surgery.
  • Non-Smoker: Smoking can negatively impact wound healing and increase the risk of complications, so it is often advised to quit before any surgical procedure.
  • Realistic Expectations: Candidates for surgery should set realistic expectations regarding its outcomes. Although a lift can improve the shape and position of breast tissue, it will not significantly alter the size or add volume.

Breast Lift Cost Factors

Understanding what determines the cost of a breast lift can help you estimate and plan for its financial aspects. Here are the factors affecting its cost:

  • Skill and Reputation of Plastic Surgeons: Highly skilled and respected plastic surgeons typically charge higher fees due to their experience and track record of successful outcomes.
  • Geographic Location: Living costs and cosmetic procedures can differ significantly based on where a patient resides. Urban centers tend to incur higher expenses for cosmetic procedures than rural locations.
  • The complexity of the Procedure: Depending on the severity and desired results of breast sagging and any additional techniques required (for instance, combining a lift with breast implants) may determine how complex or costly a procedure is. More severe sagging or additional techniques required, such as using both techniques together, could increase costs significantly.
  • Anesthesia Type: The anesthesia chosen during a procedure can impact its cost. General anesthesia tends to be more costly than local anesthesia with sedation.
  • Facility Fees: Fees associated with surgical facilities – such as operating room rentals and overnight stays – can add significant costs.
  • Additional treatments or procedures: Should additional procedures, such as breast augmentation or liposuction, be performed alongside the breast lift procedure, they will incur additional expenses.
  • Pre and Post-Operational Care: Pre and post-operative testing, such as lab work and mammograms, may add significantly to your total costs, while post-op care, such as follow-up visits or medications, could further add.

Also, the cost of breast lift surgery may not include expenses such as consultations, surgical garments, and potential revision surgeries.

Best mastopexy prices for 2023

Packages include medical fees, hospital accommodation, airport transfers, and personal host.

How Much Does A Breast Lift Cost

cost all surgeris

Several factors come into play when considering the cost of a breast lift procedure globally. 

These include 

  1. The country and city where the surgery is performed, 
  2. the expertise and reputation of the surgeon, 
  3. local market competition, 
  4. surgical facility fees, 
  5. additional procedures or treatments, 
  6. Pre-operative/post-operative care costs. 

Due to these variables, specific price ranges can vary widely.

Breast lift cost in the USA

United States

The cost of breast lift surgery in the USA may depend on factors like surgeon experience, location, and the complexity of the procedure itself; on average, this cost typically ranges between $8,000-$15,000.

Prices can differ widely between states and cities. Metropolitan areas and regions with higher living costs tend to experience higher prices – cities like New York, Los Angeles, and Miami often boast higher average costs than smaller towns or rural locations.

Consultations appointments allow surgeons to provide tailored assessments and cost estimates tailored specifically to your goals and needs, financing options, and any potential insurance coverage that might apply. 

boob lift cost in the Uk

United Kingdom

Mastopexy Costs in various cities across the U.K. may differ based on factors like surgeon experience and clinic services; here is an estimate for some major cities:

  1. London: the cost in London can range anywhere from around PS5,000 to over PS10,000. It will depend on several factors and which surgeon or clinic you select for treatment.
  2. Manchester: On average, the procedure in Manchester typically ranges in price between PS4,000 and PS8,000, depending on individual circumstances that could alter this figure.
  3. Birmingham: the cost in Birmingham generally ranges from PS4,000 to PS8,000 in Birmingham, depending on factors like surgeon experience and clinic location.
  4. Leeds-Bradford: the cost in these cities typically ranges between PS4,000 to PS7,000 in Leeds-Bradford; prices may differ between clinics and surgeons.
  5. Glasgow: the cost in Scotland may range between PS4,000 to PS8,000 depending on individual factors and the surgeon or clinic selected, and it depends upon many other variables.
  6. Southampton-Portsmouth: In Southampton-Portsmouth, the cost range between PS4,000 and PS7,000, depending on individual circumstances.
  7. Liverpool: the cost usually ranges between PS4,000 to PS7,000 in Liverpool; prices can depend on factors like surgeon experience and clinic location.
  8. Newcastle: On average, the cost in Newcastle generally ranges between PS4,000 and PS7,000 depending on individual factors and clinic fees; these prices may also differ based on personal considerations and surgical procedures involved.

mastopexy cost in Canada


The cost of breast lift procedures in Canada varies significantly, depending on several factors such as geographic location, surgeon experience, and complexity of the procedure as well as clinic or hospital where the procedure takes place. Additional charges may include anesthesia costs and post-op care fees.

Since I need access to real-time data or details regarding your location, I can only offer you a general cost estimate. Please remember that this estimate should only serve as a rough guideline, and you should contact healthcare providers or clinics directly to receive more accurate pricing details.

Average surgery costs in Canada can range between CAD 6,000 and CAD 12,000. This estimate generally includes the surgeon’s fee and basic expenses associated with the procedure, though additional expenses may include consultations, pre-operative tests, surgical garments, medications, and post-operative visits.

How Much Does A mastopexy Surgery Cost Around Europe

Here are approximate costs associated with the cost across Europe:

  1. France: The cost of surgery can range anywhere from EUR4,000 to over EUR8,000 in France.
  2. Spain: The cost can range anywhere from EUR3,500 to more than EUR7,000 in Spain.
  3. Germany: surgery can cost from EUR4,500 to over EUR9,000.
  4. Sweden: The cost may range anywhere from SEK 40,000 to SEK 90,000 or even higher in Sweden.
  5. Italy: the surgery cost can range anywhere from EUR4,000 to over EUR8,000 in Italy.
  6. Ireland: Mastopexy prices typically fall within the range of EUR5,000-10,000 in Ireland.
  7. Czech Republic: the surgery can range anywhere from CZK 80,000 to over CZK 150,000 in this European nation

How much does a breast lift cost in Turkey?

The breast lift cost in Turkey could range between $2,500 to $5,000; this figure should only be seen as an estimate; actual costs can differ significantly; it is important to consult different clinics and surgeons to get accurate pricing information and accurate pricing updates.

Furthermore, if traveling from another location, prices may not cover additional expenses such as pre-operative tests, post-operative medications, or accommodation.

What does include in the boob lift in Turkey Package?

Turkey Package

Details for a breast lift package in Turkey will depend on which clinic or hospital you select; however, usually, such packages include the following:

  • Surgical Procedure: The package would include breast lift surgery, which involves reshaping and lifting breasts to create a more youthful look. Typical steps involve:
  1. Remove excess skin.
  2. Reposition the nipple/areola area.
  3. Finally, lift tissue on both sides of each breast.
  • Medical Consultation: Before any procedure, pre-op visits allow surgeons to assess your candidacy, discuss goals and expectations, and create an individualized surgical plan.
  • Pre-Operative Tests: Basic laboratory and medical assessments designed to evaluate your suitability for surgery and assess your overall health status are necessary before any procedure or major procedure.
  • Anesthesia: The cost of anesthesia used during your surgery to ensure comfort and safety will depend on your situation.
  • Hospital Stay: A typical package would typically consist of an inpatient stay for surgery and post-op care, ranging from short to longer stays depending on each case.
  • Fees of Surgeon Performed Breast Lift Procedure: Surgeon fees related to performing the boob lift surgery will also need to be covered.
  • Medication: Typically, this package covers the costs associated with prescribed medication for both hospital stays and initial recovery periods.
  • Follow-Up Visits: As part of the package, several follow-up visits may be scheduled postoperatively to monitor healing progress and address any concerns following surgery.
  • VIP Transportation: Arranging airport transfers and transport between an airport, hotel, and clinic/hospital requires VIP transportation services to be organized for their comfort and convenience. VIP cars or luxury vehicles with drivers are available to ensure smooth sailing for passengers during VIP travel arrangements.
  • Luxury Hotel Accommodation: Your package may include accommodation at a luxury hotel during your visit for mastopexy surgery, providing a luxurious and opulent experience.
  • Concierge Services: Some packages may provide concierge services to assist with various aspects of your trip, such as making restaurant reservations, organizing sightseeing tours, or providing local recommendations.

Best mastopexy prices for 2023

Packages include medical fees, hospital accommodation, airport transfers, and personal host.

Why is mastopexy surgery cheaper in Turkey

There are several reasons why breast lift procedures may be comparatively more affordable in Turkey:

  1. Lower Cost of Living
  2. Lower Operating Costs
  3. Competitive Market
  4. Currency Exchange Rates
  5. Government Support and Incentives
  6. Economies of Scale
  7. Training and Expertise

Does insurance cover the boob lift surgery?

Insurance companies typically categorize breast lifts as cosmetic procedures and do not cover costs. Coverage might be considered when they can be proven medically necessary in addressing functional or health-related issues; however, such evaluation and documentation would need to be performed by a qualified healthcare provider.

Here are some situations where insurance coverage for a breast lift could be considered, include:

  1. Breast asymmetry causes physical discomfort or emotional distress—ptosis (sagging), leading to pain, skin irritation, or difficulty performing daily activities.
  2. Congenital breast deformities that interfere with normal development or lead to functional issues for those living with them.

However, it’s important to remember that each insurance provider and policy has different criteria and guidelines for coverage of this procedure. Therefore, it’s recommended that you contact them directly to ask about their policies on covering these procedures and any requirements or documentation necessary for making a potential claim.

Even if insurance doesn’t cover breast lift surgery, other financing and payment plans may still exist that make the procedure more affordable.

Is a breast lift cheaper than augmentation?


The cost of breast lift or augmentation procedures varies significantly based on several factors, including your geographic location, surgeon experience, the complexity of the procedure performed, and the clinic or hospital hosting it; however, breast lift tends to be less costly.

A breast lift involves:

  • It reshapes and lifts breasts back into youthful shapes, typically by removing excess skin.
  • Reposition the nipple and areola.
  • Lift breast tissue.

Cost estimates have been provided previously.

Breast augmentation procedures tend to be slightly more costly; their costs encompass both implant and surgical fees.

Cost considerations associated with breast augmentation and lift procedures depend upon several variables, including implant quality, the complexity of the surgery, and any additional services provided along with it.

FactorBreast AugmentationBreast Lift
Cost of implantsBreast augmentation requires the use of silicone implants, which can cost upwards of $1,000 each. Breast lifts do not require implants, so this cost is not incurred.None.
Complexity of the procedureBreast augmentation is a more complex procedure than breast lift. This is because it requires the surgeon to make an incision in the breast to insert the implants. Breast lift only requires an incision around the areola.Less complex.
Surgeon’s feesSurgeons typically charge more for breast augmentation than breast lift. This is because breast augmentation is a more complex procedure and requires more skill and experience from the surgeon.Less expensive.
AnesthesiaBreast augmentation typically requires general anesthesia, which is more expensive than local anesthesia. Breast lift can be performed under local anesthesia, which is less expensive.Less expensive.

How Long Does It Take For Breast Lift Incisions To Heal?

Breast lift recovery time depends on many factors, but full recovery after this procedure usually takes at least six weeks. The scars may take over a year to fade away.

How long does a breast lift last?

A breast lift may provide long-term results yet does not stop the natural aging process. The duration of its effects varies based on factors like genetics, lifestyle choices, and skin elasticity – while initial results may last several years, it is common for them to sag again gradually over time. Maintaining a stable weight, wearing supportive bras, and living healthily are all ways that can extend the effects of a lift.

When is a breast lift medically necessary?

Steps of a breast lift procedure

The breast is medically necessary when you suffer one of these:

  1. Ptosis (Sagging Breasts)
  2. Breast Asymmetry
  3. Post-Pregnancy Changes
  4. Back, Neck, or Shoulder Pain
  5. Skin Irritation or Infections
  6. Areolar Malposition
  7. Congenital Breast Deformities


The cost of Breast Lifts in the U.S. ranges between $8,000 to $15,000, depending on factors like location, experience, and complexity of the procedure as well as any additional fees or recurring appointments necessary. Consult a board-certified plastic surgeon for an accurate quote – cost does not always include tests, medications, garments, or follow-up appointments! For safe and satisfying results, choose a skilled and reputable surgeon!

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