Types of lip surgery

Types of lip surgery new

Who does not dream of having full and seductive lips? Especially when this point of attraction completes the look of the face and weighs so much in the eyes of others.

Lip surgery, also known as Lip augmentation injections, is one of the most popular beauty treatments. Cosmetic enlargement of the lips is achieved through a non-invasive aesthetic procedure created to obtain fuller, more voluptuous, bold lips, blurring the lines of expression and fine lines around the mouth.

What is lip surgery?

A lip surgery consists of remodeling and enlarging the tissue volume, having a normal structure and shape to improve the dimensional relation with the other facial features: nose, teeth, etc.

The appearance of the lips is also determined by the spatial relation of the structure of the lips and the tooth.

The result of the lip enlargement can be either semi-permanent (due to the natural resorption of the filling substance) or permanent, depending on the substances and techniques used for this aesthetic procedure.

The injectable substances used in aesthetics, called dermal fillers, are biological, synthetic, or autologous tissue transfers.

Types of lip augmentation

Types of lip surgery

There are more methods to do lip cosmetic surgery according to the desires and expected results of the patient.

Lip augmentation with hyaluronic acid is the most common method of temporary lip augmentation but is also the most recommended by specialists.

Hyaluronic acid is a substance found even in our body, but in higher concentrations in the connective tissues, in the synovial fluid, in the eyes, valves of the heart, between the vertebral discs, and, of course, also on the skin. The process is reversible because the acid is physiologically resorbed.

The result lasts, on average, 6-9 months, depending on the metabolism of each patient and the type of hyaluronic acid used.

Injection with your fat and silicone prostheses

Lip filling is a lip augmentation procedure by injecting fat collected from donor areas.

The result: accentuated lips with a natural appearance. Suppose the technique involves the insertion of a dermal-fatty graft from the patient (a small portion of the dermis to which the fatty tissue is attached, usually taken from the abdominal area). In that case, the result may take more than five years.

If the result is definitive, the most suitable choice is silicone prosthesis augmentation.

The procedure consists of introducing small silicone “prostheses “into the lips, with which we will obtain soft lips, and the augmentation is permanent.

If you want a more pronounced volume, you need to know that it is obtained over time during several sessions.

Lip surgery prices

The costs differ according to the procedure chosen and the expected results. For example, the surgeries are among the cheapest esthetic surgeries because they are non-invasive, and the results are mostly temporary.

The prices of lip augmentation can start from 150 euros and reach up to a few thousand. The doctors’ expertise and experience influence the price.

The lip surgery cost in Turkey is, on average, the cheapest in Europe. In addition, our patients at Hayat Med always exceed expectations due to our proficient doctors.

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