How Much Does The Average Rhinoplasty Cost?

How Much Does The Average Rhinoplasty Cost?

Changing the shape to your nose through cosmetic surgery is called rhinoplasty. There are two reasons why people choose a nose job surgery: change the nose’s appearance or improve breathing and correct the septum deviation. But, of course, some people would like to achieve both outcomes at the same time.

When you plan a rhinoplasty, your surgeon must consider the other facial features and what you would like to change to customize the best plan for you. People’s faces are different, so the surgeries must be customized. 

What is Rhinoplasty?

To understand what Nose job surgery is, we must understand the structure of the nose and how this surgery affects each part of it. The nose consists of an upper part and a lower part. The upper portion is bone, while the lower portion is cartilage.

Rhinoplasty surgery can be performed to change the shape of the bone, the cartilage, or the skin (or all of them simultaneously, depending on what outcome the patient wants).

Many people choose a second or a third intervention if the first outcome is not what they had wished for. However, you must wait at least six months until the nose is completely healed to opt for another rhinoplasty. 

What to expect after a rhinoplasty

The first question that pops into people’s minds when they consider rhinoplasty sounds like this: how much does nose reshaping surgery cost? Is rhinoplasty expensive? Yes, it is, depending on your needs and wishes.

Before getting a rhinoplasty, make sure you choose the best cosmetic surgeon who can offer you the expected achievement.

After this surgery, you may need to use medications to ease the pain. In addition, you should expect to wear splints inside and outside of your nose in the first week, which have the role of protection for the nasal bones and the cartilage.

You should avoid active works and strenuous activities like swimming and jog for about two weeks after the surgery. Glasses are also forbidden in the first month because they create pressure on the lateral parts of the nose. 

The average rhinoplasty cost in Turkey

The average price for rhinoplasty in Turkey

Sometimes, insurances cover a small part of rhinoplasty when this is necessary for the ease of breathing.

However, most of them are not covered. The average price for rhinoplasty UK starts from £4,000 and can reach £8,000.

The price depends on the specific requirements. The average nose job cost in the US is € 6,000.

Turkey is well known for its great and experienced doctors, who offer their services at much lower prices than the UK and US.

That is why many foreigners choose Istanbul for cosmetic surgeries. Turkey is perfect for quality services offered at competitive prices.

Hospitals in Turkey provide the best facilities for medical tourism. People from western countries save about 75% of the money they would normally spend for the same procedures and hospital care in other countries, especially western countries. 

HayatMed, located in Istanbul, is highly experienced in performing nose reshaping Surgery with satisfactory results according to our patients’ evaluations. 

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