Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Injections

PRP Injections

In recent years, medicine has reached the point where the body can heal itself. Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) treatment is a form of regenerative medicine that can use the body’s abilities to heal tissue.

Initially, PRP treatment was used successfully for many years to heal sports injuries.

Nowadays, it has become the treatment of choice by women and men to improve the wrinkles, scars, dark circles under their eyes, and sun damage.

What are plasma and platelets?

Plasma is the liquid part of the blood. It mainly consists of water and proteins, providing a medium for white blood cells, red blood cells, and platelets to circulate through the body.

Platelets, also called thrombocytes, are blood cells that help the body form blood clots to stop bleeding and perform other essential growth healing functions.

Platelet activation plays a primary role in the body’s natural healing procedure.

What is Platelet Rich Plasma treatment?

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) treatment is a technique that uses a patient’s platelets to quicken the healing of various areas of the body.

PRP injection takes one to a few tubes of the patient’s blood and prepares it through a centrifuge to concentrate the platelets.

Then, the competent injects the activated platelets directly into the targeted body tissue.

This injection releases growth factors that stimulate and increase the number of reparative cells in the body.

Platelet Plasma injections can be used for medical purposes like treating tendon problems, acute sports injuries, and osteoarthritis, or for aesthetic purposes, such as:

PRP Injection for Face

PRP Injection for Face 22

Plasma facial treatment is ideal for those looking for a noticeable natural improvement in skin texture, color, and tone with the least recovery time. In addition, this natural procedure provides incredible skin rejuvenation.

The platelet-rich plasma derived from the patient’s blood will stimulate the stem cells to increase the production of collagen and hyaluronic acid production.

Collagen production helps correct the visible effects of lines and wrinkles, while hyaluronic acid can improve skin tone and volume, thus having more youthful skin.

Plasma face treatment can help treat acne scars, minimize skin pores, improve the appearance of fine wrinkles and lines, and enhance the fullness of the face and skin rejuvenation.

PRP For Hair Loss

Platelet-rich plasma can be used to treat those who suffer hair loss to restore hair growth and enhance its density.

Some scientific evidence indicates that PRP injections stimulate and maintain natural hair growth. These happen by increasing the blood flow to hair follicles and the hair roots’ thickness.

Sometimes, this treatment may be recommended with other hair loss remedies to achieve the best results.

How Do You Prepare for platelet-rich plasma Injection?

Before the injection, you need to meet your care specialist, who will

  • Evaluate your health status.
  • Examine the targeted area.
  • Discuss likely results of using plasma injections, risks, and complications.

It would be best to inform the doctor about the used medications that may interfere with the platelet job and reduce the response to the injection.

Then, they can determine whether this treatment works well with you, the course, and the expected results.

You must understand all aspects of the procedure by asking all the questions that help you feel comfortable before undergoing the treatment.

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What Should You Expect During Platelet-Rich Plasma Injection Procedure?

During Platelet-Rich Plasma Injection Procedure

The plasma injection process goes through the following stages:

  • First, the healthcare staff will take a sample of your blood. The amount of the sample depends on the injection site. Furthermore, according to the injection sites, they will use a topical anesthetic cream or local anesthesia.
  • The sample is centrifuged, which spins around very fast to separate the blood components. This process takes 15 minutes.
  • The specialist injects the separated plasma into the targeted area once the separated plasma is ready.

This process takes approximately one hour, and you can return home immediately.

What Are the Potential PRP Treatment Side Effects?

PRP contains materials that come directly from your own body. It means the risk of an allergic reaction from injecting plasma is lower than other medications.

However, there are some risks associated with the injection itself,


  • Infection.
  • Irritation.
  • Bleeding.
  • Pain.
  • Nerve injuries.
  • Tissue damage.

All those risks are related to the injection site.

Therefore, your specialist must know the proper injection way to achieve the desired result and avoid undesirable outcomes.

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What Should You Expect After Platelet-Rich Plasma Injection Procedure?

After the injection, you can return to your daily activities immediately.

You will experience some pain at the injection site. No worries, your doctor will prescribe painkillers, and this feeling will fade in a couple of days.

PRP injection recovery time varies according to the injection site. However, it often takes a few days.

Plasma injections aim to enhance healing or growth, so you may not see an immediate result after having the injections.

However, you will observe that the area is healing until reaching the final result in a few weeks. In general, you need more than one session of plasma injection to achieve the desired results.

How Much Does PRP Injection Cost?

Plasma injection cost varies; it depends on several factors,


  • The provider who is performing the injection.
  • The geographic clinic location.
  • The treated area.
  • A required number of injection sessions.

The best way to get a correct estimate is to meet your specialist to check your condition. They will determine your needs and the average price.

When choosing a plastic surgeon, remember that the doctor’s experience and ease with them are as valuable as the procedure price.

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