Prof. Dr. Aziz Sümer

Prof. Dr. Aziz Sümer

General Surgery; It is a medical unit that interacts with many medical units and is responsible for the surgical treatment of systemic and local problems in the body. In addition, specialist physicians work in general surgery clinics working in areas such as supporting the healing of wounds and evaluating the endocrine and metabolic responses of the body against traumas. The field of interest of the unit is quite broad; therefore, communication is constantly made with different medical units, and cases are approached from a multidisciplinary perspective.

General surgery specialists work to treat many diseases and trauma in many parts of the human body. Performing many applications in the unit with innovative techniques such as laparoscopic surgery and robotic surgery is beneficial in reducing the risk of complications and shortening the recovery time in patients. Istinye Gaziosmanpaşa Medical Park Hospital; provides advanced service with the technical infrastructure provided by being a university hospital, specially-equipped operating rooms, intensive care units, and service services. Diagnosis, treatment, and postoperative follow-up of the patients are carried out meticulously, and accordingly, the success of the treatment is relatively high.

Admitting patients in the General Surgery medical unit at İstinye University Medical Park Gaziosmanpaşa Hospital, Prof. Dr. Aziz Sümer is a valuable physician who knows his specialty’s latest treatment approaches and current techniques. Having experience in cancer surgery with advanced laparoscopic surgery, robotic surgery, bariatric surgery, and metabolic surgery operations, Prof. Dr. Aziz Sümer has worked at İstinye University Gaziosmanpaşa Medical Park Hospital for two years. In addition, there are also surgical techniques developed by himself, especially for obesity and diabetes surgery.

Prof. Dr. Aziz Sümer has gained experience working in many hospitals in our country and has performed applications in many areas of general surgery specialty, especially bariatric surgery and robotic surgery. In addition, he has received training in laparoscopic surgery, bariatric surgery, robotic surgery, and organ transplantation in Turkey and abroad.

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