What Causes Double Chin?

What Causes Double Chin?

Double chin is one of the worst enemies of women, especially for those whose appearance and cosmetic outcomes matter a lot.

In the beauty sector, a double chin is considered aesthetic. Many women around the world confront this problem, no matter their weight.

Initially, it was believed then only fat people develop double chin after a while.

However, many skinny people have inherited double chin from their parents or grandparents.

If you have ever considered a double chin remove, you have reached the true place. 

The main causes of double chin

So, what is a double chin? A double chin is also known as submental fat. This is caused by an extra layer of fat, which develops beneath the chin and towards the neck area.

Several different factors affect the hormones in the body, which results in a double chin. One of the most common factors is age.

The skin will lose its elasticity as the body ages that will lead to the appearance of saggy skin or extra skin around your neck and under the chin.

Diet and weight are also very important factors in the formation of a double chin. Genetics has its factors, as well.

Genes play an important role in people developing a double chin. Posture and lack of sports activities will weaken the muscles that keep the skin around the chin tighten. 

What is double chin surgery?

If we consider the skin aging, the neck is the first place that shows age. For some people, fat is more likely to collect under the chin than in other parts of the body.

The extra fat and loose skin will affect their overall jaw and facial profile. There are some treatments you make take into consideration, which can include a double chin laser as well, for those who are a huge fan of new laser treatments.

The laser is designed to tighten the skin, promote collagen increasing and strengthen the muscles around the affected area.

Some other methods include chin liposuction, submentoplasty, and neck lift. 

Type of double chin surgery

Type of double chin surgery

Many people prefer to start with a double chin laser treatment, but if the size of the double chin is advanced, the laser may not be very helpful. In this case,

the surgeon will recommend one of the following: 

Chin liposuction 

is a procedure that consists in removing the extra fat under the chin, through suction or a small open incision. 


 is another common procedure that combines both chin liposuction and small incisions under the chin. This procedure tightens the muscles and improves skin elasticity. 

Neck lift

 a surgery also called a lower rhytidectomy. It removes the excess of the skin and tightens the muscles around the neck, to offer a more contoured appearance of the face.

All procedures can reduce the appearance of a double chin. If your skin isn’t very elastic and has a shaggy appearance, you may not be a good candidate for liposuction or submentoplasty. 

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