What is the scaling?

What is the scaling?

Teeth scaling represents a careful and complete cleaning of the surfaces of the roots of the affected teeth with periodontal bags. The purpose is to eradicate the bacterial plaque and the dental tartar from these deep deposits, perfectly smoothing the affected root surface. When dealing with advanced forms of periodontal disease, with large bone loss (over 3-4 mm), it can be intervened to stop it from evolving. This means that the disease will remain at the same stage in terms of bone and gingival loss.

Scaling procedures

The procedure consists of cleaning with the help of a special tool the damaged tissue between the gum and the bone and washing with antiseptic substances of this area for bacterial removal. The intervention is not painful, is performed under anesthesia. Depending on the stage of the disease, this work may need to be repeated every 2-3 months. Radical scaling and planar treatment is the method of non-surgical periodontal treatment, practically a deep cleaning of the surfaces of the roots of the teeth, which eliminate at a “micro” level the etiological factors of the disease – bacterial plaque and dental tartar. Scaling is a meticulous procedure performed with both piezo-ultrasound and manual devices through special tools. Root planing smoothes the tooth root, eliminating bacterial accumulations that maintain and potentiate periodontal disease. Sterilization of periodontal bags is done with the help of the dental laser.

Is it painful?

All these maneuvers can be performed under intravenous sedation, giving the patient optimal comfort. It is a very safe technique that involves continuous monitoring of breathing, heart rate, blood pressure, as well as performing EKG and oxygenation during the procedure. It is very important to do a periodic evaluation once a year and to treat the condition from the first signs. You will lose your teeth or develop complications that can affect the overall health of the body.

When do I need this treatment?

What is the scaling?

Even if periodontal disease has reached advanced stages, sometimes teeth can be saved. A moving tooth does not always mean a lost tooth. The extensive experience of our specialist doctors, together with the modern and innovative techniques present at Hayat Med, allows you to keep your teeth damaged even when you think there is no chance. If you identify any of the symptoms presented, our advice is to make an appointment for a specialist consultation.

Dental laser

Studies show that the use of dental laser as an adjuvant of root scaling and gliding increases the efficiency of the treatment and brings important benefits by destroying colonies of periodontal pathogenic microbes. The use of laser brings added comfort for both the patient by reducing or even the absence of post-treatment pain and swelling as well as by the doctor by reducing the bleeding during the operation. No matter what procedure our doctors recommend you, your teeth problems will be solved by their proficient hands and our modern devices. The scaling of teeth cost depends on the patient’s problem, and it can start from a few hundred euros.

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