Dental Veneers

Dental Veneers

What you need to Know about Dental Veneers 

Have you ever wished to get a smile like celebrities? Do you have some teeth problems that affect your smile?

It is no longer a difficult dream that you get a perfect smile. Dental Veneers, or famous as Hollywood Smile, is a cosmetic dental procedure aiming to correct some dental defects and gain a beautiful smile. 

What is Dental Veneer? 

Dental Veneers are a thin layer covering the front tooth surface to hide its flaws and improve its appearance.

This procedure can change the size, shape, color, or length of teeth. Furthermore, It can fix several problems

such as:

  • Distorted or worn teeth.
  • Broken teeth.
  • Discolored teeth.
  • Teeth spacing.
  • Asymmetry of teeth.

It would be best to talk with your dentist to ensure whether Veneers can help you get the desired result. Click here for free diagnosis at HayatMed

Dental Veneers options 

There are many options; the most common types are made from composite resin or porcelain.

Composite resin veneers


It is a thin layer made of resin or plastic. The dentist applies a layer of resin composite to your tooth in a way to fit the desired shape. Once the layer becomes stable, the dentist will polish the composite.

Advantages of this type are:

  • It is a quick method; It needs two visits to the dentist.
  • The cost is affordable and cheaper compared with the porcelain type.
  • The dentist can quickly repair it if needed.

While the disadvantages of It as the following:

  • It lasts for less time. The period may reach up to 7 years, and then it needs to be replaced.
  • Its color may change over time.

Porcelain Veneer

It is made of high-quality ceramic; this type of dental veneer is the most used one. 

The dentist applies thin chips of porcelain to your teeth to restore their natural look.  

Advantages of this type are:

  • Give strength to the teeth.
  • Long-lasting. It remains up to 15 years.
  • It is at less risk for discoloring or breaking.
  • Maintain a natural-looking of teeth.

However, the disadvantages of porcelain veneers are:

  • The necessity to reshape the teeth, meaning that the process is permanent, and you can not retreat. Furthermore, your teeth may be more sensitive to hot and cold drinks and food.
  • Costs more than Composite Resin type.

If you consider veneers, take advantage of free diagnosis at HayatMed Clinic. Our dentists will be pleased to help you and find out the appropriate procedure according to your needs. 


Hollywood Smile Procedure steps 

Before the procedure 

It would be best if you met your dentist to discuss all the points related to the process. 

The dentist will do the following: 

  • Check your teeth and determine whether this procedure works well for you.
  • Explain the veneers’ types and which one is the most appropriate for you.
  • Explain all the features and blemishes related to the process.
  • Please take photographs of your teeth to compare them with the results.

Before starting the procedure, the dentist will clean the teeth and treat all problems.

The procedure 


Hollywood Smile procedure usually requires two to four sessions for diagnosis,  preparation, and treatment.

The dentist will inject local anesthesia, so you will not feel any pain.
If you choose the resin type, the dentist will need only one session. He or she will put layers of resin composite on your teeth and apply special light rays to make it stable. 

Once the veneers become solid, the surgeon will polish the composite.
While if you choose the porcelain one, the dentist will remold the teeth surface by removing a tiny amount of the teeth enamel to provide a place to the veneer.
He or she will make a model of your teeth and send it to a laboratory.

It usually takes two days to be ready. Your dentist may apply temporary veneers if needed.
Once it is ready, the specialist cleans your teeth and applies the veneers temporarily to check if they fit the teeth.

Then he or she will fix them on teeth with cement and use special light rays to make them hard.

To complete the veneer teeth procedure, the dentist will check and remove any excess materials and polish your teeth.
In general, you will need to visit your dentist after two weeks to check the comfort and status of veneers.

After the veneer teeth procedure 

Dental veneers do not need a special kind of care. You will continue caring for your teeth as usual by brushing them and using floss.

Furthermore, the dentist will advise you to stay away from some types of food and drinks to avoid discoloring or cracking problems, such as tea, coffee, or solid food. 

Dental Veneers cost

Veneers cost vary depending on several factors,

such as:

  • The geographic clinic location.
  • The dentist’s experience.
  • Type of veneers will you have and the quality of the used materials for preparing them.
  • Preparation before the procedure, like treat teeth or gum problems.

In Turkey, you can achieve both stunning results and affordable prices for any cosmetic procedure. It is the right destination to improve your appearance and enjoy the beauty of the place.

At HayatMed, our team always seeks to serve you in the best way. We have specialized doctors in all plastic surgeon fields. With us, you certainly will be satisfied with the results and costs. 

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