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Lap bands

People have various health issues, such as obesity. These problems can lead to many health risks, such as heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, and cancer. Adding a few pounds over time might not seem like a big deal. 

However, the weight will add up over time. An excellent way to prevent these issues is by looking for ways to lose weight. While dieting and exercising remain the cornerstone of losing weight, various surgical treatments are becoming popular.

They help to lose pounds quickly. An excellent surgical treatment that results in vast health benefits is gastric banding.

It involves placing a lap band around the upper part of the stomach. This band regulates the amount of food in the upper and lower abdomen. With this, you will become full sooner.

What are the advantages of the lap band?

Reduces the amount of food you consume at a time

Consuming a large amount of food can contribute to weight gain. The lap band reduces the capacity of food you consume. It makes you feel full quickly and stay long hours without getting hungry. This situation can help you control your weight.

The lap band is safe.

The Food and Drug Administration approves the lap band. Thus, it is a safe method for people with a BMI of 30 and those suffering from obesity.

You will get down to the right body weight.

Gastric banding can help you lose half of your excess body weight. Nevertheless, what you eat and how much you exercise will determine success. You might wonder whether you will require removing the lap band after achieving your goals.

The lap band should remain in place if you want great results. When the doctor removes the band, you will no longer feel satisfied with small food portions. You will also get hungry quickly, consuming big portions of food.

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You will not feel the lap band inside you.

Feeling the band performing your activities or relaxing can be the worst experience. You will only notice the band with gastric banding surgery when you eat. Also, you might observe the band’s presence due to swelling in the first weeks after the surgery. This occurs due to recovering and healing.

Lap band surgery (LAGB)

The doctor introduces full general anesthesia to numb the area. He then uses the laparoscopic technique, which involves creating 4 or 5 incisions of about 1 inch, which will not be easy to notice after the surgery.

The surgeon places a camera in one of the incisions to help him see inside your belly. Also, he introduces the Gastric band around the upper part of the stomach, creates a small pouch to hold food, and positions it using sutures.

The good thing about gastric surgery is that it does not involve cutting inside your belly. The whole process takes around 1-2 hours. After the lap band surgery, you may require some adjustments.

The first four to six weeks can be the right time for the first adjustment. After that, however, the adjustment time varies. It would be best if you communicated with your surgeon to decide the right adjustment interval.

To determine the right adjustment period, the doctor will assess the amount of fluid in the band, the amount of food you eat, and weight loss.

During each follow-up, the doctor will add a small amount of saline. So, the adjustment process is a must-to-follow procedure after the lap band surgery.

If the doctor performs it perfectly, you’ll tolerate most foods and be full after consuming small portions.

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Gastric banding recovery

The duration of recovery varies for every individual. In general, lap band surgery takes less time to recover than other gastric procedures. You can perform some of your activities one week after the surgery. Returning to a normal routine requires at least six weeks.

A gastric band helps to control your dieting habit. It involves making an incision and introducing the lap band in the belly to reduce the amount of food you consume daily.

After the lap band surgery, you will feel pain and discomfort due to the medication. However, this is part of every surgery recovery. After a few weeks, you might notice some changes in weight loss.

You can lose 2-3 pounds per week. Nevertheless, the food choices you consume will govern the rate of weight loss.

lap band surgery cost

The price of gastric band surgery varies from country to country, but the cost can also be affected by the surgeon’s experience who will perform the procedure. Therefore, it is not a good idea to always look for the cheapest place without knowing who is the person who will operate and his experience in this field because choosing the wrong place for this procedure will be a bad choice that will result in complications and problems.

The lap band surgery generally costs in The USA between $9,000 and $18,000, although it generally sits at an average of around $14,300, according to west texas bariatric’s website. At the same time, the price in the UK ranges between £5000 and £8000.

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