Hair Transplant Cost in Turkey

Hair Transplant Cost in Turkey

A hair transplant cost in Turkey relies heavily on the individual and the level of treatment they require.

Every hair transplantation is unique and customized to each customer’s needs and desires, and the best way to get an accurate cost is to consult with a hair restoration specialist.

Hair Transplant Consultation

The surgeon and the patient will first sit down with each other, so the surgeon can discuss your needs and conduct a physical examination. 

At this time, the number of grafts needed to achieve the desired result will be determined, and it’s this figure which will have the most impact on the cost of a hair transplant in Turkey.

The Consultation

During the initial consultation, the surgeon will inform the patient about the costs of the hair transplantation and the benefits they will enjoy from having it done.

You will learn how the fees have been structured to reflect the work you need to achieve your desired results.

Doctors can also help patients tailor their needs, which can help bring the hair transplant within their budget. In some cases, the doctor will provide info about additional costs that may occur after the surgery.

Hair transplant costs in Turkey can be significantly lower than in other countries. Still, you should carefully research your options to ensure you only meet up with surgeons who are qualified and experienced with the procedures.

The number of people visiting Turkey for therapeutic purposes like hair transplant surgery is growing year on year. Of course, a lot of the growth has to do with the cheaper cost, but the quality of service is also essential.

Turkey can offer its visitors the same level of care and quality as other European countries. Its reputation for successful operations has seen the Turkey hair transplantation industry grow to around 5,000 international visitors per year.

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Hair Transplant Techniques

Hair Transplant Techniques

The technique used to transplant hair can dramatically affect the cost of a hair transplant in Turkey.

The most popular hair restoration treatment in Turkey is the follicular hair extraction (FUE) method. This procedure involves shaving an area where the hair is still present, extracting the hair follicles, and placing them in the balding or thinning area.

The advantages of the FUE method are that side effects are minimal, and there is no scar leftover because of surgically removed skin. It’s also much faster, with sessions taking place several days apart, rather than months.

hair transplant cost in turkey

In the UK, an average FUE hair transplant cost for 2,000 grafts can reach as high as £8,000. In Turkey, the same procedure can be completed for just under £2,000. The equivalent pricing for the US is $12,000USD and $2,280USD for Turkey.

A procedure requiring 5,000 grafts will be around £20,000, but in Turkey, the cost is around £4,500. In the US, the same procedure is $30,000USD, but only $5,700USD in Turkey. So, as you can see, the cost of a hair transplant in Turkey puts the process within reach of many more people.  

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