Enhancing Your Manhood: Penis Enlargement Surgery

Penis Enlargement Surgeries new 2024

Many men consider penis enlargement surgery to boost confidence and satisfaction. This surgery aims to make the penis larger and thicker, addressing self-esteem and sexual performance worries.

Important for those thinking about this option to understand how it works, its benefits, and any associated factors. In this article, we explore penis enhancement surgery to give a clear understanding of what it involves.

Penis Enlargement Surgeries Is It the Right Option?

Men everywhere have an exaggerated idea of standard penis size, and most worry that their penis is small and won’t satisfy their partner.

First, do not rush to choose a treatment option for penis enlargement. You may not have any problem.

Research indicates that many men think their penis size is under average, but this is not true, and the length of their penis is within the normal range.

What is the average penis size?

undergo-penis-enlargement-surgery new 2024

Here are some facts:

  • The length of a flaccid penis doesn’t always predict the length when the penis is erect.
  • No relationship between the men’s ages and their penis sizes.
  • A penis is considered normal if it is 13 cm (about 5 inches) when erect and 9 cm when flaccid (about 3.75 inches).
  • A penis is considered small if it is less than 7.5 cm (about 3 inches ) when erect. This condition is called Micropenis.

You need to know the correct size of your penis. After that, you may feel more comfortable, gain more self-confidence, and often stop thinking about penis enlargement.

What is penis enlargement surgery? 

Penis enlargement, or Permanent male enlargement surgery, is any product or procedure aimed to enhance the size of a penis.

Some methods aim to increase the penis’s length; others aim to increase the rod’s girth, and others the glans size.

What are the surgical methods of penis enlargement?

Some surgical techniques include:

Penis Lengthening Surgery:

To make the penis longer, the main method involves cutting the suspensory ligament linking the penis to the pubic bone. Skin from the abdomen is then moved to the penile shaft. This makes the penis look longer as it hangs lower, but it can also cause an unstable erection.

Penis Girth Surgery:

The procedure aims to widen the penis by taking fat from elsewhere in the body and injecting it into the penile shaft. Results may vary because the body can absorb the injected fat, potentially causing penile curvature and an uneven look.

Another option to increase width is grafting tissue onto the penis shaft. None of these surgeries have been proven safe or effective, and they could affect your ability to get and keep an erection.

how does penis enlargement surgery work

During the first meeting, patients discuss surgery options with a specialized surgeon and review their medical history. Anesthesia is administered on the surgery day for comfort.

The surgeon creates incisions in the pubic area or penile shaft and inserts implants as needed. To lengthen the penis, the surgeon cuts the ligament attaching it to the pubic bone.

Sutures are used to close the incisions. Patients recover for several weeks afterward. Typically, the surgery results in increased penile length and girth, boosting confidence in sexual performance.

Penis Enhancement Surgery Side Effects

Penis Enhancement Surgery Side Effects new 2024

Penis enhancement surgery, like any surgical procedure, carries potential risks and side effects. These may include:

  1. Infection at the surgical site
  2. Bleeding or hematoma
  3. Scarring
  4. Changes in sensation, including numbness or decreased sensitivity
  5. Pain or discomfort during erections
  6. Erectile dysfunction
  7. Uneven or asymmetrical appearance
  8. Difficulty urinating
  9. Psychological effects, such as dissatisfaction with results or body image issues

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Cost of penile enlargement surgery

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This procedure is costly compared to some other cosmetic surgeries. Like any other cosmetic surgery, the cost of Penile enlargement surgery is different. Depends on

  • the geographic office location,
  • the complexity of the operation,
  • and the surgeon’s experience.

A standard Penile Enlargement costs around £6000 – £9000 in the UK, while a Girth surgery costs around $5000 – $7000According to the American Board of Plastic Surgery, the average cost in the US is between $10000 – $13000, While a Girth Surgery Costs Around $5000 – $7000

United StatesUnited KingdomTurkey
Enlargement$10000 – $13000£6000 – £9000€2800 – €4000
Girth Surgery$5000 – $7000£4000 – £6000€2200 – €3200
Penuma Implant$16000- $19000£12000 – £15000€7500 – €10000

Penis enlargement surgery in Turkey

Choose Turkey for penile enlargement surgery for these reasons:

  1. Turkey provides high-quality medical services, including specialized surgeons.
  2. Experienced surgeons focus on this procedure.
  3. Turkey offers cost-effective options.
  4. Clinics utilize advanced surgical techniques.
  5. Patients receive confidential care.
  6. Pre- and post-operative care are provided.

Enjoy exploring Turkey’s attractions during your treatment.

Penis enlargement surgery in Turkey cost

Penile enlargement in Turkey comes with a significant price tag. However, Turkey is renowned for its affordable yet high-quality plastic surgery options. The cost typically ranges from $3,000 to $5,000.

Essential to select your surgeon carefully to ensure optimal results. At HayatMed, we guarantee superior outcomes based on your individual needs.

How to choose the best penis enlargements

penis-enlargemnt-techniques new 202

Deciding on the right penis enlargement surgery is a big deal. Here’s how to do it right:

  1. Look into respected surgeons and clinics.
  2. Get advice from more than one expert.
  3. Check out the safety and methods of surgery.
  4. Look at before-and-after pictures.
  5. Talk about what you can expect and any risks involved.
  6. Think about the cost and how you’ll pay for it.
  7. Get another opinion if you’re unsure.
  8. Follow your gut and pick a surgeon and clinic that makes you feel good.

Post-surgery penis enlargement guide

After penis enlargement surgery, follow these six important guidelines for a smooth recovery and best results:

  1. Rest: Give your body time to heal by avoiding tough activities and getting enough rest.
  2. Follow instructions: Stick to what your surgeon tells you about caring for wounds, taking meds, and limiting activities.
  3. Stay clean: Keep the surgical area dry and clean to prevent infections.
  4. Attend appointments: Go to all your follow-up visits with your surgeon for check-ups and care.
  5. Hold off on sex: Wait until your surgeon says it’s okay to have sex to avoid problems and help healing.
  6. Manage pain: Take prescribed pain meds to ease any discomfort and make recovery easier.

Should you undergo penis enlargement surgery? 

Many men desire a larger penis, but it’s important to think carefully before making a decision. Consulting with a doctor or sex therapist is crucial before deciding. Research shows that when a doctor reassures a man about his average-sized penis, he often stops considering surgery.

Vital to select a qualified urologist who can accurately diagnose your condition and determine if treatment is necessary.

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penis enlargement surgery FAQs

Penis enlargement surgery can lead to increased length and girth, enhancing appearance and boosting confidence.

Yes, when performed by qualified surgeons, penis enlargement surgery is generally safe. Risks and complications will be discussed during your consultation.

Penis enlargement surgery can be effective in achieving desired results, depending on individual goals and surgical approach.

Yes, there are surgical procedures for penis enlargement available at Hayatmed Clinic.

Yes, penis enlargement surgery is a legitimate medical procedure with proven results.

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