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Breast Lift 2023

The word breast lift is a mouthful, and it describes a necessary procedure, and it’s also a surgery that many people have never heard of. So to understand what it is and why you might need it, let’s look at the basic facts about that procedure.

What is a breast lift?

Breast lift or mastopexy is a procedure to lift and reshape the breasts. It can be performed with or without breast implants, depending on your surgeon’s experience and preference. 

The surgery typically involves the removal of excess skin in the upper chest area, but it also corrects drooping that may occur after pregnancy. That procedure can be performed as a stand-alone or as part of breast augmentation.

The latter option usually involves removing excess skin from the lower portion of your breasts while simultaneously inserting gummy bear-sized silicone implants under the muscle to create fuller, perkier cleavage. Your board-certified plastic surgeon will discuss these options with you during the consultation!

It is essential to know that this procedure reshapes the breast with no changes in size. It can be done individually or included with boob job surgery or Breast Reduction Surgery if necessary.

Before deciding to get the surgery, it would be best to meet your surgeon to find the appropriate procedure for you according to your needs.

What causes sagging breasts? 

What causes sagging breasts

Many factors can cause your breast to sag and stretch,

such as:

  1. Pregnancy: During pregnancy, the breast bonds expand, and the breast becomes heavier than usual. These changes cause sagging after giving birth.
  2. Age: as a result of aging, the breast bonds stretch gradually, and your breast sags over time.
  3. Weight changes: Significant weight changes cause your breast to sag and stretch.
  4. Gravity: causes saggy boobs.
  5. Smoking.

Saggy breast problem makes many women intend to undergo boob lift surgery to solve this problem.
This procedure is suitable for all ages. However, the surgeon might postpone performing surgery for some reason. For instance:

  • If you are a teenager and your breast is still growing. It is preferable to wait to have the completed breast shape.
  • If you still think of having children, you must postpone the surgery. 
  • If you plan to lose weight, your surgeon will advise you to defer Mastopexy surgery till you reach the desired weight.

Do not rush into a decision to undergo surgery. Instead, take enough time to find the right plastic surgeon to determine whether this procedure works for you. With HayatMed Clinic, be sure you will get the correct diagnosis for your status from the best plastic surgeons in Turkey. Click here to book an appointment for a free consultation. 

Who is a Candidate for a breast lift?

The right candidate for this procedure are:

  • Women who have sagging breasts.
  • Good physical health and stable weight.
  • Women who have lost volume in their breasts.
  • Women who have asymmetrical breasts.

mastopexy in Turkey Incision Types

There are four types of incisions used in mastopexy in Turkey:

1. The Anchor Incision

The most common boob lift incision is the anchor, made in a vertical line from the nipple to just above the bottom of your breast. That can be done as either a keyhole or an inframammary incision. 

The latter creates scarring that extends beneath your breast; however, it reduces tension on your scars during surgery and can help reduce visible scarring.

2. The Lollipop Incision

Inverted-T surgery

That incision starts at the top of each breast (over your nipple) and continues through each areola (periareolar). The scar ends below each nipple with “tails” extending outward toward your armpits. 

While that cut leaves less visible lines than others, it’s often combined with other types so that other cuts or folds hide them in the skin.

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3. The Donut Incision

The donut incision is the most common type of breast lift incision. It is circular and located in the center of each breast, just above the nipple. The size of the circle depends on how much tissue needs to be removed. The edges are sewn together with dissolvable stitches to create an approximately two inches-wide donut-shaped scar.

4. The Crescent Incision

That type of incision is used when there is too much excess skin and tissue for a traditional breast lift. The surgeon makes two crescent cuts in each breast at opposite ends of the pectoral muscle, removes excess skin and fat, and sews up each incision with dissolvable stitches. 

That results in a scar that resembles an archery bowstring across each breast from armpit to armpit.

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Best mastopexy prices for 2023

Packages include medical fees, hospital accommodation, airport transfers, and personal host.

before and after

How to Prepare mastopexy procedure

Nose surgery preparation

  1. The best way to prepare for surgery is by maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Ensure you are eating well and exercising regularly, which will help make your body more robust and resilient should you suffer from any post-operative complications. 
  2. You must also get a baseline mammogram before scheduling the procedure. That can help ensure that there isn’t anything concerning in your breast tissue, making it dangerous for doctors to operate on them.
  3. If you are taking certain medications or have an existing medical condition, let your board-certified plastic surgeon know beforehand so they can adjust their plan accordingly. For example, suppose you take blood thinners or have diabetes that requires daily medication doses. In that case, those may need adjusting before going under anesthesia, so they don’t put your life at risk during surgery or after recovery time has passed!
  4. It’s always smart to meet with your doctor before having any procedure on yourself because that allows both parties time to discuss concerns and plan out what a path forward might look like together, especially if something specific about the doctors’ practice style/techniques could prevent them from working well together. 

Additionally, some surgeons require additional testing, such as blood work, etcetera, before agreeing on whether breast lift procedures would be appropriate given all factors involved, including age, demographics, etc. Hence, it’s essential to ask questions and understand why things arise when discussing potential surgeries too!

What Happens During the Procedure

mastopexy is usually done as an outpatient procedure under general anesthesia. The surgeon begins by making an incision in the areola so that they can access the breast tissue underneath. 

Once the breast tissue has been lifted and reshaped, it will be repositioned over your chest wall, just like a new mastectomy would fix your nipples. Finally, dissolvable sutures are placed around the border of each incision to ensure that they heal correctly.

Breast lift recovery

Recovery depends on the type of procedure you get. For example, a traditional mastopexy takes about one week to recover, while a lollipop procedure might take up to six weeks.

Recovery time can vary significantly based on numerous factors: 

  • Your overall health, 
  • age, 
  • and fitness level, 
  • the extent of your surgery, 
  • and how much time you spend resting after surgery. 

Most patients can return home within 24 hours after their procedure. However, some surgeons may recommend an overnight hospital stay if they anticipate significant swelling or complications following surgery.

You will likely experience some discomfort during your recovery period as healing occurs. The amount of pain varies among patients and can depend on whether additional procedures were performed simultaneously (such as liposuction). 

Your surgeon will provide aftercare instructions before discharge from the hospital; these instructions should include a list of medications that will help manage pain during that crucial stage of healing.

More recovery tips

BBL surgery Recovery

After the surgery, the medical crew will observe you in the recovery room. You can go home on the same day, or you may need to stay for one night at the hospital, depending on the anesthesia used.

If you need to stay at the hospital, it would be best to have someone accompany you, or HayatMed will offer someone to stay with you. Click here to get more information.

After the surgery, you will have tubes to discharge the blood and fluids. The doctor will remove it after a few days.
You may experience some side effects after boob Lift surgery.

Such as:

  • Pain and Numbness in your breast area.
  • Bruising and swelling.
  • Sensation in both breasts and nipples may change.
  • Adverse reaction to anesthesia.
  • Bleeding.
  • Infection.
  • Permanent Scars will be visible but may fade over time.

These side effects are temporary and will fade after almost two weeks. Follow the surgeon’s self-care instructions to ensure a safe healing period.

Some of these tips: 

  • Wear a supported surgical bra.
  • Wear loose clothes to avoid any contact with the breasts.
  • Sleep on your back or sides to prevent any pressure on your breast.
  • Avoid lifting any things heavy.
  • Avoid sex for two weeks.
  • Reduce smoking as possible.
  • Avoid the sun’s rays.
  • Avoid strenuous physical activities.

Furthermore, the surgeon will prescribe a painkiller to take when needed and an antibiotic.
The average recovery timeline after this process is about two weeks. Then you can go back to your daily routine. But, first, ask the doctor to do exercises and other physical activities.

Breast Lift Surgery Result 

Although the results of Mastopexy surgery are immediate, you need about a month to recuperate from complications.
The final breast shape may take a few months to settle, and you will enjoy an attractive feminine appearance.

This procedure’s results are permanent unless some factors affect breast size and shape, like increasing or decreasing weight or pregnancy.

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Best mastopexy prices for 2023

Packages include medical fees, hospital accommodation, airport transfers, and personal host.

How Much Does A Breast Lift Cost?

Like any other cosmetic procedure, this process’s cost varies from place to place based on the geographic office location, the surgeon’s experience, and the type of procedure.

Istanbul is the destination for many people who intend to undergo plastic procedures. The reasons behind that are the competitive prices and the highly skilled surgeons in this field. The cost of breast reduction in the United States ranges from $6,500 to $12,000, according to EnhanceMySelf.

While the cost in the UK ranges from £6,000 to £10,000
The average cost of a breast lift in Turkey range from $3,000 to $4500.

Noteworthy is that the surgery’s cost may not include all fees in some places. While at HayatMed Clinic Turkey, the fee package covers all expenses related to the process. We will provide you with all services at a one-time charge.

How Much Does mastopexy Cost in Turkey?

If you’re considering a breast lift, the first thing to consider is cost. The good news is that the surgery costs in Turkey are significantly lower than those in other countries, particularly the United States. 

The average price of a mastopexy ranges from $1,500 to $4,000 per operation.

Why have a breast lift in Turkey?

Plastic Surgery in Turkey

Turkey might be a good choice if you’re seeking surgery and are planning to travel abroad. There are many reasons why:

  • The cost of healthcare is low in Turkey compared to Western countries – which means it’s much more affordable for patients to have their procedures there.
  • The medical standards in Turkey are high, meaning that they meet international safety standards and are up-to-date with new technologies and treatments available on the market today (such as 3D technology).
  • You will have access to experienced doctors who are highly trained in all aspects of plastic surgery; they will ensure your expectations are met before performing any operation! 
  • In addition, some surgeons come from different parts of Europe or even Russia, so they can perform surgeries there because there aren’t many other places where they can find that kind of quality care offered without breaking their bank account.

Why Should You Prefer HayatMed For mastopexy Surgery In Turkey?

Please keep in mind that HayatMed Clinic has extensive experience in terms of surgical operations and significant advantages.

At HayatMed Clinic, the package fee for the boob lift surgery in Turkey usually covers all your treatment costs, such as hospital charges, surgeon’s and anesthetist’s fees, and aftercare policy.

There will not be any hidden costs following the procedure, and we will provide you with all services at a one-time cost. The cost varies from one case to another, so please contact us to get the exact cost.

Get your free consultation on WhatsApp Or Fill out The Form Here.

How Much Does boob lift cost in the US?

The cost of a boob lift varies from surgeon to surgeon, but we can give you a rough range of what it might cost you in the US.

The average cost for surgery is approximately $3,500 – $8,000, depending on which procedure she chooses. That includes the fees for her doctor and hospital stay. 

If you’re looking for an inexpensive option abroad and don’t mind receiving care without insurance benefits, consider Turkey, where procedures start at just $1,500!

Best mastopexy prices for 2023

Packages include medical fees, hospital accommodation, airport transfers, and personal host.

Risks and Complications

Prevent Infection

risks and complications include:

  • Infection
  • Bleeding
  • Blood clots
  • Scarring
  • Numbness
  • Pain
  • Swelling and bruising at the surgery site

These are not meant to scare you but to be honest about what can happen with any procedure. Your doctor will discuss these before your surgery to know what to expect.

How Long Do Results Last?

The results are permanent, and they last long-term. The procedure has been performed for decades, with very few complications reported in the literature.

How painful is a breast lift?

Mastopexy is a surgical procedure. The pain level you experience will depend on the type of procedure and your specific anatomy. Most patients generally find that the pain from the procedure is temporary and controlled by medication. 

Some patients may also experience residual discomfort after surgery, which can be managed with medications or by wearing an elastic compression garment such as Spanx (see below). 

Many women report feeling normal within a few weeks after their operation. *

Can I Receive a Breast lift Without Implants?

Implants are not always necessary to perform a breast lift if you’re looking for a natural-looking result and don’t want to undergo the risk of breast implant surgery.

Your surgeon can place the implants later if he feels that they are needed or desired by you or your doctor at some point after surgery. For example, suppose your breasts feel too small postoperatively and need additional volume. 

In that case, it’s possible to remove the placed implants in favor of more permanent fillers like fat grafting or silicone gel implants—or even replace them with smaller versions!

How Does Breast lift Affect Breastfeeding?

After the surgery, Breastfeeding can be difficult. Your breasts will be swollen and sensitive for some time after surgery. Breastfeeding is possible after a mastopexy, but it may not be the most comfortable or painless experience.

An excellent way to minimize discomfort during Breastfeeding is to use pillows or other supports under your arms while holding your baby. That helps avoid strain on your breast tissue, which is especially important if you plan on having more children later on!

What type of bra should I wear?

The bra you should wear after the surgery depends on the type of breast lift you have had. Most women must wear a sports bra for at least six months. 

After that point, your doctor may recommend trying on bras and seeing how they fit. In the first few weeks after surgery, you can wear a sports bra or camisole without an underwire or any other comfortable styles while still supporting your breast.

Will insurance cover it?

Breast lift is not likely to be covered by medical insurance, even if you simultaneously have this surgery with breast augmentation. A surgeon usually requires payment upfront for that procedure, but there are ways to pay for it that don’t involve a credit card or loans.

If you’re worried about how much it will cost, check with your surgeon or ask who they use as their billing agent.

Will My breast lift Scars Be Noticeable?

In general, the scars are usually hidden in the breast crease. They are also less noticeable than incisions for breast augmentation.

A mastopexy may be the right choice if you have very heavy breasts and want to reduce their size. 

On the other hand, if your goal is to raise your nipple to a higher position on your chest wall, a lift with an implant may be ideal but unnecessary.

Will I maintain a nipple sensation after the surgery?

More often than not, that sensitivity returns to normal (or at least close to normal) within a few months of the operation. However, several factors may influence your ability to maintain nipple sensation after a breast lift.

The type of incision used during the surgery can affect the sensitivity you experience after the procedure. For example, a vertical incision is more likely to increase sensitivity than an anchor scar or periareolar incision.

The amount of tissue removed during surgery will also affect how much sensation you have following your procedure. Suppose too much skin and tissue are removed. 

In that case, it might be difficult for nerves and blood vessels under your skin to recover from the damage caused by removing so much material from the surrounding area. As a result, they may never fully heal without some intervention like laser therapy or acupuncture treatments over time. 

Can Exercises Help Me Avoid the Need for a breast lift?

While exercises can help to support the breast tissue and prevent sagging, they are not a substitute for surgery. 

So if you’re considering getting the surgery, it’s best to know that even after exercising and doing your best to keep up your fitness routine, you may still need the procedure to get optimum results.


Knowing what to expect is essential if you are considering having the surgery. You must also talk with your doctor about your options and decide which procedure is best for you. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask!

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Frequently Asked Questions. 

You can go back to work after one week following your procedure. That is when you have fewer signs of surgery at a time in your recovery. Ideally, it would be best if you aimed to go back to work after seven to ten days following your procedure.

The required time for a Breast lift in Turkey is usually seven days. On the first day, you meet our doctor for consultation and the blood test; on the second day, you will be for the procedure, stay at the hospital for the third day, and on the sixth day, will be for the control session made by our doctors.

In a boob job surgery, it is usually performed using general anesthesia. So, you’ll sleep through the procedure. However, you will stay in the hospital for one night after the operation to avoid any side effects caused by general anesthesia.

If you decide to undergo a breast lift in Turkey, we will include all the expenses with the price, such as:

  • A fee of the surgeon
  • Fee for an anesthesiologist
  • Hospital accommodation fee
  • post operation medications
  • blood tests
  • Transportation
  • Hotel accommodation
  • post-operative medications and medical bra

We will give you general anesthesia to make you more comfortable during the surgery. The surgery itself does not include pain. After the surgery, you might feel unusual discomfort in the early stages of healing. Pain relievers can usually ease your symptoms that you don’t usually need for a long time.

The answer, of course, is NO.

When you make a reservation with Hayat Med Clinic, we will send a signed contract containing all the previously agreed-upon details. You will not pay any additional costs.

It’s YES for most cases, and you can have second surgery. The patient can repeat the operation several times. 

In most cases, the operation is done under general anesthesia or, in rare cases, local anesthesia with sedation. The process takes about two hours, and you do not need an escort to come with you to Turkey.
Our driver will pick you up at the hotel immediately after the operation. Ensure adequate rest after the operation and lie down as much as possible.

The answer is YES.

Boob lift surgery can be combined with other operations such as Body Contouring, abdominoplasty, boob job, Etc.

The answer is simply on the third day of the procedure

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