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All You Need to Know About Implantable Contact Lens (ICL Surgery) And the Difference between ICL Surgery and LASIK Surgery

If you wear glasses or contact lenses to improve your vision and get rid of them, many options permanently provide you with vision correction.
LASIK eye surgery is the most popular method to correct vision.

However, you have other options if you are not the right candidate for LASIK. One of the LASIK alternatives is ICL surgery or referred to as Implantable Contact Lens Surgery.

It is a procedure that aims to help people correct their visions by implanting a new intraocular lens inside the eye without removing the natural lens. If you consider vision correction solutions, you need to meet your ophthalmologist.

They will comprehensively examine your eyes, discover your vision problems, and recommend the appropriate procedure to achieve your best vision. Are you interested in vision correction procedures? Which is the proper procedure for you? 

Contact HayatMed clinic immediately and take advantage of a free Visian ICL consultation with one of the best- ophthalmologists to get all your questions answered and know the right option according to your condition.

Candidates for implantable contact lens Surgery

In general, patients who are not candidates for LASIK surgery for some reason are candidates for ICL surgery.

For example, vision ICL is an option for patients with highly severe myopia, dry eyes, or thin corneas, while LASIK surgery is not recommended for these conditions.

Furthermore, eye doctors recommend implantable contact lens procedure if:

  • Your age is between 21 and 45, and you have moderate to severe nearsightedness. 
  • You have healthy eyes.
  • You have not undergone any previous eye surgery.
  • Your eyeglass number should be stable for about one year.

A thorough eye exam is essential to determine if you are a candidate for this surgery or any other vision correction procedures.

ICL Surgery Pros and Cons 

Implantable Contact Lens Pros and Cons

Visian ICL has many features, including:

  1. The eye keeps a natural corneal; the visual quality is superb, especially at high prescriptions. So, night vision can be better than other vision correction procedures.
  2. Visian ICL doesn’t cause any disrupting of corneal nerves, so the surgery does not make dry eyes.
  3. The implanted lens is soft and flexible and made of purified collagen. So, the body will not reject the lens as a different element.
  4. The lens doesn’t need to be disinfected, cleaned, or removed daily. It stays in place and lasts indefinitely.
  5. The implanted lens can be removed or replaced. In addition, it means that patients have more flexibility for future vision correction procedures compared with LASIK patients.

However, this ICL surgery has some disadvantages, including:

  1. First, it is more expensive than other vision correction procedures.
  2. This procedure is not for everyone. However, it is suitable to treat specific cases, and It is recommended for only the age between 21 and 45.
  3. Although the lens stays indefinitely, ICL lens Patients must-attend annual check-ups to ensure the lens condition.

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ICL Surgery in Turkey from £3700

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Why HayatMed Clinic For Visian ICL  Surgery in Turkey

Top Surgeons

Our surgeon is a Professor with a book on ICL surgery and 25 years of experience.

Top Facilities

Our hospital is rated A- by the Turkish Ministry of Health and accredited by JCI representing gold standards in hygiene and quality. We use FDA approved Mentor implants.

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HayatMed always strives to provide the best services at affordable prices; HayatMed provides all-inclusive packages from operation to hotels and transportation at the best prices.

Implantable contact lens risks 

The associated risks with this surgery are low, and studies into implantable contact lenses indicate that it is a safer option for patients with extreme nearsightedness than LASIK surgery.

However, it may be associated with some risks, including:


Suppose the correction caused by the implantable lens goes too far. In that case, your eyes will need to be corrected the other way so that your eyes can focus decently. No worries can be easily fixed by removing the existing lens and inserting a new one with the correct prescription or wearing eyeglass.


This problem happens if the implanted lens doesn’t go far enough to correct the vision.No worries, and That can quickly fix this problem by removing the existing lens and inserting a new one with the correct prescription – or by wearing eyeglass.


Infection risk is associated with all forms of surgery. However, the Infection risk associated with this surgery is low.

Other complications

The implantable contact lens may also be associated with other complications like retinal detachment, intraocular pressure, and damage to the eye’s lens.

Remember that you should give enough time to choose an experienced and reputable eye surgeon who can minimize the risks and achieve stunning results. With HayatMed, you can be sure that you will get the best results at the hands of the best specialists.

Preparation for the ICL surgery

Before the surgery, you will meet the eye doctor to discuss what to expect during and after the process. During the consultation, your doctor will evaluate your medical history and examine your eyes thoroughly.

In the eye examination, they will evaluate your vision measure corneal thickness, eye pressure, refraction, corneal mapping, and pupil dilation, besides any signs of eye infections.

This examination will help your doctor assess whether you can undergo this surgery safely. It is essential to understand the risks and complications associated with the operation and the expected results.

Once you complete the evaluation, your doctor will determine whether this procedure is correct for you. If so, they will give you some instructions to follow before the procedure,

such as:

  • Stop wearing contact lenses for about three weeks before your procedure. After that, you can wear eyeglasses instead of them.
  • Do not wear eye makeup on the surgery day.
  • Use particular eye drops.

Be sure that you are dealing with an experienced ophthalmologist who can choose the proper technique for your vision problem and achieve the best results.

To get a free Visian ICL consultation, contact us on WhatsApp or fill out the form here.

ICL surgery procedure 

First, the medical staff will apply eye drop anesthesia into your eye, so there will be no discomfort during the process. Then, during the process, the ophthalmologist will create tiny incisions near the cornea in the place where they will insert the lens into your eye.

The lens is tiny and soft so that it can be folded up and injected into your eye through the small incisions quickly. Next, the surgeon will gently place the lens between the natural lens and the iris and cover the treated eye with bandages.

This process is usually performed in the outpatient surgical center and takes about 30 minutes. In case you need the treatment for both eyes. Generally, they can be done at the same time.


Recovery After the Visian ICL Procedure

Recovery after the procedure

After the Visian ICL surgery, you can go back home immediately, but you need to come back for a post-operative exam on the following day.

You may feel itching, burning, and mild pain in your eye during the two days after the procedure.

You may also have blurred vision. No worries; these complications will fade quickly.

Your doctor will prescribe you painkillers in addition to eye drops to keep you comfortable, moist, and prevent infection.

You will see after the surgery immediately, but your vision won’t be apparent. So it would be best if you waited a few months for your eye to heal and the vision stabilizes.

Your doctors will recommend some tips to avoid unfamiliar complications


  • Avoid strenuous exercise and swimming. 
  • Stay away from wearing cosmetics around your eyes.
  • Avoid sun rays.

Although you can go back to your work after a couple of days, you need to check with your doctor when they are suitable for returning to your daily routine.


Although it is helpful to have more options for people who intend to undergo refractive surgery, having many options makes choosing the most appropriate procedure more difficult.

Here is a simple comparison between Implantable Contact Lens surgery and

LASIK surgery: One of the most significant differences in the amount and type of eyeglasses prescription treated with each operation.

The implanted lens can treat severe myopia while not approved to treat farsightedness or astigmatism.
On the other hand, LASIK surgery is approved to treat hyperopia, myopia, or astigmatism.

However, it is not recommended to handle as much nearsightedness as Visian ICL.

Most eye doctors agree that the implanted lens procedure is more invasive than the LASIK procedure, so it should be recommended for patients, not candidates for LASIK.

A patient needs to meet with an experienced doctor to review the situation and discuss each procedure’s risks and benefits.

Recovery from both procedures are relatively quick, both patient comfort and visual heal. However, another significant difference between both processes is that ICL surgery has an increased risk of infection over LASIK.

This risk is because doctors must enter the eye to place the lens. However, the LASIK procedure is performed without coming inside the eye.

Recovery TimeFastFast
Outpatient ProcedureYesYes
Surgery Time20-40 Minutes15-25 Minutes
Immediate ResultYesYes
Contribute of the
Dry Eye
NearsightednessModerate to severeMild to moderate
AstigmatismNo Yes

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ICL Surgery Cost

The cost of an implantable contact lens differs from one case to another; it depends on several factors,

such as:

  • The type of used implantable contact lens.
  • An ophthalmologist to perform the surgery.
  • The region of the clinic in which the procedure is performed.
  • Medical facility.

Turkey is the right choice to get any medical service. There, you can achieve satisfactory results at the hands of the best specialists at moderate prices.

At HayatMed, our integrated team will provide the best services and achieve the desired results for medical assistance in Istanbul, Turkey. We also offer a fully inclusive fee package, so no hidden fees will be. 

Contact us to learn more about the exact price of ICL surgery or go back to get more information about other optic procedures. Click here to get more information about LASIK Surgery or go back to the Optics Category.

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