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Are you looking for that hourglass figure? Fat transfer to buttocks surgery is a sought-after procedure that provides patients with a voluptuous behind. This procedure entails removing fat from an undesirable body area and transferring it to your buttocks.

During this surgery, your doctor fills, shapes, and lifts yours behind through fat grafting. By removing fat from unwanted areas (liposuction), like your stomach, back, thighs, and hips, your doctor can purify it and re-inject it into your rear, often called buttock augmentation.

The best part is that you get two procedures by removing the fat from an unwanted area. This procedure sounds simple. Wrong if done incorrectly, it can result in death. That’s why you must research and find an experienced plastic surgeon to perform the surgery.

In this article, you will find all the information necessary to make an informed decision on whether or not this is the right option.

What is Fat Transfer to Buttocks?

Fat Transfer to the Buttocks involves transferring fat from one body area to another. The fat is harvested from areas where it can be easily removed and injected into the buttocks (gluteal area) to add volume and shape.

Fat transfer to the buttocks is indicated for patients in good health and with sufficient amounts of fat available for transfer. In addition, this procedure can be performed on men or women who want to increase their buttocks’ size and achieve a more rounded appearance.

In addition, this technique has been used successfully in cases where there are concerns about liposuctioning an area due to previous trauma or obesity issues.

Fat transfer is an excellent tool for augmenting any number of areas on the body, such as breasts, thighs, abdomen, arms, and face, because it results in natural-looking results 

that last longer than other fat transfer methods, such as liposuctioning or volumizing devices, such as SculpSure, LipoSonix, or CoolSculpting devices.

Fat Transfer to Buttocks procedure

Fat Transfer to Buttocks procedure is a surgical procedure that involves transferring fat from one part of the body to another. It can create fuller breasts, increase hips or buttocks, fill out hollow cheeks, and add volume to the lips.

It is a long-lasting solution for body contouring that requires minimal maintenance. The procedure takes about 2-3 hours.

Fat Transfer to Buttocks Procedure Steps:

Fat Extraction / Liposuction

The surgeon will begin by extracting the required amount of fat from different parts of your body, such as the waist, thighs, or abdomen area, where there is excess fat accumulation. This extracted fat will be processed and purified before undergoing further treatment procedures.

Fat Processing

The extracted fat will then be processed under sterile conditions using specialized equipment and techniques that help separate the stem cells for transplantation into other areas of the body, like the buttocks.

Stem cell processing ensures that the new tissue produced from these stem cells is healthy and robust enough to survive in their new environment without posing any risk of rejection by your body’s immune system.

Finally, the processed stem cells are injected into your buttocks using a small syringe needle.

Fat Injection

Fat Injection buttocks

Once purified, this concentrated mixture is injected into the area that needs enhancement. The injected fat stimulates new blood vessels to grow into the surrounding tissue and begins a healing process in which new collagen fibers form around the grafted fat cells. These newly formed collagen fibers give volume to your buttocks and hips and shape them into attractive curves.

The procedure takes approximately 1-2 hours to complete, and no anesthesia is required, and local anesthesia can be used if desired. During this time, the patient will be comfortably seated on a table while we inject your fat into the buttocks.

Why choose Fat Transfer to Buttocks surgery? 

There are many reasons why someone might choose fat transfer buttocks surgery over other methods of buttock enhancement, such as implants or injections:

Natural Results

Unlike other procedures that may leave an unnatural look or feel, fat transfer creates a more natural look by mimicking your tissue. Your doctor will take some excess fat from one area, typically your stomach or thighs, and place it into another part of your body where you want it most, such as your buttocks.

Lasting Results

Fat transfer to the buttocks is a relatively new procedure in cosmetic surgery and has been gaining popularity among patients looking for permanent results. Unlike other procedures that only provide temporary results, such as fillers and implants, fat transfer has been proven to last for years without any signs of wear or tear on your body. In addition, many patients have reported that their new assets remained intact even after multiple pregnancies!

Quick And Safe Procedure

The fat transfer procedure is an outpatient surgery that can be done under local anesthesia in a few hours. It does not require hospital admission or cause pain or swelling after the operation. That makes it the ideal choice for people who want to improve their appearance without undergoing invasive surgery or who do not have enough time to recover from such procedures.

Very Little Side Effects

It is a minimally invasive procedure that has minimal side effects. When the fat grafts are transplanted into your body, they will act as a donor site for other areas of your body. You can also use it to plump up your cheeks, chin, and lips. If you have had any facial surgery, consider this treatment, as your body will reject foreign tissue like skin grafts and fillers after a few months. 

It helps Tighten Your Tummy.

If your stomach is sagging or there is loose skin after losing weight, you may consider Fat Transfer to Buttocks surgery as an alternative treatment option. The fat transferred into your buttocks will also help tighten your tummy and provide volume and lift in areas with excess sagging skin folds or wrinkles due to pregnancy, weight loss, etc.

Who is a good candidate for a Brazilian butt lift?

You are a good candidate for the procedure if:

  1. You have excess fat in other body areas. In addition, you have loose skin in the buttocks and a lack of muscle tone in your buttocks area.
  2. You have undergone previous liposuction treatments and still, have excess fat you would like removed from other body areas.
  3. You have had a weight loss program; however, 
  4. You still have stubborn pockets of fat that cannot be eliminated through dieting and exercise alone.

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Fat Transfer to Buttocks recovery and outlook

After your fat transfer to the buttocks, you should expect a gradual recovery. Your body will take time to heal and adjust to the new fat grafts. The time it takes to heal depends on how much fat is transferred and how well your body accepts the new fat.

Patients can generally return to normal activities within four weeks after their fat transfer procedures. However, they may experience some swelling, bruising, and soreness during this period, and they may also experience temporary numbness around the donor area at first.

During this time, avoid heavy lifting or strenuous exercise. These activities could cause bleeding or swelling at the surgical site or lead to complications such as infection or blood clots that could travel through your veins to your lungs. 

When possible, limit activities that involve sitting or bending over for several weeks after the surgery. That will help reduce swelling or pain in your backside while it heals properly.

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You only need to worry about maintaining a healthy weight and exercising regularly. If you pick up too much weight or loss too much weight, the grafted fat can increase or decrease, and your surgery will be for nothing.

Although you only have one thing to concentrate on, it is a significant factor that people struggle with daily. You must exercise and eat a healthy diet to maintain your new, curvaceous rear.

If you are not disciplined, fat transfer to the buttocks might not be the right choice for you. In addition, if you have very little body fat, you should consider another procedure. 

A good alternative is butt enhancement using silicone implants. This surgery provides a natural-looking behind and lasts up to ten years, sometimes more.

The Quantity of Fat needed for Buttock Augmentation.

The Quantity of Fat needed for Buttock Augmentation

Some patients have to gain weight before the procedure, but the ideal weight patients need to be can differ for several reasons. For example, it can depend on the outcome you are looking for, including expectations of the surgery, body type, and height.

That is why your initial consultation is so crucial. Then, you can discuss your expectations with your doctor and devise a treatment plan. Your doctor will also inform you if you are the right weight for the procedure.

Generally, you need to be on the higher side of the BMI chart, so your doctor can extract the correct amount of fat for the transfer.

Most plastic surgeons recommend that your BMI be under 30 or above 24, but this percentage can vary depending on the fat percentage of your body type. If your BMI is 35 or over, you are more susceptible to complications, so your doctor might require you to lose weight before the surgery.

Is Fat Transfer to Buttocks Worth It?

While the majority of these surgeries have minimal complications, unlike other butt enhancement procedures, buttock augmentation has several benefits:

  • It enhances the volume and appearance of your behind to improve your proportion. As it is an efficient surgery, you will finally achieve the body of your dreams.
  • You can remove fat in unwanted areas and transfer it to your flat bottom. Imagine diminishing fat in your love handles, thighs, stomach pooch, and hips without diet and exercise.
  • This procedure provides a natural look because you use fat from your body, unlike butt implants.
  • This surgery provides fast results if you are an ideal candidate. Otherwise, spending months losing or picking up weight would be best.
  • You will look amazing in your clothes.
  • The procedure is safe if done by an experienced surgeon.
  • Cellulite is almost non-existent.

After Considering all these benefits, it is safe to say that buttock augmentation is worth it.

What are the side effects of Fat Transfer to Buttocks surgery?

The main side effects of fat transfer to the buttocks include:


Prevent Infection

Infection is one of the most common complications associated with fat grafting procedures and can occur if your surgeon does not use sterile techniques during the surgery. 

If you notice redness or swelling around the area where your surgeon removed fat from your body, fever, or chills within two weeks after surgery, 

call your doctor immediately so they can evaluate you and treat any infection that may have developed in your body due to having fat transferred into your buttocks.


The incisions used to remove the fat from your body and inject it into your buttocks can leave scars around these areas if they are not adequately treated before and after surgery. 

Your doctor may prescribe antibiotics before surgery to prevent infection at these sites and after surgery to help prevent scarring from forming during this process. 


Fat transfer can be very painful, especially if you had liposuction before the fat transfer. However, the pain should subside within a few days and become tolerable for most patients. 

However, some patients report that it can take up to a week or more for the soreness to go away.

Lumps under the skin in the areas suctioned or injected

Often, patients will see little lumps under their skin where fat has been suctioned or injected into their buttocks. These are normal and will go away after a few months of healing. 

However, some patients may need steroid injections to help reduce these lumps if they persist for three months after surgery.

Bruising and swelling

The main side effect of the surgery is bruising and swelling. That is common in all surgeries, but it can be worse if you have had liposuction or taking blood-thinning medications. 

Bruising and swelling will usually go away within a week, but your bruises may take several months to fade.

Loss of skin

You may lose some skin from the donor site where the fat was taken. That happens because the surgeon did not remove enough fat from this area. The transplanted fat can attach to this area and fill in the space left by the missing skin. 

However, if the donor site does not heal well, scarring may occur at the donor and recipient sites (buttocks).

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What is the cost of a Fat Transfer to the Buttocks?

What is the cost of a Fat Transfer to the Buttocks?

The price will vary depending on the plastic surgeon you choose, your location, and the complexity of your surgery.

The average cost of Fat Transfer to the buttocks, including fat grafting, can set you back $4,850; however, it is more affordable than butt implants ($5,300) and Butt lifts ($5,500). 

These are just average estimates and do not include costs for anesthetic, operating rooms, and additional expenses that can arise. Contact your surgeon for a more detailed assessment and set up an appointment.

The surgeon’s fee will vary depending on their experience and reputation. The uniqueness of the procedure that caters to every individual personally influences the price. In addition, the location of the practice also affects the cost.

Unfortunately, it is not likely that your insurer will cover the costs for this procedure; neither will they pay for any complications that could potentially arise.

However, you can ask your surgeon if they offer payment plans allowing you to pay your doctor directly in small monthly installments.

Costs for Buttock Augmentation may include:

  • Hospital or medical facility fees
  • The plastic surgeon’s fees
  • Anesthetic
  • Prescriptions for medication
  • Dressings and garments
  • Any specialized equipment needed for recovery, like butt pillows, Medical tests

Before undergoing the knife, you must ensure you are happy with your surgeon’s experience and comfortable with them. That is just as important as the surgery itself. Do not rush the process; take your time and find the best fit.

How much does Fat Transfer to Buttocks cost in Turkey? 

That is an extensive price range, but it gives you an idea of what to expect. Of course, the more you want to be transferred, and your surgeon’s qualifications, the more expensive your surgery will be.

In Istanbul and other major cities, you can find a wide variety of surgeons specializing in this procedure. The buttocks’ most famous fat transfer destinations include Bursa, Antalya, Ankara, and Istanbul.

The cost of fat transfer to the buttocks in Turkey varies, but the average price is around $1,800.

How much does Fat Transfer to Buttocks cost in the United States?

The cost of fat transfer to the buttocks can vary widely, depending on several factors. However, the cost of a fat transfer procedure in the United States will typically range from $2,500 – $7,000. 

However, it can occasionally be more expensive depending on the number of areas you want to treat. 

Additionally, the amount of Fat you’ll need for your procedure and whether you’re looking to undergo surgery or non-surgical treatment will also impact the overall price of your procedure. 

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How much Fat can my Plastic Surgeon Remove with Liposuction?

There is no possible way to remove every fat cell in your body, so if that’s what you’re looking for, it won’t happen. However, with advancements in modern cosmetic surgery, your doctor can remove some fat from unwanted areas.

The amount of fat plastic surgeons can remove differs from person to person and depends on the area of choice. However, there is a guideline that plastic surgeons are obligated to follow when it comes to fat grafting. 

This guideline states that the fattest your doctor can extract should never exceed 5,000ml, which, when converted, works out to 11 pounds per individual. It does not matter whether you have more Fat. However, studies suggest plastic surgeons calculate how much Fat they must remove based on their patient’s BMI.

Is it safe to transfer Fat to the buttocks?

The fat injection has been used in various cosmetic surgeries for years with a very high level of safety. fat injection is a safe operation because the Fat used in operation is your Fat. Your body cannot reject these facts, which rarely cause side effects.

Does fat transfer last?

It is impossible to determine a specific period during which the presence of Fat in the body will continue, so when some ask, is self-fat injection permanent or not? The answer is that in some cases, the Fat may last for one to three years, while in others, the Fat may remain for less.

Types of Fat Grafting

There are two main types of fat transfer:

Autologous fat transfer

Fat grafting, lipofilling, or autologous fat transfer is also known. It involves removing a small amount of Fat from one part of your body and transferring it to the treatment area. The advantage of this technique is that the body reabsorbs any excess fat over time.

Allogenic fat transfer

This technique involves transplanting fatty tissue from one person (the donor) to another (the recipient). The advantage of this technique is that it has a higher survival rate than autologous fat transfer. 

However, there’s a risk that the transplanted material may contain infectious agents such as hepatitis B or C.

Alternative Methods to Achieve the Buttocks of your Dreams

Alternative Methods to Achieve the Buttocks of your Dreams

While buttock augmentation  is the easiest, least stressful way to achieve your dream figure, there are other alternatives that you could try before spending your hard-earned money:

  • Be proactive and exercise, even if it is just walking.
  • Squats are the best way to enlarge your buttock area.
  • Another suitable method is the hip extension exercise.
  • Routine elevations or step-ups
  • Changing your diet by incorporating green fruits and vegetables helps you lose weight, but it also helps with muscle development when combined with exercise.

Although these methods require dedication and hard work, they will result in an enhanced and more toned body.

Final Thoughts

You can achieve the body of your dreams with fat transfer to the buttocks without the hardship of a rigorous diet and exercise. Unfortunately, although this is a fantastic solution, it can be costly, and many people cannot afford it.

The surgery cost will vary depending on a few factors, like your expectations, the surgeon you use, your location, and the complexity of your procedure. However, the average cost for buttock augmentation is $4,850.

However, many surgeons offer payment plans so that you can pay off your surgery in monthly installments. 

What’s great about this surgery is that you get procedures in one. First, your doctor will extract Fat from an unwanted area and transfer it to your buttocks, resulting in a curvy, hourglass figure.

Your specialist can remove the amount of Fat depending on your BMI (body mass index). An ideal candidate for this surgery has a BMI lower than 30 but not lower than 24.

This procedure is prevalent due to its high success rate, simple surgery, and fast recovery rate. However, if you are dying to have this surgery performed, start researching the plastic surgeons in your area or a different location (if more affordable); make sure they have great reviews and have a lot of experience for the best results.

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