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Penis Enlargement Surgeries new 2024

There are numerous products and procedures marketed as increasing penis length and width, such as vacuum pumps, medications, creams, diet plans, exercises and surgeries; however, most may not actually help; instead they could actually cause harm.

Are Penis Enlargement Surgeries The Right Option For You?

Men everywhere have an exaggerated idea of standard penis size, and most worry that their penis is small and won’t satisfy their partner.

First, do not rush to choose a treatment option for penis enlargement. You may not have any problem.

Research indicates that many men think their penis size is under average, but this is not true, and the length of their penis is within the normal range.

What is the average penis size?

undergo penis enlargement surgery

Here are some facts:

  • The length of a flaccid penis doesn’t always predict the length when the penis is erect.
  • There is no relationship between the men’s ages and their penis sizes.
  • A penis is considered normal if it is 13 cm (about 5 inches) when erect and 9 cm when flaccid (about 3.75 inches).
  • A penis is considered small if it is less than 7.5 cm (about 3 inches ) when erect. This condition is called Micropenis.

You need to know the correct size of your penis. After that, you may feel more comfortable, gain more self-confidence, and often stop thinking about penis enlargement.

What is penis enlargement surgery? 

Penis enlargement, or Permanent male enlargement surgery, is any product or procedure aimed to enhance the size of a penis.

Some methods aim to increase the penis’s length; others aim to increase the rod’s girth, and others the glans size.

What are the surgical methods of penis enlargement? 

Some surgical techniques include:

Lengthening the Penis:

  1. Procedure: The primary method for lengthening the penis involves cutting the suspensory ligament that connects the penis to the pubic bone. Skin from the abdomen is then relocated to the penile shaft.
  2. Result: The severed ligament makes the penis appear longer as it hangs lower. However, this can lead to an unstable erect penis.

Widening the Penis:

  1. Procedure: This aims to increase penis girth by extracting fat from another part of the body and injecting it into the penis shaft.
  2. Outcome Variability: Results may not meet expectations because the body can reabsorb the injected fat. This absorption may lead to penile curvature and an irregular appearance.
  3. Alternative Width Increase: Another method involves grafting tissue onto the penis shaft to enhance width.
  4. Effect on Erection: None of these surgical procedures have been scientifically proven to be effective or safe, and they can potentially impact your ability to achieve and maintain an erection.

how does penis enlargement surgery work

penis enlargemnt techniques

Certainly, here’s a list of short sentences explaining how penis enlargement surgery works:

  1. Initial Consultation: The process begins with a thorough consultation with a specialized surgeon.
  2. Surgical Options: The surgeon discusses available surgical methods, such as penile implants or lengthening procedures.
  3. Patient Evaluation: The surgeon evaluates the patient’s medical history and overall health.
  4. Anesthesia: On the day of surgery, anesthesia is administered to ensure comfort.
  5. Incisions: Depending on the chosen method, incisions are made either in the pubic area or the penile shaft.
  6. Implants: For penile implants, silicone rods or inflatable devices are inserted into the penis.
  7. Lengthening Procedure: In lengthening procedures, the surgeon cuts a ligament that attaches the penis to the pubic bone.
  8. Sutures and Healing: After the procedure, sutures are used to close incisions, and the healing process begins.
  9. Recovery: Patients typically need several weeks to heal and resume normal activities.
  10. Results: Patients can expect increased penile length and girth, enhancing sexual confidence.

Penis enlargement surgery side effects

  1. Pain and Discomfort: Expect post-surgery pain and discomfort that may last for weeks.
  2. Infection Risk: While rare, there’s a risk of infection at the surgical site.
  3. Scarring: Surgery can leave visible scars on the penis.
  4. Swelling: Swelling is common and can persist for weeks.
  5. Numbness: Temporary loss of sensation in the penis can occur.
  6. Implant Issues: There’s a risk of malfunction or infection for implant procedures.
  7. Erectile Dysfunction: Surgery can lead to temporary or permanent erectile dysfunction.
  8. Uneven Results: Achieving perfect symmetry can be challenging.

Penis Enlargement Surgery at the best prices

Packages include all medical fees, accommodation, airport transfers, and personal hosts.

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Cost of penile enlargement surgery

cost all surgeris

This procedure is costly compared to some other cosmetic surgeries.

Like any other cosmetic surgery, the cost of Penile enlargement surgery is different. Depends on

  • the geographic office location,
  • the complexity of the operation,
  • and the surgeon’s experience.

A standard Penile Enlargement costs around £6000 – £9000 in the UK, while a Girth surgery costs around $5000 – $7000According to the American Board of Plastic Surgery, the average cost in the US is between $10000 – $13000, While a Girth Surgery Costs Around $5000 – $7000

USA PriceEnlargement $10000 – $13000
Girth Surgery$5000 – $7000
Penuma Implant$16000- $19000
UK PriceEnlargement £6000 – £9000
Girth Surgery£4000 – £6000
Penuma Implant£12000 – £15000
Turkey PriceEnlargement €2800 – €4000
Girth Surgery€2200 – €3200
Penuma Implant€7500 – €10000

Penis enlargement surgery Turkey

There are many reasons to choose Turkey over other countries for penile enlargement surgery, such as:

  1. Quality Care: Turkey offers high-quality medical services, including penis enlargement surgery.
  2. Skilled Surgeons: Experienced surgeons specialize in this procedure.
  3. Cost-Effective: Turkey provides cost-effective options.
  4. Advanced Techniques: Clinics use advanced surgical techniques.
  5. Privacy: Patients receive confidential care.
  6. Comprehensive Services: Pre- and post-op care is available.
  7. Tourism: Explore Turkey’s attractions during your treatment.

Penis enlargement surgery Turkey cost

How Much does penile enlargement cost in Turkey? Despite the high cost of this operation, you can save your money and undergo the operation in Turkey, one of the best places for plastic surgery. In Turkey, the cost of Penile enlargement ranges from $ 3,000 to $ 5,000.

As for the accuracy of the surgery, you should choose the surgeon carefully to ensure you get the desired result. At HayatMed, we guarantee you the best results according to your condition.

How to choose the best penis enlargement surgery

surgical methods of penis enlargement


Choosing the best penis enlargement surgery is a significant decision that requires careful consideration. Here are some steps to help you make an informed choice:

  1. Research reputable surgeons and clinics.
  2. Consult multiple experts for opinions.
  3. Evaluate surgical techniques and safety.
  4. Review before-and-after photos.
  5. Discuss realistic expectations and risks.
  6. Consider cost and financing options.
  7. Seek second opinions if needed.
  8. Trust your instincts and choose a surgeon and clinic that makes you feel comfortable and confident.

Should you undergo penis enlargement surgery? 

The desire to have a bigger penis is common among most men. However, you should reconsider and think before you decide something wrong.

Before you decide, you must talk to your doctor, or a sex therapist can help. Studies have found that when a doctor honestly comforts a man that his penis is average-sized, he often stops searching for this surgery.

It is essential to choose a qualified doctor in the urology field who can diagnose your condition accurately and determine whether you need treatment.

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ED Frequently Asked Questions

Penis enlargement surgery can lead to increased length and girth, enhancing appearance and boosting confidence.

Yes, when performed by qualified surgeons, penis enlargement surgery is generally safe. Risks and complications will be discussed during your consultation.

Penis enlargement surgery can be effective in achieving desired results, depending on individual goals and surgical approach.

Yes, there are surgical procedures for penis enlargement available at Hayatmed Clinic.

Yes, penis enlargement surgery is a legitimate medical procedure with proven results.

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