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Looking into the expenses associated with breast implant surgery can be quite exhausting and disheartening. Consequently, numerous individuals find themselves unable to bear the price tag.

Typically, in Turkey, the cost of breast implants starts at $3,950. However, this figure primarily covers the procedure itself, excluding additional expenses such as anesthesia, operating room fees, and other miscellaneous charges.

What Is a Breast implant?

Cosmetic surgeons use breast implants to enhance women’s breast size and shape. These implants are silicone shells filled with silicone gel or saline solution.

Surgeons usually place them behind the breast tissue or under the chest muscle to achieve the desired fullness and size, catering to individual preferences and body proportions.

Silicone implant cost By Country?

Silicone implant cost in USA, UK, Australia, and India

People often choose overseas surgery for cost savings, but selecting an experienced surgeon is crucial. Here’s a summary of the price of breast implants in different countries.

In the US, the average breast implant cost is $4,516, excluding extras. The surgery alone is about $3,100, with the surgeon’s fee ranging from $3,000 to $10,000, depending on the city.

In the UK, the average cost is £3,000 to £7,000, not covering all services. The surgery alone is around £3,600, with the surgeon’s fee ranging from £3,000 to £9,000, depending on the location.

In Australia, breast implant prices range from $10,000 to AUD 15,000, covering all services. The surgeon’s fee is about AU$6,500.

In India, the average boob job price is around 100,000 to 150,000 INR for related services, with the surgery alone costing about INR 70,000.

CountryUnited Arab EmiratesMexicoJapanColombiaUnited KingdomAustraliaCanada
General Cost$5,000 – $10,000$2,500 – $5,500$3,000 – $7,000$2,000 -$4,000$4,800 – $11,000$6,000 – $12,000$8,000 – $10,000

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How much are boob implants in Turkey?

The average cost of breast implants in Turkey differs by city and clinic. On average, a breast implant in Turkey costs £3,500. This includes surgery, anesthesia, consultations, post-surgery follow-ups, transportation, and hotel accommodation. The price decreases during the off-season.

Factors that determine the cost in Turkey

Factors that determine the cost in Turkey 2024

The breast implants prices can vary greatly depending on several factors, such as: 

  1. Larger implants cost more.
  2. Textured implants are pricier for a natural look.
  3. Incision Sites affect costs; armpit incisions may be cheaper.
  4. Adding more fat increases costs.
  5.  Larger breasts may require more expensive implants.
  6. The technique affects the price. For example, microsurgery costs more for precision.
  7. Geographical location affects the costs, which vary by city; private clinics cost more.
  8. Experienced surgeons may charge more for better results.

plastic surgery in Turkey at best Prices

Packages include medical fees, hospital accommodation, airport transfers, and personal host.

Average cost of breast implants by type

Factors that Influence breast augmentation price 2024Please keep in mind that total cost can vary widely depending on the specific clinic, surgeon, and location within these countries. Here are the approximate price ranges for each of the procedures:

Fat transfer breast augmentation costs 

  • In Turkey, $2,000 to $4,000, 
  • while in the USA, it’s $5,000 to $10,000. 
  • The procedure in the UK is priced between £3,000 and £7,000. 

Breast implant removal costs:

  • Turkey’s cost is $1,500 to $3,000.
  • The USA’s cost ranges from $3,000 to $6,000.
  • The UK’s cost is £2,000 to £4,000. 

The cost for a breast lift with implants 

  • in Turkey is $3,000 to $6,000; 
  • in the USA, it ranges from $8,000 to $15,000, 
  • and in the UK, it’s about £5,000 to £10,000. 

Breast implant removal and lift, 

  • Turkey’s cost is $2,000 to $5,000
  • the USA ranges from $6,000 to $12,000
  • and the UK is £4,000 to £8,000.

How much does it cost to replace breast implants?

Replacing breast implants generally costs more than the initial implant surgery, starting from around €3800 for new implants. This higher cost accounts for the complexity of the procedure, including the removal of old implants.

Additional factors like the surgeon’s expertise, location, and any specific medical requirements can further influence the final price. 

Factors that Influence breast implants cost

Factors that determine the cost in Turkey new 2024

Since 2019, the pandemic has affected the whole world and brought economies to their knees. That is one of the factors influencing breast implant prices. 

It has also caused delays in manufacturing products needed for the procedure, making certain brands harder to find. In addition, practices are spending more money on the extra measures needed to comply with the sanitizing standard gazetted by the World Health Organization

For example, they sanitize all the rooms in their offices before and after a consultation. All these elements have considerably increased the price of breast implants.

These costs generally include the following:

  1. Anesthetic
  2. Hospital or facility fees
  3. Medical tests
  4. Post-surgery dressings
  5. Prescribed medication
  6. Plastic surgeon’s fees
  7. Transportation
  8. Hotel Accommodation

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What are the Types of implants?

Prices of combining breast implants with other breast procedures 2024

There are three types of breast implants:

  1. Saline implants, the most commonly used type of implant, are silicone shells filled with salt water. They are affordable and provide a natural look and feel, although they may leak or rupture over time, requiring replacement surgery.
  2. Silicone gel implants have a silicone shell filled with a gel that feels like natural breast tissue. Also known as “gummy bear” implants, they feel less firm than saline implants.
  3. Gel-filled implants contain both silicone gel and saline, offering a more natural appearance than regular saline implants. Although pricier, they tend to last longer as they don’t leak over time, unlike other implant types.

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plastic surgery in Turkey at best Prices

Packages include medical fees, hospital accommodation, airport transfers, and personal host.

Saline vs. silicone implants cost

Breast implant costs differ depending on whether you choose saline or silicone implants. Saline breast implants cost less than silicone implants because they use simpler materials and manufacturing methods. 

People pick saline implants for their affordability and because surgeons can fill them during surgery, requiring smaller cuts. Silicone implants, however, feel more natural but are more expensive. This is because they require a more complex manufacturing process and use pricier materials.

Why is Turkey the best destination for Breast implant

Consider Turkey for affordable and high-quality breast implant surgery. Reasons include advanced technology, cost savings, friendly hospitality, proximity to Europe, and additional medical benefits.

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Does Insurance cover breast enhancement procedures?

Insurance typically doesn’t cover breast enhancement, which is considered cosmetic. They may cover reconstructive surgery for medical reasons, like post-cancer breast reconstruction. Coverage requires proof of medical necessity and prior unsuccessful alternative treatments.

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Warning Signs that Breast Implants Need Replacing

If you experience any of these signs, you may need to replace your implants:

  1. Hardening (Capsular Contracture)
  2. Saline Implant Issues
  3. Silicone Implant Rupture

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Many cosmetic surgeons offer breast implant surgery as a cosmetic enhancement option, and it’s crucial that patients understand its associated costs before considering this route.

Price estimates usually fall within the $5,000-$9,000 range, depending on factors such as a surgeon, desired outcome, type of implant, etc.

Although breast implant surgery is considered generally safe with some risk of complications involved, finding an experienced provider who meets both your needs and expectations effectively is of vital importance.

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Cost Of Breast Implants FAQs

The cost of breast implants at Hayatmed Clinic can vary based on individual factors. It’s best to schedule a consultation with our experts to receive an accurate estimate.

Yes, there are various kinds of breast implants – silicone and saline implants are both options – with costs depending on which you select.

Yes, we do provide financing options to make breast implant surgery more easily accessible to our patients.

Our surgical cost typically covers both immediate post-op care and surgery itself; any additional follow-up appointments may incur separate fees.

We take great pride in being open about our prices and will discuss any associated costs during your consultation.

Typically, health insurance does not cover cosmetic procedures like breast augmentation.

Yes, a deposit is often required to secure your surgery date.

As we offer occasional promotions and discounts, it’s wise to visit our website or call our clinic in order to stay abreast of current offers.

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