Boob Job (Breast Enlargement Turkey): What to Expect

Boob Job in Turkey for 2023

Are you contemplating Boob Job in Turkey? Turkey might be the perfect place for you. Renowned for high-quality medical care at affordable prices, Turkey has carved out a significant niche in the global cosmetic surgery market. 

It’s not just the wallet-friendly deals driving this trend – it’s also the superbly skilled Turkish plastic surgeons. As we delve into this article, we’ll examine why Turkey is blossoming as a hub for those seeking to boost their confidence through breast enhancement procedures.  What should you know before making your decision? Let’s find out.

What Is Breast Augmentation?

Breast Augmentation, known as a boob job, is a cosmetic surgery that aims to increase breast size, reconstruct its shape, or make it more balanced. This procedure is standard among women worldwide; it makes them feel self-esteem and an attractive feminine look.

It is a crucial decision to get a noticeable change in your look. So, take your time to choose the right place to perform this process and get the result you all pursue.

An Ultimate guide for breast enlargement Turkey

Do breast implants last forever

Boob Job Turkey is an attractive choice due to its high-quality yet cost-effective medical services, especially those provided in Istanbul, which boasts many JCI-accredited hospitals with experienced surgeons.

Undergoing this procedure entails inserting implants either under or behind the breast tissue, and recovering may take up to several weeks. As with any surgery, there are risks involved in surgery, such as infection and implant leakage or rupture. 

Many Turkish hospitals offer comprehensive packages including surgery, accommodation, and post-op care – to make your decision as informed as possible, always consult a reputable healthcare professional beforehand.

Why do you choose Turkey for the Breast Enhancement Procedure?

Turkey has quickly become an attractive location for breast augmentation surgeries due to several advantages:

  1. Turkey’s JCI-accredited hospitals ensure high-quality healthcare.
  2. Renowned Turkish plastic surgeons with international expertise.
  3. Cost-effective breast enlargement in Turkey packages cover all essentials.
  4. Cutting-edge cosmetic surgery tech ensures safe procedures.
  5. Comprehensive international patient packages.
  6. Convenient accessibility from Europe and the Middle East.
  7. Diverse post-surgery recovery options, from relaxation to cultural experiences.

Is a boob job cheaper in Turkey?

Turkey often provides more cost-effective breast augmentation procedures than many Western nations. Yet, the quality and expertise of plastic surgeons remain comparable or higher than their counterparts in Europe.

Turkey offers high-quality breast augmentation at competitive costs, making it an attractive destination.

How much is a boob job in Turkey

Turkey typically charges between $2,500 to $5,000 for breast augmentation surgery, depending on your surgeon and the complexity of the procedure.

  • Boob Job Turkey All-Inclusive Packages

all inclusive packages

The boob Job in Turkey package includes the following:

  1. Surgery
  2. Medications and necessary check-ups in the hospital
  3. Transfer from airport – hotel – airport with a private car
  4. Hotel accommodation
  5. One night hospital stay
  6. Necessary tests
  7. Doctor’s Examination
  8. Comprehensive checks
  9. translation services

Is breast enlargement in Turkey safe?

Are You Thinking About Undergoing Boob job in Turkey? While Turkey generally provides safe conditions and hospitals for surgeries such as this one, all surgeries involve some degree of risk; when choosing your surgeon and hospital, discuss all potential risks and rewards before proceeding with any procedure.

How to choose the best Turkey Boob Job Surgeon?

Turkey has a variety of well-regarded, board-certified plastic surgeons specializing in breast augmentation.

  1. Confirm the surgeon’s experience and specialization in breast augmentation.
  2. Review before and after photos to anticipate results.
  3. Check online reviews for patient feedback.
  4. Ensure the surgeon answers all your queries during consultation.

How long will I need to stay in Turkey after the surgery?

You will typically need to stay in Turkey 5-7 days after surgery to ensure proper healing and for our medical team to monitor your progress. This can vary depending on the individual’s healing process and the surgeon’s recommendation.

Is there aftercare available in Turkey?

Comprehensive aftercare services are often provided after breast augmentation surgery in Turkey. These often include follow-up appointments with the surgeon, medication administration, and advice regarding post-operative exercises.

Best Surgeons at affordable prices

Packages include medical fees, hospital accommodation, airport transfers, and personal host.

Top Surgeons

Plastic surgeons are members of the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS). They have years of surgical experience.

Top Facilities

Our hospital is rated A+ by the Turkish Ministry of Health and accredited by JCI, representing gold standards in hygiene and quality. In addition, we use FDA-approved implants.

Affordable Prices

HayatMed always strives to provide the best services at affordable prices; HayatMed provides all-inclusive packages from operations to hotels and transportation at the best prices.

Available Types of Breast Implants in Turkey

There are two types of implants:

1. Saline-Filled Implants

Saline-filled implants are filled with sterilized salt water and held in an elastic silicone shell. A saline solution may leak. No worries, the body will absorb the solution and expel it. This type is appropriate for women aged 18 and older.

2. Silicone-Filled Implants

Silicone-Filled Implants

Silicone-filled implants contain silicone gel within a silicone shell. If there’s a leak, the gel may stay in place or escape into the pocket, so regular check-ups with your surgeon are essential.

There are two types of silicone implants:

  • Gummy Bear Implants (Form-stable implants): These are popular for achieving a natural breast appearance. However, they may require larger incisions. It is recommended for women aged 22 and older.
  • Teardrop Implants: Known for their stability due to their unique teardrop shape. Suitable for women aged 22 and above.

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Fat Transfer To Breast Augmentation

Fat Transfer to the breast is an alternative to breast implants. It is a cosmetic procedure used to remove excess fat from a specific area in the body and inject it into the breast.

Fat Transfer to breasts is becoming popular as most women enhance their chests’ natural shape and size. Fat Transfer is one of the best choices since it only uses fat cells from the woman’s body.

The best part about the fat transfer method is that it can be used with or without other implants depending on an individual and improves its look and feel. It grants you natural and beautiful results and helps boost your self-confidence significantly.

  • How Does Fat-Transfer Breast Augmentation Work?

The beginning step in fat Transfer to the breast is to collect fat cells from the donor area, usually the abdominal area, via liposuction. Next, the fat is melted to produce a smoother profile. The fat cells are then placed skillfully under the skin through small tunnels.

At HayatMed Clinic Turkey, our plastic surgeons are highly skilled in cosmetic surgery. They will choose the appropriate procedure according to your needs.

Breast implant scars

Surgeons choose which technique will be used for this process depending on the patient’s condition and the required result. According to the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery, there are four main techniques as follows:

1. Inframammary

During this procedure, the surgeon makes a small incision in the inframammary fold under the breast. This technique characterizes that the made incision lets the surgeon access a more in-depth point and insert the implant accurately. Furthermore, the incision will be hidden under the breast so it will not be visible.

2. Peri-Areolar

In this procedure, the surgeon makes a small incision near the outer edge surrounding the nipple. The feature of this technique is that the incision will be hidden with the natural color of the areola.

3. Trans-Axillary

In this procedure, the surgeon makes a small incision under the armpit and then inserts the implant using specialized equipment and a camera to ensure the correct position. A small scar will be visible under the armpit. However, the breasts will be scar-free.

4. Transumbilical

The surgeon makes a small incision above the navel to insert the implant in this procedure. This technique leaves a small scar in the navel area, while the breast will stay pure.

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How Is Breast Augmentation Surgery Done?

How Is Breast Augmentation Surgery Done

You will be under general anesthesia during the procedure, so you will not feel any pain. The procedure steps are as follows:

  1. The surgeon will make a small incision in one of the following areas depending on the type of implants you want and the technique used
  2. The surgeon will insert the implant into a pocket below or above your chest muscle. 
  3. After placing the implant, the surgeon will close the incisions with sutures and cover your breasts with gauze.
  4. This process usually takes one to two hours. 

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Best Surgeons at affordable prices

Packages include medical fees, hospital accommodation, airport transfers, and personal host.

Breast Augmentation Recovery

BBL surgery Recovery

After the surgery, you will be in the recovery room under observation by our medical crew, avoiding complications. You will have discharge tubes, which the surgeon will remove after a few days.

Remember that you will stay at the hospital for one night per the doctor’s instructions. So, it would be best to have someone with you. 

Post-operative instructions to follow such: 

  • Wear a special bra during the healing period.
  • Wear loose clothes to avoid any contact with the breast area.
  • Get enough rest.
  • Avoid lifting heavy things for six weeks.
  • Avoid strenuous physical activities.
  • Reduce smoking as much as possible.

Furthermore, the surgeon will prescribe a painkiller to take when needed and an antibiotic. Breast Augmentation Recovery typically takes about two weeks; you can return to your routine activities.

The table below shows the Recovery Guide.

Day 1 to 4Sleep upright in bed, assisted by pillows to help decrease swelling.
Wear your support bra as advised by your consultant.
Take things easy when you get home.
Days 5 to 15Slowly increase your activity but nothing too exhausting.
During this time, Any non-dissolvable stitches will be removed.
Driving may be commenced only when comfortable.
Days 15 to 30Bruising and swelling continue to disappear.
You can back to work after 5 to 15 days from the operation.
1 to 6 MonthsGentle exercise can return after four weeks but avoid laborious exercise for an additional 15 days.
Your implants will begin to settle into a more natural-looking position.
6 to 9 MonthsScars will start to soften and disappear.
You will get the final result

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Breast Enlargement Turkey Results

At Hayatmed Clinic in Turkey, breast enlargement procedures yield remarkable results. Our expert surgeons use advanced techniques to enhance your breasts, providing a fuller and more appealing appearance.

With a reputation for excellence, we prioritize your safety and satisfaction. Experience the confidence and beauty you desire through breast enlargement at Hayatmed Clinic.

Breast Implant before and after

Boob Job in Turkey Reviews

Best Surgeons at affordable prices

Packages include medical fees, hospital accommodation, airport transfers, and personal host.

How Much Is A Boob Job in USA and UK?

Breast augmentation procedures vary significantly across countries and surgeons based on experience, implant type, and related costs.

Cost estimates range from as little as $2,000 in some countries to well over $10,000 for others, though actual costs may differ; it is wise to contact the healthcare provider in your area to receive an accurate assessment.

Breast augmentation cost in The USA

United States

Breast augmentation can be an expensive investment. Costs may increase significantly in areas with higher costs of living and greater concentration of top-tier board-certified plastic surgeons – here are some states you could anticipate paying more:

  1. California: Breast augmentation procedures in California’s affluent areas, such as Beverly Hills and San Francisco, can be expensive; expect to spend between $6,000 to $12,000. 
  2. New York City represents another area with high breast augmentation costs, especially its capital city of New York State. Given its high cost of living and a strong reputation for top-quality medical care, prices can reach between $7,000 and $12,000.
  3. Massachusetts: Regarding breast augmentation in Massachusetts and around Boston, costs can also be quite steep – they range anywhere from $6,500 up to over $11,000!
  4. Connecticut: Connecticut is another state renowned for its high cost of living, where prices may range between $6,000 and $10,000 or even higher.

Breast augmentation cost in The UK

According to the NHS website, breast augmentation prices in the UK typically range between £3,500 to £8,000, depending on the clinic in which it’s performed and the surgeon or clinic chosen. However, lower-end clinics could start from as little as £3,500, while top surgeons and clinics charge over that figure. 

Price ranges per country

CountryUSAUnited kingdomTurkeyIrelandIndia
Cost$5,000 – $12,000£4,000 – £7,000$2,500 – $4,500€6000 – €8000Rs 40,000 – Rs 50,000

Why Should You Prefer HayatMed For A Boob Job In Turkey?

Please remember that HayatMed Turkey has extensive experience in surgical operations and significant advantages.

At HayatMed Clinic, the package fee for the boob job in Turkey usually covers all your treatment costs, such as hospital charges, surgeon’s and anesthetist’s fees, and aftercare policy.

There will be no hidden costs following the procedure, and we will provide you with all services at a one-time cost. But, of course, the cost varies from one case to another, so don’t hesitate to contact us to get the exact cost. Get your free consultation on WhatsApp Or Fill out The Form on this page.

Boob job in Turkey Frequently Asked Questions

While implants don’t have an exact expiration date, they’re not meant to last a lifetime, either. An average implant lifespan ranges from 10-20 years, depending on complications or cosmetic requirements; early replacement could be necessary in some instances.

Breast augmentation entails increasing the size and fullness of one or both breasts using implants, while lift procedures aim at lifting and reshaping sagging breasts; both procedures may be completed simultaneously or individually to achieve the desired result.

 In general, implants are safe; however, risks may be involved like any surgery, including local complications like breast pain, implant rupture, and scar tissue distorting the shape (capsular contracture). There is ongoing research regarding potential links between implant use and certain health conditions like anaplastic large cell lymphoma (ALCL).

Some individuals with breast implants report symptoms including fatigue, joint pain, anxiety, and mental confusion, which they attribute to their implants; many refer to this condition as “Breast Implant Illness.” Unfortunately, as of my knowledge cutoff date (2021), no medical consensus or official diagnosis exists for BII.

Light walking can generally resume shortly after surgery, while strenuous activities and upper body workouts must wait at least 4-6 weeks after being undertaken. Please follow your surgeon’s specific post-op instructions, as this could differ between patients.

Natural-appearing breast augmentation refers to results proportionate with a patient’s body and not look excessively large or fake. This usually includes selecting the appropriate implant size, shape, and placement techniques to achieve this look.

Implants may be removed through explant surgery; depending on various factors, a breast lift might also be suggested after implant removal.

Capsular contracture is a potential breast implant complication in which scar tissue forms a restrictive capsule around an implant, causing it to feel hard or misshapen and possibly hard or misshapen.

Round implants give breasts a fuller appearance, while teardrop-shaped (anatomical or teardrop implants) provide more projection at the bottom, tapering upward.

 A submuscular placement places an implant beneath the pectoral muscle. In contrast, subglandular placement places it over and under it – each method has advantages and disadvantages, which you should discuss with your surgeon.

 Since my last update in September 2021, the Food and Drug Administration has not found a connection between implants and systemic illnesses; however, more research needs to be completed on this matter.

Silicone implant ruptures may go undetected until symptoms arise; symptoms often don’t manifest immediately. When they do appear, they could include changes to breast size or shape as well as pain, hardening, hardening sensation, hardening sensation, hardening sensation, hardening sensation, hardening sensation, swelling, numbness, burning numbness lumps may form; an MRI is the best way to detect ruptures.

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