It’s really important to feel confident about your body, as it is one of the first things that make you celebrate your very self.

But, if your body is coming in your way of your confidence or making you feel incredibly conscious, then it is a great idea to undergo a procedure that might help with your body issues.

Hip augmentation is one such procedure that helps sculpt your hip and thigh area to provide you with a contoured silhouette. Many women have concerns about hip dips that make their hips appear flat and unattractive.

If your body is genetically inclined to be like this, then no amount of exercise or diet will help you with it.

However, fat transfer to hips allows you with a safe and effective way to control this situation and start to feel confident about your body.

Like any other plastic surgery, the procedure of hip augmentation has the power to transform you from the outside and the inside.

In this procedure, fat is drawn from one part of the body and strategically injected into the hips. The procedure of fat transfer to hips is not as invasive as the procedure of implants.

Fat grafting to hips Procedure 

Fat grafting to hips Procedure

The procedure of hip augmentation will most likely begin with putting the patient under general anesthesia. After this, the patient undergoes a liposuction procedure in

Which fat is most likely to be removed from the inner thighs or stomach. Once liposuction is complete, the doctor will stitch, close, and bandage the small incisions made for drawing out the fat.

The next step calls for the reinjection of the fat into the hip area. But, before the fat is transferred to the hips, all the blood and fluids are removed with the help of a machine.

Finally, the fat will be injected into the patient’s hip area, with the ultimate aim to smooth out the curving of the hips. Generally, there is no need for stitches at the site of the injection.  

Fat Transfer to Hips Recovery 

Once you’re done with the entire fat transfer procedure to the hips, it is not required from your side to stay at the hospital. However, you will need someone’s help to drive you home.

It’s normal to feel a slight pain at the incisions and injection site soon after the fat transfer procedure. The incision marks and the pain are likely to stay for about two weeks or even more in some cases.

Does Fat Transfer to Hips Last?

You might have to wait as much as six months to see the actual results of the fat transfer procedure to the hips. Therefore, you must not expect the results to show right after being done with the fat transfer procedure.

However, fat transfer results may not be permanent as our bodies tend to absorb fat with time.

How Safe is hip dip fat transfer

How Safe is hip dip fat transfer

 Fat transfer to hips is a relatively safe and low-risk procedure. Still, there are certain common risks associated with this procedure, such as:

  • Bruising at the incision site
  • Pain at injection and incision site
  • Signs of swelling or bleeding
  • Scars or infection at the site of incision
  •  Fat migration at the injection site

There is no doubt about the fact that the best way to ensure a safe and successful hip augmentation procedure is to find an expert and experienced plastic surgery service near you who’ll leave no stone unturned to provide you with the most natural-looking 

Fat transfer to hips cost

This procedure is quite expensive as a result of its complexity. Fat transfer cost varies depending on the geographic location, procedure complexity, and the surgeon’s experience.

It may be difficult to determine the exact price for fat transfer surgery before the consultation because the surgeon needs to check your case and specify the required process.

In Turkey, you can gain the required results and saving money compared with other places such as the USA or the UK.

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