Breast reduction surgery recovery

Breast reduction surgery recovery

Many women get breast reduction surgery to ease the weight and size of their breasts.

Having a large chest size can even cause health problems such as backaches and inflammation, and many clinics offer this surgery to assist in this reduction.

Many women who feel uncomfortable with the size of their breasts also opt for this surgery for aesthetic reasons, to feel more confident and pleased with the size of their breasts.

The cost of this procedure depends on which surgical operation the patient chooses, however, in general, breast reduction surgery cost ranges from $1,500 to $3,000.

Breast reduction surgery recovery is a major part after the operation, which many will consider when choosing this surgery. First, we much look at what is breast reduction surgery.

What is the breast reduction surgery procedure?

In breast reduction surgery cost, surgeons remove any excess fat in the breast to reduce their size. By taking out this fat, the breasts look smaller. Breast reduction surgery is typically carried out under general anesthetic, where patients are put to sleep for the duration of the procedure.

Whether for aesthetic or health reasons, there are two typical ways to undergo this breast reduction surgery: reduction through open surgery, or by Liposuction.

The length of the breast reduction surgery lasts around 2 to 3 hours long. Surgeons will be moving the nipple to its new position, removing excess fat and skin as well as a reshaping of the breast tissue.

There is no age limit to get breast reduction surgery, but women must consider if their breasts have fully grown or if they would like to breastfeed in the future.

Breast reduction surgery recovery

Recovery at hospital

For breast reduction surgery recovery time, it is common for patients to stay in hospital after this procedure for a few days.

By staying in for medical observation, the patient can rest whilst the breasts be monitored, and the dressings of the breast reduction surgery changed.

Patients can expect discharge tubes to be attached to the breasts drain any excess fluids after this surgery.

Medical staff will continue to monitor patients and look for any complications.

Recovery at home

After leaving the hospital, patients will not be able to see the outcome of the breast reduction surgery until the swelling has gone down. Feelings of inflammation and tenderness in the breast area are common in breast reduction surgery recovery and can last up to a month post-surgery. As well as this, changing in sensations and a temporary bruising are also possible side effects in recovery for breast reduction.

Depending on which surgery you opt for, there is a possibility that patients will find scars around the nipple area from the surgery. Most scars will fade over time and will not be seen under clothing.

Patients must continue to look after their own bodies with various self-care actions. Ensuring the support of breast surgery by wearing a special bra such as a sports bra and wearing loose clothes can help avoid discomfort significantly.

By following surgeon instructions, breast reduction side effects can be minor, but patients will likely need help with homelife after a breast reduction surgery.


Like many surgeries, rest and wellbeing are significant in the recovery period. Sleeping on back and sides and sleeping well will help to assist in breast reduction recovery.

After the surgery of breast reduction, any physical activity or carrying heavy weight is discouraged and it is recommended to avoid these tasks where possible.

Although it can take up to a month for the breast reduction surgery recovery completely, the average time of recovery is around two weeks. 

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