Veneers Before and After Guide

Veneers Before and After Guide

If you have been struggling in vain with store-bought teeth whitening treatments or bleaching for your not-so-pearly whites, veneers may be a good option. However, tarnish-free teeth are not the only benefits veneers can deliver.

They are also excellent for chipped, broken, or worn teeth. In addition, many people consider veneers if they have cosmetic issues with their teeth, such as teeth they feel are too small or otherwise awkward looking.

Read the rest of these veneers before and after a guide to help you decide if they are the right solution for improving your smile.

Before You Choose Veneers 

Dental veneers create whiter, more cosmetically appealing teeth by applying a thin tooth-colored shell over the visible parts of the teeth. There are a few different materials used to create dental veneers.

Porcelain is a common material, but there are others available, and the color can be adjusted to match the natural shade of your surrounding teeth.

Veneers are designed to look like natural teeth while improving the quality of your smile. They are also a popular solution to mask the graying of teeth due to root canals or tetracycline drug treatments.

If your goal for dental veneers is to whiten the appearance of your teeth, you will want to have the uncovered teeth treated beforehand. 

Once installed and in place, veneers are long-lasting and can be painful to remove.

Be sure to consult with your dentist, who will show you veneers before and after shots so you can better understand their potential as a strategy for improving your appearance. 

Many dentists will have imaging tools that allow you to preview an accurate 3D representation of your new smile to see if they are the right choice for you.

Benefits of Dental Veneers

Teeth crooked but not so crooked they warrant braces may be a good choice for people not wishing to endure their pain and inconvenience, especially for adults.

Dental Veneers Before and After

The best thing about the dental veneer procedure is that the result will appear directly after the procedure. From the first day of the procedure, you will have the exact smile that you dreamed about


After Dental Veneers

Veneers are long-lasting and should provide several years of service. Unfortunately, like your natural teeth, veneers can be chipped or broken. People who are teeth grinders may also damage their veneers, which can lead to tooth rot and decay hidden beneath an otherwise pristine surface.

Many people sometimes experience extreme sensitivity once veneers are applied to their teeth. In addition, lip injections, fillers, and other cosmetic procedures may also alter their appearance.

You won’t have trouble taking care of your dental veneers, as the same brushing and flossing rules as your regular teeth apply.

In the beginning, you will want to avoid hard, chewy foods and be mindful of contact sports – always wear a high-quality mouthguard. 

If you grind your teeth at night, a retainer or splint will protect the veneers from wear and tear damage.

Now that you have your pearly whites and a smile you have only ever dreamed about, avoiding discoloring agents like coffee and red wine is the best way to ensure the veneers stay that way.

Veneers before and after small teeth

Veneers prices vary depending on several factors,

such as:

  • The geographic clinic location.
  • The dentist’s experience.
  • What type of veneers will you have, and what is the quality of the used materials for preparing them?
  • Preparation before the procedure, like treating teeth or gum problems.

In Turkey, you can achieve stunning results and affordable prices for any cosmetic procedure. It is the right destination to improve your appearance and enjoy the beauty of the place.

At HayatMed, our team always seeks to serve you best. We have specialized doctors in all plastic surgeon fields. With us, you certainly will be satisfied with the results and costs. 

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