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How did Hayatmed came into existence?

We are a team of professional medical consultants with years and years of experience who witnessed a lot of schemes and flows in medical care and are here to set things right.

What do we do?

From skincare to complex surgical operations, Hayatmed with its growing networks of over 25 hospitals is sure to get you a tailored treatment of your needs.

Ok, I’m interested so now what?

With Hayatmed there is nothing hidden prior to your arrival, we know for a fact that post-operation healing requires peace of mind, that’s why we do our best, so everything meets your expectations.

Are we worthy of your trust?

The problem you face when choosing between medical centers is everyone is trying to sell what they do as the best in the market, which results in hesitation and uncertainty. What we promise is simple; you are getting what you pay for, no exaggeration, no manipulation. Everything is in the clear.

How do we operate?

After you receive the signed offer-letter, which include all necessary information about your trip, operation, stay and financial responsibilities you are good to go, book the flight ticket and send us a copy of it and leave the rest to us.

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