What is the Gynecomastia Surgery Cost?

Gynecomastia Surgery Cost 2023

Gender issues such as Gynecomastia require professional treatment, and understanding its costs is key. 

This article discusses the factors that affect Gynecomastia surgery cost, including surgeon fees and facility expenses. It gives you the info you need to decide before getting this life-changing procedure.

What Factors Affect the cost for gynaecomastia surgery?

What Factors Affect the cost for gynaecomastia surgery new 2024

Several factors can influence the cost of gynecomastia surgery. Here are some key factors that can affect the overall cost:

  1. Surgeon expertise and reputation can lead to higher fees.
  2. Location affects costs, with high-demand areas often charging more.
  3. Fees for surgical facilities, including operating rooms and recovery areas, add to the overall expense.
  4. Anesthesia type and complexity influence costs.
  5. The complexity of the procedure, tissue removal, and additional surgeries impact the price.
  6. Expenses for pre-operative tests, medication, and post-operative garments can significantly raise the total cost.
  7. Insurance generally does not cover cosmetic procedures, and they require out-of-pocket payment.

the cost of different types of gynecomastia surgery

1. Liposuction

Liposuction reduces male chest enlargement by extracting excess fat, typically under general anesthesia. 

The surgeon makes small cuts and removes fat using a tube; they may also adjust glandular tissue. The cost for gynecomastia surgery typically ranges from $3,000 to $8,000. To ensure high-quality care and service delivery.

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2. Excision

Gynecomastia excision surgery removes excess breast tissue, reshaping the chest for a more masculine contour. Surgeons may include nipple re-positioning, which they perform under general anesthesia.

Gyno operation cost estimates range between $3,500 to $10,000 depending on factors like surgeon experience and location. At HayatMed Clinic, qualified plastic surgeons can offer advice and cost estimates tailored specifically to your unique circumstances.

3. Combination

Excision and liposuction surgery address excess glandular tissue and fat through areolar incisions. Liposuction removes fat, with possible nipple re-positioning as an outcome.

Costs vary based on factors like surgeon expertise and location; at HayatMed Clinic, costs range between $4,000-12,000 for this process.

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Packages include medical fees, accommodation, airport transfers, and personal hosts.

Average gynecomastia procedure cost Worldwide

Gynecomastia surgery costs vary globally because of factors like country, region, surgeon experience, and facility quality, making a precise worldwide estimate challenging.

It can be challenging to provide an approximate average cost that applies consistently worldwide.

Gynecomastia Surgery Cost in Turkey

Turkish surgeons are well-known for gynecomastia surgery, costing between $2,800 and $3,500, depending on the type and location.

Turkish surgeons are skilled professionals. They use modern techniques to provide high-quality and affordable services. Sometimes, they even offer free housing before and after surgery.

Your price does not charge extra fees for anesthesia doctors or housing expenses – something no other surgeon can match.

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Gynecomastia in Turkey package

Gynecomastia in Turkey package new 2024

Gynecomastia surgery packages in Turkey typically include the following:

  • Plastic surgeon Fees
  • Pre-operative assessments, consultations, and necessary medical tests
  • General anaesthetic Fees
  • Hospital or clinic fees for surgical facility usage
  • Medications required during and after the surgery
  • Compression garments for healing and reducing swelling
  • Post-operative follow-up visits to monitor healing
  • Hotel stay during the recovery period
  • Airport pick-up for transportation from the airport to the hotel or clinic upon arrival

Cost of Gynecomastia Surgery in the United States

Gynecomastia affects about 30-35% of men in the U.S. and requires self-funded surgery since insurance considers it cosmetic. 

The U.S. has different surgery prices depending on the location and type of procedure. They typically cost $6,000-10,000, but there are less expensive choices abroad. Patients need to organize travel plans after the surgery.

Save money before the procedure to help with healing and recovery afterward. Therefore, patients should consider saving money before leaving to recover while healing.

Cost of Gynecomastia Surgery in the U.K.

A subcutaneous mastectomy is the most common procedure used by those looking to reduce their breast tissue. During that procedure, the surgeon removes excess tissue from the chest area and rearranges fat deposits. Gynecomastia surgery in the U.K. costs £3,500 to £5,500, excluding anesthesia and aftercare fees. 

The cost can change based on if you have local or general anesthesia and your age and weight.

cost of Gynecomastia in Europe

The cost of Gynecomastia Surgery in Europe can depend on factors like country, city, clinic experience, and procedure complexity. Therefore, it’s impossible to provide an exact average across Europe. Below is a broad range of gynecomastia surgery costs across different European nations:

  1. United Kingdom: Generally, gynecomastia surgery costs in the U.K. typically range from PS3,000 to PS6,000.
  2. Germany: Gynecomastia surgery may cost anywhere between EUR3,000 and EUR7,000 in Germany.
  3. France: In France, gynecomastia surgery typically costs between EUR 3,000 and EUR 6,000.
  4. Gynecomastia surgery costs in Spain can range from EUR 3,000 to EUR 6,000.

Gynecomastia Surgery Before and After

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Packages include medical fees, accommodation, airport transfers, and personal hosts.

Does insurance cover Gynecomastia Surgery?

Here are a few key points about insurance coverage for gynecomastia surgery:

  1. Medical necessity, causing discomfort or functional impairment, may qualify for insurance coverage.
  2. Psychological distress criteria vary among insurers for potential coverage.
  3. Coverage depends on the insurer and policy, with some excluding cosmetic procedures.
  4. Patients often need to obtain prior approval before scheduling gynecomastia surgery.
  5. Deductibles, co-pays, or non-covered expenses may apply despite insurance coverage.

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Tips before performing male breast reduction surgery in Turkey?

Tips before performing male breast reduction surgery in Turkey new 2024

Before undergoing surgery, certain considerations are crucial:

  1. Conduct tests, measure breast size, and take pre-operative photos for comparison.
  2. Discuss health condition and medical history with the doctor.
  3. Consult with the surgeon on potential non-surgical treatment options.
  4. The doctor initiates endocrine tests to evaluate hormone levels in the blood.
  5. Address expected results and potential post-operative risks in discussions.
  6. Inquire about medications to avoid pre-surgery to prevent blood thinning.

Final Words

Gynecomastia is a condition that affects up to 50% of adolescent males. However, it is also common in adults because of hormonal changes, weight gain, and aging. Often benign and self-limiting, but sometimes it can cause psychological distress. 

Doctors use local anesthesia to perform it, and it carries low risks. Consult with a board-certified surgeon to discuss your options for treatment.

Frequently asked questions

In addition to surgeon fees, additional costs associated with this surgery could include anesthesia fees, facility fees, pre-operative assessments, medications, and post-operative follow-up visits – so be sure to inquire during your initial consultation about all potential charges.

Yes, Gynecomastia surgery in Turkey can often be more cost-effective compared to many other countries in Europe, offering competitive prices while upholding high standards of medical care and employing experienced plastic surgeons.

Research is key when selecting a reliable clinic specializing in gynecomastia surgery in Turkey. Look for clinics with positive patient reviews, certifications, accreditations, and an impressive track record. Medical tourism agencies or trusted sources may be helpful.

Gynecomastia surgery costs in Canada typically range between $6,500 and $7,500 and depend upon factors like surgeon experience and procedure complexity. For an accurate estimation, contact a surgeon directly.

Gynecomastia surgery costs in India typically range between INR 50,000 and INR 2,00,000. Estimates will depend upon your surgeon’s experience and the complexity of procedures performed for more accurate estimates tailored specifically to you and your needs.

Gynecomastia surgery costs in Australia can range between $5,000 to $10,000 AUD depending on factors like surgeon experience and extent of procedure, with additional expenses such as anesthesia fees or hospital charges possible.

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