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Facelift (Rhytidectomy)

“Young at heart” is a famous saying which means that the young soul is not related to the real age. However, the question is, can we have a youthful appearance beside the young soul?
Facelift surgery, technically known as Rhytidectomy, is a procedure to retrieve our youthful look and get rid of the apparent aging signs on the face such as saggy skin, lines, and deep wrinkles.

Rhytidectomy definition

Rhytidectomy is a surgical process that aims to remove or reduce the excess skin in the area between the lower eyelids and the jaws.

It is performed to make your face look more youthful and increase your self-confidence by tightening the loose facial skin and lifting it. Facelift surgery may include other cosmetic treatments such as neck lift surgery or eyelid surgery.

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Types of facelift surgeries 

There are two types of facelift surgeries categorized according to what you want to achieve from this surgery and the degree of skin sagging.

1. Traditional facelift (SMAS) 

The surgeon will choose this type of surgery to treat the moderate sagging statuses to advanced ones. It is usually more complicated than the other type, which takes more time for completing the surgery and for the recovery.

 2. Mini facelift (MACS)

The surgeon will advise you with this procedure if your skin in the initial stages of sagging. It can help to treat the signs of aging before becoming deeper and conspicuous in addition to delaying the need for the traditional facelift procedure.

Preparing for the surgery 

Before scheduling the operation, the most important step is to choose an independent clinic or hospital because it is a complicated process that needs extensive experience in facial cosmetic surgery.

You will meet with the plastic surgeon to discuss important points such as:

  • The surgeon will check your medical history by asking many questions like your medical problems, previous surgeries, and used medication. He/she will make a physical examination and may ask for a blood test.
  • The surgeon will take photos for your face from various angles. These photos can be manipulated to show you what kinds of results are possible.
  • You’ll talk about why you want the surgery and what you hope to accomplish by having it. You must speak honestly to your surgeon about your expectations, so the doctor can take notices and plan for your facelift.
  • You will decide with your surgeon whether he/she will perform the facelift surgery with local anesthesia or general anesthesia.

After this consultation, it will be clear whether the surgery is likely to work well for you or not. If yes, he/she will explain for you all the instruction which you must follow it precisely to avoid any complications.

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How is the procedure done? 

The procedure is varies depending on what kind of facelift surgery you need.

If you are going to undergo the traditional facelift surgery:

  • Your surgeon will make incisions located on both sides of your face behind the hairline around your ears.
  • Then he/she will cut under the deeper layer of tissues
  • Afterward, he/she will Tighten the skin towards your ears and remove any excess skin.
  • In the last step, the surgeon will close the skin with sutures.

Howeverif you are going to undergo the mini facelift surgery:

The main distinction between this surgery and the traditional one is the surgeon will use smaller incisions in MACS facelift to tighten the face and remove the loose skin, but the result may not last as SMAS facelift results.

In general, Rhytidectomy takes approximately 2 to 3 hours or more if the surgery includes other types of cosmetic treatments.

Rhytidectomy complications 

You may experience some side effects after the surgery, such as:

  • Bleeding.
  • Infection.
  • Adverse reaction to anesthesia.
  • A puffy and numb face for a few weeks.
  • Scars, it will be red at first, but it will disappear after two weeks.

If you feel any unfamiliar complications, call your surgeon immediately.


Facelift surgery recovery

After the surgery, you will be in the recovery room under observation by the medical crew, avoiding any complications. They will apply cold packs to reduce swelling and relieve the pain.

You might have a bandage around your head, but the surgeon will remove it the day after the surgery to check your status. You will stay at the hospital for one night or as the doctor’s instructions.

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It’s normal to experience some swelling after facelift surgery. It usually takes two weeks or less to disappear.

The facial skin may also feel anesthetize at first. Don’t worry; it will recuperate quickly.

Recovery tips 

Your surgeon will explain what you will need for self-care after the procedure, such as:

  • Keep your head supported when you’re lying down.
  • Apply pieces of ice to your face wrapped in a towel to your face for days. It helps to reduce the swelling. Don’t put ice directly onto your skin.
  • Avoid strenuous physical activities.
  • Use sun protection.
  • Avoid pressure on and around the incisions.
  • Avoid wearing makeup.

Furthermore, the surgeon will describe a painkiller to take it when it is needed and antibiotic ointment.

Recovery typically takes about two weeks, and you can back to your routine activities after four weeks.


Facelift surgery results

Rhytidectomy complications usually disappear after about two to three weeks, but rarely it might take longer. Then you will enjoy your new look, which lasts approximately ten years.

In general, full healing may take between six to eight months. Then you can see the final result of your surgery.

Most of the people who had facelift surgery were satisfied with the results.

Facelift surgery costs

This procedure is quite expensive compared with some other plastic surgeries.

Like any other cosmetic surgery, the cost of facelift surgery is various. It is based on the geographic office location, the complexity of the operation, and the surgeon’s experience.

A standard facelift might cost about £10,000 in the UK, while the mini facelift costs approximately from £2,000 to £5,000. The average cost of a facelift in the USA is between $7,700 and $11,780, according to the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery.

Although the cost of this operation is high, you can save your money and undergo the process in Turkey, which is considered as one of the top places for plastic surgeries. In Turkey, the cost of Rhytidectomy arranges between $4,000 to $5,000.

As the accuracy of the surgery, you must choose your surgeon carefully to ensure getting the required result. At HayatMed, we guarantee you the best results according to your condition. Click here to get more information about Fat Grafting 

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