Breast Reduction Surgery Cost in Turkey

Breast Reduction Surgery Cost

It’s no secret that breasts grow larger as women age. In fact, according to an article from the Washington Post, 25% of women between the ages of 18 – 40 have at least one cup size that is too small. Because of that, boob reduction is a procedure many women want to get sooner rather than later.

Fortunately, there are numerous ways to reduce the size of your breasts without spending money on new outfits or investing in a whole new wardrobe. However, in some cases, these non-invasive techniques do not work as well as surgery. So, if you’re considering getting a breast reduction and wondering how much the breast reduction surgery cost, read on for some helpful information.

What Is Female Breast Reduction Surgery?

Breast reduction surgery is a procedure that reduces the size of your breasts, making them smaller and more proportionate to the rest of your body. It can also fix nipple or breast asymmetry and improve the shape of your chest.

The surgery can reduce the size of your breasts by as much as one or two cup sizes, but not all women need to go that big. You’ll discuss with your plastic surgeon what size works best for you.

The procedure removes excess skin, fat, and breast tissue from your breasts. That can help you feel more comfortable in clothing and bras and may reduce back and shoulder pain caused by large breasts. Boob reduction surgery won’t affect breast shape but will make them perkier.

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Who Is a Candidate for Breast Reduction Surgery?

Breast reduction surgery is recommended for women with large breasts who experience physical discomfort or pain from their large breast size, poor posture, and difficulty finding clothing that fits well.

This surgery is also an option for women who have had children and have stretched or sagging skin that contributes to their breast size.

Women with overly large areolas (the darker skin around the nipple) may also be candidates for Boob reduction surgery if they are bothered by that feature.

Why do women get breast reductions?

Why do women get breast reductions

As we mentioned, there are many reasons women wish to get breast reduction. However, one of the most common reasons women do this procedure is that their breasts’ weight has caused severe back and neck pain.

Women often experience changes in their posture due to the weight, which becomes hunched if they do not actively pull their shoulders back. In addition, women can stand up straight again and relieve their necks and back from straining by having lighter breasts. 

Another reason women decide to get a breast reduction is aesthetic reasons. Often, the women’s breasts are disproportionate to the size of the rest of her body. This, in turn, can cause a lot of unwanted attention and make them feel self-conscious about their bodies. However, by reducing their breasts’ size, most women experience reviving their confidence and sense of self-worth. 

What are the benefits of boob reduction surgery?

Breast reduction surgery can give you smaller, more proportionate breasts that are easier to manage and fit a wider variety of clothing. Smaller breasts may also reduce your risk of back pain. 

Reducing the size of your breasts can also increase your self-confidence and your ability to participate in sports and other activities. You may also experience less stress on your shoulders and upper back from straps, belts, and heavy breasts. 

Finally, reducing the size of your breasts may also improve the appearance of your armpit area and make it easier to shave. Smaller breasts may also prevent stretch marks. 

Women with larger breasts are more likely to stretch their skin, causing it to lose its elasticity and be unable to bounce back. While that isn’t a guarantee, it is worth considering if you have a genetic predisposition for stretch marks. 

Conversely, smaller breasts are less likely to stretch the skin and cause stretch marks.

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Best Breast Reduction Prices

Packages include medical fees, accommodation, airport transfers, and personal hosts.

How much does a breast reduction cost?

The cost of breast reduction can depend on a lot of factors. Let’s look at some of these factors to understand what you can expect before committing to breast reduction surgery. 

The Procedure Itself 

As a woman’s breasts can come in all shapes and sizes, the procedure can vary depending on the patient’s circumstances. Generally, the doctor will remove excess tissue and reposition/reshape the nipple. However, depending on your doctor, you may be asked to pay extra for the repositioning and reshaping methods. 

The Anesthesia Used 

The anesthesia costs can vary significantly and are charged based on an hourly rate. Therefore, you should ask your surgeon before the procedure how long they expect the surgery to take and how much anesthesia they believe they will use to get a better sense of what you will be paying. 

The Region Where You Get the Breast Reduction

The Region Where You Get the Breast Reduction

Like most surgeries, a breast reduction cost can vary depending on where you receive treatment. However,  you can expect to pay anywhere from $6,000 – $25,000, depending on your case and the geographic location.

It is important to note that Turkey is a widespread destination for women to go and get a breast reduction as the cost is significantly lower than what you would pay in western countries.

For example, Turkey offers women all-inclusive breast reduction programs that include flights and times spent in their facilities to heal before flying back home. They are also globally known to have some of the top surgeons worldwide.

They also utilize innovative techniques and renowned technology to produce the best results. 

How much does breast reduction surgery cost in the USA?

The United States of America always tops the list of the top ten countries in plastic surgery. New York is the state that brings together the largest number of plastic surgeons in America, with up to twice the number of doctors State-certified beauticians and medical care services in America are highly advanced. 

The average price of breast reduction is $5,913, according to 2020 statistics from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. And this price includes only the costs of the operation and does not include any other expenses such as anesthesia, hospital fees, or aftercare.

Additionally, the surgery is usually not covered by insurance, making it more affordable to do the surgery in Turkey as they have very low prices with good results.

Breast reduction surgery cost in the UK?

The price in the UK varies wildly. Several factors affect the cost of Boob reduction surgery, including 

  1. The geographic location of your home and city will affect the price. 
  2. The price also depends on whether or not you have health insurance and whether or not your surgeon is part of a private clinic or private practice. 
  3. Some surgeons also have fees for out-of-hours consultations and even follow-up appointments.

According to National Health Service, the average cost of breast reduction surgery in the UK is £6,500, plus any consultation or follow-up care.

How much does a breast reduction surgery cost in Germany?

Germany is considered one of the most attractive countries for medical tourism due to its healthcare system’s efficiency and reasonable prices.
There are more than 1,000 plastic surgeons in Germany, representing 2.7% of plastic surgeons globally, which located Germany in tenth place in the world in terms of the number of plastic surgeons;

Plastic surgery prices in Germany vary from one hospital to another, depending on the surgeon, the level of service, and aftercare. For example, breast reduction surgery in Germany ranges from $7,000 to $8,000.

How much does breast reduction surgery cost in Turkey?

Plastic surgery prices in Turkey are more affordable than in other countries.
Turkey has gained great fame in plastic surgery, where there are centers and hospitals specialized in this field that can provide many services where all techniques of all kinds are available.
Often The results of these operations are permanent because of the experience of doctors in the field of plastic surgery in Turkey.

The price of breast reduction surgery in Turkey is about 2,600 USD. This price includes operating expenses, such as the surgeon’s fee, anesthesia, aftercare, hotel accommodation, and transportation from the airport.

However, the procedure done in Turkey has its advantages: the quality of care is high and within reach for many people who would otherwise be unable to afford it.

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breast reduction before and after


How to Prepare for breast reduction Surgery

It would help if you did not decide to have breast reduction surgery lightly. Before you schedule an appointment with a doctor, talk to your family members and friends about what they think about your decision. And ask yourself these questions:

Are you healthy enough for surgery? The surgery is usually performed on women at least 18 years old and in good health. 

  • People who smoke or take drugs should not have that procedure because smoking increases blood loss during surgery, and drug use can cause complications such as heart attack during anesthesia. 
  • Also, if you have high blood pressure or diabetes, talk with your doctor before deciding on that procedure. 

Have realistic expectations about what results you’ll get from breast reduction surgery. Unfortunately, it’s not always possible to achieve perfectly symmetrical breasts after that operation, so discuss what you hope to accomplish with your doctor before proceeding with treatment.

Breast Reduction Surgery Procedure

Breast Reduction Surgery Procedure

Boob reduction surgery aims to reduce the size and weight of breasts that are too large. The surgery may be made for physical comfort or to improve physical appearance.

The procedure removes fat and excess skin from the breasts, making them smaller but more proportionate to the rest of your body. In addition, the nipple and areola (the darker area around the nipple) are usually raised above the crease in the breast so they don’t sag. 

And you can combine this surgery with Mastopexy surgery, which means “breast uplift.” The procedure can be done in a hospital. You will receive general anesthesia before any breast reduction surgery begins so that you won’t feel any pain during the procedure. 

You’ll be asleep and unaware of what’s happening around you. Your doctor will work quickly to complete the surgery as safely as possible while reducing any risk of infection or tissue damage to your breast tissue.

The surgery involves incisions around each breast’s edge, center, and crease (inframammary fold). These incisions remove excess fat, skin, and tissue from each breast, leaving only a thin muscle layer beneath your nipples. 

The nipples are repositioned higher on your chest wall and fixed permanently with stitches or sutures. The remaining tissue is secured with dissolvable sutures and surgical tape for added support during healing.

Techniques used for Female Breast reduction

Female Breast reduction is an inpatient procedure performed under general anesthesia. The surgeon can use several different techniques to perform that type of surgery, which may include one or more of the following:


That is performed to remove excess fat from beneath the skin. Liposuction alone may be sufficient for women with very small breasts who have excess fat only in that area. 

However, liposuction alone will not reduce breast size significantly; you must combine it with other techniques to achieve significant results.

Vertical or “lollipop.” 

That technique involves making an incision around the nipple, removing the excess tissue from inside each breast, and then closing each incision at its base with sutures so that there are no visible scars on your skin after healing. 

Vertical reductions may be performed alone or combined with other techniques, such as liposuction.

Inverted-T or “anchor.”

Inverted-T surgery

The inverted T is one of the most common breast reduction techniques because it is a very effective and safe technique that has been used for years. 

In that procedure, the surgeon cuts an inverted T shape into the bottom of the breast. The skin around the nipple and areola is then removed and stitched to form an anchor shape. 

Next, the remaining skin is pulled down over that new, more miniature breast mound, creating a smaller chest size. 

That technique can be combined with other procedures, such as liposuction, to decrease the volume in your breasts further while maintaining symmetry between both sides of your chest.

Female Breast reduction Recovery

Breast reduction surgery is an effective procedure, and you will likely need to spend one day in the hospital. You may be discharged on the same day as your surgery or within 24 hours after your procedure, but most patients require at least one overnight stay in the hospital.

After the surgery

  • Patients are encouraged to avoid strenuous activity for at least six weeks. 
  • You should also avoid lifting anything heavier than 10 pounds for three months.

You will be given instructions regarding activities you can and cannot do after surgery. You must adhere to these restrictions depending on how well your body heals. 

Your doctor may recommend compression garments or support during that time. For example, after breast reduction surgery, you may need to wear a surgical bra, which your surgeon will provide. 

Your doctor may also recommend wearing a compression garment, like a tight-fitting sports bra, for six weeks. After that, you’ll need to wear the surgical bra for about eight weeks before you can wear everyday undergarments again.

The scars from your procedure may fade over time, but they won’t disappear unless treated with laser treatments or other cosmetic procedures.

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Best Breast Reduction prices

Packages include medical fees, accommodation, airport transfers, and personal hosts.

Risks and Complications

Breast reduction surgery can be a safe and effective treatment for women with large, heavy breasts that cause physical discomfort and emotional distress. 

However, before deciding to have the surgery, it’s essential to know the associated risks and complications.

Swelling and bruising

That is the most common complication after the surgery, occurring in about half of all patients. Swelling usually peaks at about two weeks following surgery and subsides over the next few months.


While the infection is rare, it can occur in any surgical procedure. Therefore, any condition following the surgery, like swelling, should be treated promptly with antibiotics. 

Contact your doctor immediately if you develop a disease after breast reduction surgery.

Damage to nerves, blood vessels, or other parts of your body

Because the skin in the breasts is so thin and delicate, the nerves or blood vessels could be injured during the procedure. However, rarely can these injuries be severe enough to require emergency treatment or long-term therapy afterward.


Breast reduction surgery is usually performed using general anesthesia. During that type of anesthesia, the patient does not feel pain or remember parts of the operation. 

However, there is a risk that your body will bleed more than expected during or after surgery. Therefore, you may need blood transfusions to prevent serious complications such as shock and death.

Blood clots

Blood clots can form in any part of your body — including your legs, arms, and lungs — when you are sedentary for extended periods (such as during travel). 

These clots can break off and travel through your bloodstream until lodged somewhere else (such as in your lungs).

That condition is called deep vein thrombosis (DVT). DVT can be life-threatening if it goes undetected or untreated; however, it can usually be treated successfully with medication once detected early enough by a doctor.

An important note 

It is best to remember that when choosing a surgical procedure, it is essential to note that you should not skimp on quality to save a couple of thousand dollars. If anything, meet with a couple of surgeons and see what they can offer you, depending on your circumstances.

Suppose you were to travel anywhere to get your breast reduction. In that case, Turkey is one of your best options regarding quality and price point. 


The cost of breast reduction surgery will depend on the surgeon you choose, the procedure you opt for, whether or not you decide to have it performed by a general practitioner or a cosmetic surgeon only, and your geographical location. 

Some cities will be more expensive than others. To ensure you get the best possible price, shop for quotes from different surgeons and clinics before making your decision.

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