Abdominoplasty – Tummy Tuck in Turkey

tummy tuck in Turkey

What is a tummy tuck?

Tummy Tuck, or Abdominoplasty, is a cosmetic procedure aiming to flatten the belly area by removing excess skin and fat besides tightening the abdominal muscles. It is a standard process among women and men who aspire to get a flat belly appearance and contour their body shape.

This procedure is different than Liposuction. However, the surgeon may perform both methods at the same time to get more dramatic results. It is a big decision to undergo Abdominoplasty surgery, which will noticeably change your look. So, take your time to choose an experienced surgeon to get the best results and avoid medical mistakes.

Trust in HayatMed, with us; you get stunning results at affordable prices. In addition, we have highly skilled specialists in the plastic surgery field. 

Who are the suitable candidates for the Tummy Tuck surgery?

In general, this procedure is appropriate for people with excess skin and fat in the abdominal area who don’t respond to diet and exercise.

Furthermore, to be the right candidate for abdominoplasty, you should have good health and a stable weight.
Keep in mind that the surgeon may advise you to postpone the surgery in some cases. Such as women who think about pregnancy or people who plan to lose weight. 

What are the Risks related to tummy tuck in Turkey

Tummy Tuck Risks

Before undergoing any surgery, you must understand all the risks associated with it.

Some of the abdominoplasty risks:

  • Fluid accumulation under the skin.
  • Swelling of the treated area.
  • Numbness in the treated area.
  • Permanent scars. 
  • Bad results.

Besides the ordinary risks of most surgeries,

such as:

  • Bleeding.
  • Infection.
  • Adverse reaction to anesthesia.

Be sure to follow all the surgeon’s instructions to exceed the risks safely. In case you feel any unfamiliar complications, call your surgeon immediately.

At HayatMed, we provide you aftercare services. The medical crew will continue following up with you after the surgery to avoid risks and achieve the desired result. 

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Preparation before Tummy tuck in Turkey 

Before your tummy tuck in Turkey, you will meet your surgeon to discuss important points related to the procedure.

During the consultation, the surgeon will:

  • Check your medical history by asking many questions like your medical problems, previous surgeries, and used medication.
  • May I ask you to stop using aspirin or take certain ones to avoid blood clots?
  • Make a physical examination to determine the targeted areas and the appropriate procedure for you.
  • Explain the expected results, side effects, and risks associated with the abdominoplasty process.
  • Explain all instructions to follow them before and after the process.

On the other hand, you should tell the surgeon all your expectations and what result you aspire. 

Furthermore, be sure to get all the answers to your questions before leaving the surgeon’s clinic. 
At the end of the consultation, your specialist tells you whether tummy tuck surgery works well for you. 

Tummy Tuck in Turkey from £2100

Packages include all medical fees, accommodation, airport transfers, and personal host.

Top Surgeons

The plastic surgeons are a member of the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS). They are professors with a book on a Tummy Tuck, and they have years of surgical experience.

Top Facilities

Our hospital is rated A- by the Turkish Ministry of Health and accredited by JCI representing gold standards in hygiene and quality. We use FDA approved Mentor implants.

Affordable Prices

HayatMed always strives to provide the best services at affordable prices; HayatMed provides all-inclusive packages from operation to hotels and transportation at the best prices.

Abdominoplasty Procedure 

This procedure varies from one person to another. Your surgeon will choose the best type of procedure for you, depending on the treated area and your desired results.
There are three main types of Tummy Tuck procedures:

1. Full Tummy Tuck

This type, also known as Standard Tummy Tuck, is a procedure for those who want to tighten both the upper and lower abdomen simultaneously.

It is usually performed under general anesthesia and takes one to three hours, depending on the surgery’s complexity.

During the complete type, the surgeon will make a horizontal incision extending from hip bone to hip bone or U-shaped above the pubic mound. Then they will remove the excess skin, tissue and tighten the abdominal muscles.

Sometimes, the surgeon may make a second incision to eliminate excess skin from the area above the belly button and reach the best results.

The surgeon will reposition the umbilicus (belly button) and stitch the incision with sutures to complete the process.
This procedure is ideal for people who have overmuch excess skin folds above and below the belly button.

2. Mini Tummy Tuck

Mini Tummy Tuck is a procedure that aims to tighten the lower part of the abdomen beneath the navel.
The scar caused by this method is thin and shorter than the incision of the standard type.

This method is less invading compared with the standard procedure.
 It is ideal for people who have loose skin in the area between the navel and pubic mound.

During the mini tummy tuck procedure, the surgeon will make a small horizontal incision under the navel to eliminate extra skin and tighten the abdominal muscles. Then they will close the incision.

In this type, the surgeon will not need to reposition the belly button.
A mini procedure is usually performed under general anesthesia and takes between one to two hours.

3. 360 Tummy Tuck:

This procedure is more invading than the standard process. It treats the upper and lower abdomen, lower back, and hips.

The surgeon makes two incisions, a horizontal incision across the lower abdomen and a vertical incision through the navel.

Through these incisions, the surgeon will remove excess skin and fat and tighten more belly muscles. Then they will reposition the navel(belly button) and close the incisions.

Although this type causes longer incisions, it removes more loose skin, excess fat and tightens more muscles.

This method is appropriate for people who desire to contour the circumferential shape of the body.
An extended 360 tummy tuck type is usually performed under general anesthesia and takes two to four hours.

After finishing the procedure, the surgeon will cover the incisions with gauze.

tummy tuck Recovery 

Tummy Tuck Recovery

After the operation, you will remain in the recovery room for a couple of hours under observation by the medical crew. 

You can go home on the same day if you undergo this procedure under local anesthesia and do not experience any unfamiliar complications.

While if the anesthesia used was general, the surgeon would ask you to stay for one night at the hospital.
If you need to stay at the hospital, it would be best to have someone accompany you, or HayatMed will offer someone to stay with you. 

You will have thin tubes to discharge the excess fluids and blood for a few days after the procedure.

The medical crew will explain how to empty it at home.
It is normal to experience swelling in the treated area, which will fade during the first month after the procedure.

You will feel pain, especially in the two days following this surgery. But, no worries; the doctor will prescribe a painkiller in addition to antibiotics.

The surgeon to give you some instructions to ensure a quick heal period and avoid unfamiliar complications.

Some of these tips:

  • Wear an abdominal compression corset for about a month to support the belly area.
  • Avoid lifting heavy things.
  • Avoid strenuous physical activities.
  • Reduce smoking as possible.
  • Sleep on your back to avoid any pressure on your belly area.

You may go back to work after one week. However, it would be best to ask your surgeon when you can return to your daily routine. 

tummy tuck recovery timeline

Surgery Time2-4 hoursWashingShower fully after 1 day keeping area completely dry
Reasonably Mobile24 hoursExercise Including Gym30-40 days
Time Off Work1 weekSexual ActivityRestricted activity after 2 weeks
Hospital Stay1-2 DaysFull Recovery6 – 8 Weeks
Sleeping PositionSleeping on back recommended for 2 weeks

tummy tuck in turkey reviews

Tummy Tuck results in Turkey

After the process, you need about six weeks for the swelling and the other complications to fade. Then you can enjoy your flat belly appearance. 

In general, the result of an abdominoplasty procedure is permanent in case you maintain a stable weight.

tummy tuck turkey before and after

How much does a tummy tuck cost in turkey?

This procedure is quite expensive compared with some other plastic surgeries. 
But, like any other cosmetic procedure, tummy tuck cost varies from one place to another and from case to case.

depending on:

  • The individual needs and the used method.
  • The geographic hospital location. 
  • The surgeon’s experience.

Keep in mind that this is not an easy procedure. It needs a trustworthy surgeon who has previous successful results to ensure avoiding the risk of surgery failure.

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, The abdominoplasty cost in the United States ranges from $7,000$18,000, while in the United Kingdom, the cost ranges from £4,500£6,000.

Turkey is the right choice when you intend to perform any cosmetic procedure because of the high quality of the provided medical services and competitive prices compared with other countries.

But the question is, how much is a tummy tuck in Turkey? the cost in Turkey range from $3000 to $4500

this table shows the differences in the price of the procedure from one country to another

Country TypePrice
United Statesmini$3,500 – $8,000
traditional$8,000 – $12,000
360$12,000 – $18,000
United Kingdommini£5000 – £6000
360£9500 – £11,500
Turkeymini€2,500 – €3,500
traditional€2,800 – €3,800
360€4,000 – €5,000

What is included in the Tummy tuck Turkey all-inclusive package?

Here, at HayatMed Clinic, we provide you with all fully inclusive fee package. This package includes all the services associated with the surgery, such as

  1. hospital charges,
  2. surgeons fees
  3. anesthetist’s fees,
  4. post-operative medications
  5. aftercare policy.
  6. hotel 
  7. Transportation

With us, be sure that you are in the hands of medical experts who can achieve the results you aspire. 

Important  Question Before Undergoing Tummy Tuck In Turkey

When you intend to have a Tummy tuck in Istanbul, some critical questions come to your mind; let us answer them successively.

Is a tummy tuck worth it?

Although the results are not immediate, the final result comes in a few months. The operation is permanent unless the patient’s weight increases significantly after the operation. The tummy tuck has a high rate of worth it in the various evaluation sites.

What is a 360 tummy tuck?

360 tummy tuck is a surgical operation that removes excess skin in the abdomen and back area and removes sagging skin. It is conducted to give the body a tight appearance free of sagging. It is usually performed for people who have lost significant weight in a short period due to obesity operations (gastric sleeve, gastric bypass), Which leads to sagging skin in most body areas, and Sports cannot tighten the sagging skin. So the only solution remains the surgical procedure.

How painful is a tummy tuck?

If you are wondering, is a tummy tuck painful? According to many former patients, the operation is not painful; first, you do not feel anything during and after the operation for several hours, but the surgeon will prescribe painkillers for several days after the operation.

After the operation, there will be a little pain. The degree of pain sensation varies from person to person, but there is no need to worry about the pain associated with the tummy tuck operation. It will most likely disappear within 3-4 days.

What does a tummy tuck scar look like?

Some plastic surgeons in Turkey ask their patients to bring their favorite swimwear and underwear to locate the potential scar area to hide the scar under the clothes. At the same time, it is always best to do the horizontal incision close to the pubic line.

Some patients may have to accept a higher than ideal scar location, especially for patients who have a significant excess of skin on the upper part of their abdomen.

Read More: Tummy Tuck Scar 3 Different Stages, and How to Minimize

why hayatMed is the Best Place for a tummy tuck in Turkey

HayatMed provides high-quality medical care in Turkey at competitive prices; Our employees are committed to providing the highest healthcare and support.

Our doctors are specialized in their field and have more than 20 years of experience. Get your free consultation on WhatsApp Or Fill The Form Here.

Tummy Tuck in Turkey Frequently asked questions

In general, you can back to work after one week following your procedure. This is at a time in your recovery when you have fewer signs of surgery. Ideally, you should aim to go back to work after seven to ten days following your procedure.

The required time to stay in Turkey for the surgery is usually seven days. On the first day, you meet our doctor for consultation and the blood test, the second day, you will be for the procedure, stay at the hospital for the third day, and the sixth day will be for control session made by our doctors.

Whether it’s a mini tummy tuck or a traditional, it is usually performed using general anesthesia. So, you’ll sleep through the procedure. You will stay in the hospital for one night after the operation to avoid any side effects caused by general anesthesia.

  • Fluid accumulation under the skin.
  • Swelling of the treated area.
  • Numbness in the treated area.
  • Permanent scars. 
  • Bad results.

Most of the side effects of the procedure will fade after the operation in two to four weeks. You can return to work one week after the operation, as we said previously, by covering the remaining redness with some make-up if you need to.

The answer, of course, is NO.

When you make a reservation with Hayat Med Clinic, we will send a signed contract containing all the previously agreed-upon details. You will not pay any additional costs.

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