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Heidi Coetzer

Completely satisfied with my overall experience. My overall experience was absolutely incredible, from start to finish. The communication was great and the heart and service they delivered made me feel so comfortable all the time. I would highly recommend using HayatMed. Everyone was friendly and helpful whenever I needed anything and my results exceeded my expectations. Thank you 😊

Maria Gj

Such a great experience, they organized everything so well, they didn't let me alone during the process, I've been really well treated. I came for rhinoplasty from Spain on my own and the team was there for me during the whole staying. The hospital is very professional and clean. Everything went right. Thanks to them for helping me and assisting me in everything.

I had a nose operation one year ago! Perfect result and I’m satisfied.
Yaman akhras
Wonderful team, professional and courteous people, I highly recommend.
Burcu Vaez
Highly recommended
Sam Sami

Nira Elad

This is the second time I have used the medical services of the hayatmed clinic in Istanbul, and I must point out that I have received commendation in all aspects. The most advanced medical services, professional and pleasant doctors, the most advanced equipment in the world, service, warranty, personal response, fast, reliable! The people themselves are charming. Highly recommend their services! Everything they promised and said was done exactly!

HayatMed Clinic was very helpful and They did their best to make sure I get the best service
Qais Ghassan

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