Nose Job In Turkey The Ultimate Guide

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The nose defines facial features, reflecting race and health. Nose job Turkey is a common, complex surgery involving muscles, cartilage, and bones. It’s approached with precision and care due to its essential function.

What Is Rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty, commonly referred to as a “nose job” or “nose reshaping,” is one of the most common types of plastic surgery, according to the report that the American Society of Plastic Surgeons published in 2018

nose surgery is plastic surgery performed to change your nose’s size, shape, or suitability (cosmetic reason) and improve breathing problems (medical reason).

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An Ultimate Guide for Nose Job Turkey?

nose job in Turkey new

Turkey has become an increasingly popular choice for cosmetic surgery procedures, including rhinoplasty (commonly referred to as “nose job”).

Here are a few reasons why individuals might elect this procedure in Turkey:

  1. Rhinoplasty in Turkey is cost-effective, including travel and stay, due to lower expenses.
  2. Turkey excels in healthcare, with skilled surgeons and top-notch safety standards.
  3. Clinics offer all-inclusive packages covering procedures, post-op care, accommodations, and transfers.
  4. Patients can combine procedures with tourism, enhancing the appeal of medical care in Turkey.

How To Choose The Best Rhinoplasty Surgeon In Turkey

Turkey’s renowned nasal surgeons have led to high rhinoplasty success rates, instilling confidence in patients seeking the procedure.

Things to consider when choosing the best rhinoplasty surgeon in Turkey:

  1. To be a certified plastic surgeon, ear-nose-throat, or plastic surgeon.
  2. The clinic is accredited.
  3. The surgeon has extensive experience practicing this type of cosmetic surgery (nose surgery).
  4. Show pictures of previous surgeries for patients before and after the operation.
  5. The clinic provides all the answers to your query regarding the process.
  6. He has a follow-up service after the operation.

How Much Is A Nose Job In Turkey?

The cost of Rhinoplasty in Turkey will range from $3,500 to $5,500. The prices in the United States, UK, and European countries are much more expensive. However, it does not mean a difference in quality or success rate.

  • Turkey Rhinoplasty Package

all inclusive packages

Rhinoplasty in Turkey package will usually include:

  1. nose surgery
  2. Medications and necessary check-ups in the hospital
  3. Transfer from airport – hotel – airport with a private car
  4. Hotel accommodation
  5. One night hospital stay
  6. Necessary analyzes
  7. Doctor’s Examination
  8. Comprehensive test
  9. translation services
  • Why Are Nose Jobs Cheaper In Turkey?

Turkey tends to offer more cost-effective rhinoplasty procedures due to various reasons:

  1. Turkey’s medical practices keep costs down with lower expenses for staff, rent, and other factors.
  2. Affordable living expenses in Turkey, including healthcare and surgeon fees, make the process budget-friendly.
  3. Government support for medical tourism may lead to incentives for more affordable procedures.
  4. High patient volume in Turkey allows clinics to distribute costs among many people, resulting in lower expenses for each patient.

Is it safe to get a nose job in Turkey?

Yes, rhinoplasty in Turkey is safe if conducted at a clinic that adheres to international healthcare standards and offers experienced surgeons. Before selecting such an institution for any medical procedure, research must be performed thoroughly so as to understand potential risks and safety measures in place.
Care and communication are also integral parts of reaching successful results; always place health and safety considerations above cost considerations when making any decisions.

Best Surgeons in Turkey at affordable prices

Packages include medical fees, hospital accommodation, airport transfers, and personal host.

Top Surgeons

Plastic surgeons are members of the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS). They are professors and have years of surgical experience.

Top Facilities

Our hospital is rated A- by the Turkish Ministry of Health and accredited by JCI, representing gold standards in hygiene and quality.

Affordable Prices

HayatMed always strives to provide the best services at affordable prices; Our Clinic provides all-inclusive packages from operation to hotels and transportation at the best prices.

Reasons To Have Rhinoplasty Surgery

The most common reasons for people wanting nose surgery are:

1. Cosmetic reasons:

Reasons to have Nose Job in Turkey 

Many people dislike their noses and opt for rhinoplasty surgery for cosmetic reasons. This procedure can achieve several things, such as:

  1. Changing in size and profile of the nose concerning facial balance.
  2. Remodeling the shape of the nose’s tip, bridge, and nostrils.

HayatMed Clinic, located in Istanbul/Turkey, is highly experienced in performing plastic surgery with satisfactory results and affordable cost, according to patients’ evaluations. We offer a free consultation on WhatsAppor contact us by filling out the form.

2. Medical reasons:

The medical reason for rhinoplasty is for people who suffer from health problems such as:

  1. Difficulty breathing through the nose.
  2. Rhinosinusitis
  3. Deviated septum.

In these cases, the patients opt for surgery for medical reasons. These surgeries are usually combined with cosmetic rhinoplasty.

What Is The Best Age For A Nose Job?

Unlike other cosmetic surgeries, it is an operation that can be performed at 16 years for men and 17 years for women, and there is no need to wait until reaching the age of 18 years.

Different types Of Rhinoplasty surgery

Here are some common types of rhinoplasty:

1. Revision Rhinoplasty:

Revision rhinoplasty is a nose job “re-do.” It’s a surgical procedure to fix issues or improve results from a previous rhinoplasty. It’s a second chance to get the nose you want!

2. Ethnic Rhinoplasty:

Ethnic rhinoplasty is tailored to preserve ethnic features while enhancing the nose’s appearance, including specific techniques for African Rhinoplasty.

3. Asian Rhinoplasty

Specifically, it addresses the nasal characteristics commonly found in individuals of Asian descent, such as a low nasal bridge, wide nostrils, or a less projected tip. It aims to create natural-looking results while respecting and enhancing the patient’s unique ethnic features.

4. Septorhinoplasty:

Combines rhinoplasty with septum correction to address cosmetic and functional concerns. The septoplasty recovery may take slightly longer than the other Rhinoplasty in Turkey types.

Rhinoplasty in Turkey Techniques

Rhinoplasty can be performed using two primary techniques:

1. Ultrasonic rhinoplasty

Ultrasonic Rhinoplasty is used in nose reshaping surgery involving ultrasonic energy to perform precise and controlled bone reshaping. Turkey is known for its advanced medical facilities and skilled plastic surgeons, making it a popular destination for various cosmetic procedures, including rhinoplasty.

2. Open rhinoplasty 

Facial plastic surgeons who perform open rhinoplasty can easily see what their surgeon does during this procedure. The incision can be placed inside both nostrils but outside the spine, unifying both nostrils with one outer band of cartilage. It makes this much simpler than closed rhinoplasty procedures because it is easier for him or her to see what needs to be done.

3. Closed rhinoplasty 

This is when all incisions are made inside the nasal passage. That is the most common option because all scars appear inside the nose. In addition, the recovery time is usually much shorter.

and here are the main differences between closed and open-nose job in Turkey

FeatureOpen RhinoplastyClosed Rhinoplasty
IncisionsIncisions made inside the nose and across the columella.Incisions are made only inside the nostrils.
VisibilitySurgeon’s wider view for precise changesSurgeon’s narrower view limits changes
Recovery timeLonger recovery time than closed rhinoplastyShorter recovery than open rhinoplasty
Risk of scarringThere is a small risk of a visible scar.There is a lower risk of a visible scar.
Suitable forComplex cases, revision rhinoplasty, need precise controlSimple procedures, like nose tip work

What Happened During Nose Job Surgery

rhinoplasty in Turkey takes 90 – 180 minutes, depending on your procedure. And İt is made in a hospital. So, your surgeon will use general anesthesia, so you’ll be asleep during the surgery.

You’ll need to rest until the general anesthetic effects have worn off. Then, you must have a splint held over your nose by tape for seven days and a pad under your nose for 12 hours. In some cases, you may be able to go home on the same day; in others, you must stay in the hospital for one or two nights.

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how is rhinoplasty done

rhinoplasty recovery time

rhinoplasty recovery all category

After rhinoplasty surgery, you may have a few side effects and complications for a short while, and you’ll probably feel ‘bunged up for a week or two after your operation and have to breathe through your mouth.

You may have soreness, swelling, and bruising, particularly around your eyes, and you might get headaches. In addition, your face will feel puffy, so your doctor might prescribe a painkiller and nose spray.

Your doctor may ask you to follow some precautions after the surgery, such as:

  • Avoid strenuous exercise or contact sports.
  • Follow a particular type of diet, like eating fruits and vegetables.
  • Stay away from extreme facial expressions (smiling or laughing).
  • Brush your teeth gently and follow several other instructions.

After rhinoplasty surgery, you may have a few side effects and complications for a short while, and you’ll probably feel ‘bunged up for a week or two after your operation and have to breathe through your mouth. Everyone recovers from nose surgery differently; some people may return to their lives sooner than others.

Depending on your case, the surgeon will decide when you can return to your activity, but you can mostly return to your normal life, such as work, after a week. If you must fly, it is best to wait a week or two, and you should wait a few days before driving.

rhinoplasty 1 month vs. 1 year

Please remember that these observations are generalized; individual results will depend on various factors, including surgeon skill, patient healing abilities, and specifics of each operation.

Aspect1 Month After Rhinoplasty1 Year After Rhinoplasty
SwellingMost noticeable changes in shape and size occur in the nose tipMostly gone; final nose shape visible. Possible minor tip swelling
BruisingUsually gone, but minor bruising may persist in some patientsCompletely healed.
SensationNumbness and stiffness, especially in the nose tipMost sensation returns, nose feels natural
BreathingPossible difficulties due to internal swelling.Usually normal, unless complications or conditions
AppearanceThe nose might look bigger due to swelling.The final result should be visible.
HealingEarly healing stage: incisions healed, internal tissues recoveringNose fully healed inside and out
Physical Activity LevelLimited activity due to healing; avoid strenuous tasksUsually normal, unless surgeon advises otherwise

nose job results

Sometimes, it can be hard to pinpoint when your “final result” will arrive; full recovery could happen within weeks or take months in some instances; overall healing could take up to one year before seeing its full effects.

turkey nose job before and after

Best Surgeons in Turkey at affordable prices

Packages include medical fees, hospital accommodation, airport transfers, and personal host.

Risks of Rhinoplasty

Risks of Rhinoplasty Surgery

When considering any surgical procedure, it is essential to understand the risks associated with the surgery. Like all other operations,

Possible side effects, such as:

  • Bleeding.
  • Infection.
  • Adverse reaction to anesthesia.

Besides the risks which are specific to this rhinoplasty surgery, such as:

  • Numbness.
  • Nosebleeds.
  • Swelling.
  • Permanent nerve damage.

Your surgeon must talk to you about all the risks and benefits before the operation.

For more information about the expected risks, don’t hesitate to contact the HayatMed Clinic representative to learn about the nose job in Turkey.

How much is a nose job in UK and USA

cost and price 2024

The cost of a nose job is based on several factors, including the surgery’s complexity, the surgeon’s training and experience, and geographical location.

According to the realself’s website, the average rhinoplasty cost in the US is $7,675, but this cost does not refer to the net cost. For example, operating room facilities, anesthesia, and other associated fees are not included.

The nose job cost in the UK ranges from £4,500 to £7,000, According to the National Health Service (NHS).

While in Canada, nose job surgery typically costs between CAD7,000 and CAD12,000. 

Also, remember that these are only surgery costs; they do not account for associated expenses such as anesthesia fees, facility charges, or post-surgery care services.

Rhinoplasty price comparison between country

Country The United States BrazilIndiaUnite Kingdom Turkey

Why Should You Prefer HayatMed for a nose job in Turkey?

Please keep in mind that HayatMed Clinic has extensive experience in terms of surgical operations and significant advantages.

At HayatMed Clinic, the package fee for a nose job in Turkey usually covers all your treatment costs, such as hospital charges, surgeon’s and anesthetist’s fees, and aftercare policy.

There will not be any hidden costs because you will have a signed contract after you book HayatMed Clinic, and we will provide you with all services at a one-time cost. But, of course, the price varies from one case to another, so don’t hesitate to contact us to get the exact price.

Contact Us Today

Lastly, if you need to know more about this procedure or have more questions about other procedures, we offer a free consultation on WhatsApp or Fill out The Form Here.

Nose Job Turkey FAQs

One of the people’s most frequently asked questions about undergoing surgeries in general and nose surgery, particularly, is what level of pain I might feel.

Of course, pain sensation is relative and varies from person to person, and the type and purpose of the operation play an essential role in assessing the pain level. Most people rate their pain intensity between 0 and 4 out of 10.

While the doctor performs the nose job in Turkey surgery, you will not feel pain because you are under the anesthetic.

Still, after the doctor finishes the procedure and the patient wakes up from the anesthesia, you may experience some pain or discomfort. For example, he commonly feels pain after rhinoplasty in Turkey due to stuffing splints or gauze in his nose.

Insurance coverage for rhinoplasty depends on the reason for the surgery. If it’s purely cosmetic, insurance usually doesn’t cover it.
However, insurance might partially or fully cover the procedure if the surgery is necessary to correct a functional issue, like a deviated septum that impairs breathing. Always check with your insurance provider for specific coverage details.

Complete healing after rhinoplasty usually takes about one year. However, most swelling and bruising typically subsides after 1-2 weeks, and many people return to work or school within 2-3 weeks. The nose will continue to refine and improve in appearance over a year. Individual healing times can vary.

Post-operative discomfort varies, but the pain is usually well managed with medications. During the procedure, you’ll be under anesthesia so that you won’t feel anything. Afterward, you may feel some discomfort or pressure rather than acute pain.

This is very individual and depends on your personal goals and expectations. Many people find it worth it because it can improve their self-confidence, appearance, and in some cases, breathing. Always discuss your expectations with your surgeon to ensure they are realistic.

Like any surgery, rhinoplasty comes with risks, including infection, bleeding, and reactions to anesthesia. However, a qualified, experienced surgeon generally considers it a safe procedure. Complications are rare, and most people recover without issues. Always discuss potential risks with your surgeon.

Age requirements for a nose job differ by country and may be determined by legal and medical considerations. In Turkey and many other nations, the legal age of medical consent for rhinoplasty procedures is 18. In certain cases, minors might still undergo this procedure with parental approval.

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