Does Diet Affect Intimate Performance?

Does Diet Affect Intimate Performance

Does Diet Affect Intimate Performance: 4 Tips You Should Know

“We are what we eat.” The body functions properly due to the regular supply of essential nutrients. Obesity, overweight, type II diabetes, hypertension are just some diseases caused by an inappropriate diet.

Diet-related diseases are a typical problem, especially in highly developed countries. A healthy lifestyle, a proper diet, and systematic physical activity positively affect the operation of all systems within the body and permit you to avoid unwanted diseases. Additionally, a physiological state allows you to guide an excellent and rewarding sex life.

The relationship between eating habits and sexual performance

Improper diet and lack of physical activity contribute to excessive weight gain – overweight or obesity. Many diseases are caused by poor nutrition and obesity that may indirectly cause erectile dysfunction, like decreased sexual needs or impotence.

These diseases include ischemic cardiovascular disease, hypertension, type II diabetes, and other cardiovascular diseases. Diet-related conditions often coexist. There’s a narrowing and damage of blood vessels during their course, which contributes to the impediment of blood transport to and from the genitals.

Insufficient blood reaching the male main organ impairs or perhaps prevents the erection mechanism. Moreover, in people with diabetes, lesions often affect the peripheral system, limiting the transmission of impulses from the brain to the male main organ, thus impairing its erection. vidalista and vidalista 60 best to treat ed. 

Erectile dysfunction and decreased libido are common problems of men full of hypertension and sort II diabetes. Dysfunction affects 67% of diabetic men, 61% hypertensive men, and 78% of patients with both diseases. The incidence of erectile dysfunction depends on the duration and specific features of hypertension or diabetes because of the number and kind of medication used.

In obese men, especially men with abdominal obesity, the source of additional problems affecting their sexual performance is the testosterone levels that decrease due to the disease and psychological issues. In addition, they’re related to undesirable body image, a way of unattractiveness, still as fear of being judged by the partner and not meeting her sexual expectations 2.

Lifestyle factors influencing Physical performance

Tips for a correct diet

Proper sexual functioning depends on the interaction of the nervous, endocrine, and cardiovascular systems because of the overlapping of many factors. For example, improper and irregular diet, chronic stress and fatigue, physical inactivity, and habit can disrupt the central system, including the assembly of hormones and neurotransmitters that directly affect sexual performance.

Therefore, to keep up the correct functioning of the brain, you must regularly consume the proper amount of nutrients, hand over stimulants, and be sure of your physical and mental condition.

Tips for a correct diet

In the prevention and treatment of ED, a diet should provide age-appropriate and individual nutritional needs of complex carbohydrates, fats, proteins, antioxidants, vitamins, and microelements.

High-quality meals should include natural, least processed foods such as dairy products, seasonal vegetables and fruits, whole grains, seeds, nuts, olive oil, lean meats, and fish.

You should eat 4 to six meals daily, at regular intervals, ideally every 3 hours. Eating meals regularly helps to forestall sudden drops in nutrients in your body.

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Tips for treating Intimacy

Tips for treating Intimacy

Treatment of sexual disorders that arise during diet-related diseases or their complications begins with a radical analysis of the pharmacotherapy used. Changing medications to modern, non-disturbing sexual functions often improves sexual performance to the degree that it allows satisfactory intercourse.

In some cases, drug therapy is also introduced into treatment to support the erectile function (e.g., drugs containing sildenafil in lower doses are available over the counter, except for your safety, remember to finish questionnaires regarding its use in your case before taking the drug).

In addition, it’s advisable to change the approach to life geared toward losing excess weight through a proper diet and moderate, regular physical activity.

If health problems significantly burden the psyche, it’s recommended to incorporate psychotherapy 2-4 within the routine treatment.


If erectile dysfunction lasts longer than six months, occurs in 75-100% of sexual issues, and causes severe stress and discomfort, make sure to contact a specialist. Sildigra 100 is also a cure to treat ed. 

It is often difficult to work out the precise source of a sexual problem by oneself because, on the one hand, diseases and pharmacotherapy may cause erectile dysfunction. But, on the other hand, erectile dysfunction could also signal an undiagnosed illness or its complications.

If, while reading this, you feel that it’s difficult for you to explain your deterioration in physical performance, don’t sit up for your health to deteriorate and seek the assistance of a sexologist as soon as possible. Disregarding an existing intimacy problem may make it worse in the future.

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