Varicose vein laser treatment

Varicose vein laser treatment

Varicose vein laser treatment
Do you have varicose veins in your legs? Or maybe in any other part of your body?

If yes, then you are looking for some kind of treatment for those veins. Look no further because I will tell you about the best treatment for varicose veins. This treatment works very well. So, say goodbye to those blue, twisted, and lumpy veins with the varicose vein laser treatment.

It is also called endogenous laser treatment. But before going into the details of this treatment, let us find out what causes varicose veins to appear.

Why do the varicose veins appear?

Varicose veins are either blue or purple-colored, swollen veins that appear just beneath your skin. Although they are most common in legs, they can also be found in other body parts.

Varicose veins form when the valves inside the veins stop working. As a result of which blood starts to pool inside the veins. That is why they are bulged and twisted. Varicose veins mainly result due to pregnancy or obesity. But there can be other reasons as well. 

Now that you know why varicose veins appear. Let us move towards the varicose vein laser treatment.

What is varicose vein laser treatment?

Of course! As the name indicates, the laser is used in this treatment. But you might be wondering how a laser could treat the varicose veins. Well! It’s the heat of the laser that does the magic. When a focused beam of the laser is incident on the vein, it shrinks due to the heat. Scars tissue also starts to form inside the vein, which seals it off. Your body then absorbs the dead tissue.

What is the right time for Varicose vein laser treatment?

Although they are not a serious problem. But varicose veins can become painful with time. You will need the endovenous laser treatment if they become inflamed and sore. But you do not have to wait for them to become painful. You can have endovenous treatment whenever you like. Varicose veins do not exactly look attractive. So, treating them will make you feel a lot better.

How is laser spider vein removal done?

The varicose vein laser treatment can be done in a small treatment room or even in the office of health service providers. This is the best thing about varicose vein laser treatment. It consists of the following steps:

1.     Protection:

First of all, you will have to lie down on the examination table. Your doctor will give you goggles to wear. So, your eyes do not get harmed by the laser.

2.     Numbing medicine:

Varicose vein laser treatment is a minimally invasive procedure. A catheter will be used in the treatment. So, the area undergoing the treatment will be numbed. The numbing medicine will be injected into the vein by your doctor.

3.     Ultrasound:

Your varicose vein will be checked multiple times before, during, and after the process. This will be done via an ultrasound device. The image of your vein will be visible on the display screen.

4.     Lasers:

The catheter will be inserted into your veins through a small cut in your skin. The catheter will reach the varicose vein, and a fiber laser will also be inserted in it. The laser will start to heat the varicose vein and eventually seal it off.

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How long does it take?

The whole procedure will take less than an hour. After the procedure, you will be recommended to walk for a while. If any bruising occurs, don’t get alarmed. It will fade in 2 weeks at the most.

Another good thing about endovenous laser ablation is that you won’t even need the stitches. Just a bandage will do.

Aftercare Instructions:

1.     Use an ice pack:

As soon as you reach your home, put an ice pack over the treated area. It will greatly help to reduce the swelling.

2.     Stay away from water:

It is highly recommended to keep the treated area away from water for 48 hours. The treated area will be more sensitive after the procedure.

3.     Wear stocking:

Stockings will also prevent swelling. You’ll have to wear stockings for a few days. They will keep the blood from pooling.

4.     Stay active:

Don’t sit for a long time. Don’t even stand for a long time. You’ll have to stay active. Walk regularly. But don’t run or do any strenuous activity.

5.     Take medicine after consultation:

Don’t take any medicine without consulting with your doctor. Some medicines can cause the blood to become thin. Your cut can start to bleed. So, consult your doctor before taking medicines.

Risks of varicose vein laser treatment:

Just like any other treatment, varicose vein laser treatment also entails some risks.

1.     Untrained doctor:

First of all, make sure that your doctor is highly skilled and trained. Your body should not be subjected to any kind of experiment. If the doctor is not well-trained, you can have some serious consequences. They include burns and nerve damage. Your doctor will ask you several questions before the treatment. Make sure that you answer them correctly.

2.     Infection and bleeding:

The treated area can get infected or start to bleed. It will only happen if you do not follow the aftercare instructions. Keep in mind that the skin of the treated area is susceptible. So make sure to follow the instructions given by your doctor.

3.     Inflammation or pain:

If you experience any kind of pain or inflammation, contact your doctor. The treated area can be a little sore. Bruising is also quite normal. But if the pain becomes unbearable, call your doctor immediately.

Why should you choose HayatMed?

If you decided to undergo a laser vein removal, It is essential to select your dermatologist based on quality, skills, and experience. 

At HayatMed, we have the best vascular specialists in Turkey who can diagnose your condition accurately and determine whether laser treatment is appropriate for you

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