Female Breast Reduction

Female Breast Reduction

What is breast reduction?

Female Breast Reduction is a procedure to remove the breasts’ excess fat to make them smaller and look better.

It is a standard procedure; many women worldwide undergo a reduction mammoplasty process for aesthetic reasons or health concerns.

Why do you opt for a Breast Reduction procedure? 

Women who have large breasts suffer from problems.

Such as:

  • Backache and pain in the breasts, shoulder, and neck.
  • Inflammation under the breasts.
  • Difficulty finding suitable clothes and bra which fit them.
  • Difficulty doing exercises.
  • Feeling embarrassed because of the breast’s shape.

Breasts reduction procedure helps women gain self-confidence and solve health problems caused by the large breast size.

In general, there is no specific age to undergo this process. However,

the surgeon may ask to postpone this procedure for the following reasons:

  • Teenagers may need to wait until the breast growth is complete.
  • Women who still think of having children also need to wait. This process may cause breastfeeding problems.
  • Women who plan to lose weight should postpone the procedure because losing weight may cause changes in the breast’s size and shape.

It is better to meet a plastic surgeon to check whether this process will achieve your desired results or not.

At HayatMed, we offer a free consultation with highly skilled plastic surgeons. We can help you professionally to make the right decision according to your condition. Click here to get your appointment immediately.

Breast Reduction Options

There are two ways to reduce your breast size:

  1. by open surgery.
  2. By Liposuction.

The surgeon will choose the type which is suitable for your needs.

By Liposuction 

By Liposuction

Using Liposuction is an alternative to Breast reduction by open surgery.
It is a cosmetic procedure to reduce breast size by removing the excess fat from the breast area. 

In this process, the plastic surgeon can remove only the excess fat while removing both excess fat and skin by surgery. So, you may need breast lifting after Liposuction to improve breast appearance.

This type has many features, such as:

  • The healing period is faster compared with surgical procedures.
  • It needs a small incision so the scar will be invisible after Liposuction.
  • This procedure causes fewer side effects than the surgical procedure.
  • It doesn’t affect breastfeeding after
  • It costs less than the surgical procedure.

However, not all cases are appropriate for Liposuction, so check with your surgeon about which procedure is the best for you.

By open surgery

Preparing for Breast Reduction surgery 

During the consultation, you will discuss with your surgeon about

the following points:

  • The surgeon will check your medical history by asking questions like your medical problems, previous surgeries, and used medication. Then, they will make a physical examination and may ask for a blood test.
  • Furthermore, they will examine the breast size, shape, nipple area, and sagging status.
  • The surgeon will explain the expected results depending on your condition and the risks associated with this surgery.
  • The surgeon will explain to you all the instructions you must follow before and after the surgery.
  • You will tell the surgeon about the shape and size you want for your breasts.

Before scheduling the procedure, make sure to choose an independent surgeon with extensive experience in the plastic surgery field.

With HayatMed, our plastic surgeons will give you enough time to get all the information about this surgery. Then, they will help you to make the right decision according to your needs. Click here to get your free consultation.


You will be under general anesthesia during the procedure, so you will not feel any pain.
The surgeon will make an incision to start the procedure.

There are three options of the incision’s location:  

  1. Around the areola area.
  2. Starting from the area around the areola and towards under the breast(A keyhole-shaped incision).
  3. T-shaped incision.

After that, they will remove excess fat and tissues and reshape the nipples to the correct location.
The surgeon will close the incision with sutures and cover your breasts with gauze to complete the process.
This procedure lasts two to three hours.

breast reduction before and after


Boob Reduction Recovery

After boob reduction surgery, you will be in the recovery room under observation by the medical crew to avoid unfamiliar complications. 
You will have discharge tubes, which the surgeon will remove after a few days.

You will experience swelling in the breast area, which will fade during the first month after the operation.
Keep in mind that you will stay at the hospital for one night or per the doctor’s instructions. So, it would be best to have someone with you, or HayatMed will offer someone to stay with you. Click here to get more information.

Your surgeon will explain what you will need for self-care during the healing period,

such as: 

  • Wear a special bra to support the breast.
  • Wear loose clothes to avoid any contact with the breasts area.
  • Get enough rest.
  • Sleep on your back or sides to avoid any pressure on your breast.
  • Avoid lifting heavy things for six weeks.
  • Avoid strenuous physical activities for six weeks.
  • Reduce smoking as possible.

Furthermore, the surgeon will prescribe a painkiller to take when needed and an antibiotic.
The average recovery time is approximately two weeks; then, you can go back to your routine activities.

Side Effects of Breast Reduction Surgery

Side Effects of Breast Reduction Surgery

You may experience some side effects after the surgery,

such as:

  • Pain and Numbness in your breasts area.
  • Changing in sensation in both breasts and nipples.
  • Temporary bruising.
  • Scars, which may not fade completely.
  • Adverse reaction to anesthesia.
  • Bleeding.
  • Infection.

Be sure to follow all the surgeon’s instructions to surpass the side effects safely. So, if you feel any unfamiliar complications, call your surgeon immediately.

Boob Reduction Surgery Result

Although this procedure’s results are immediate, you may need up to one month for the complications to fade.
The final results are usually permanent unless some factors affect the breast size and shape, like increasing or decreasing weight or aging.

How Much Does breast reduction in Turkey Cost?

Istanbul is the destination for many people who intend to undergo cosmetic procedures. The reasons behind that are the competitive prices and the experienced surgeons in this field.

The cost of Breast Reduction is widely different from one place to another. It depends on the geographic hospital location, the surgeon’s experience, and the type of procedure.

In general, the price of Liposuction is lower than the surgical procedure. For instance, the cost of breast reduction in Turkey ranges between $2,500 to $3,000, while Liposuction costs about $1,500.
Noteworthy is that the surgery’s cost may not include all fees in some places.

While at HayatMed, the fee package covers all expenses related to the process. We will provide you with all services at a one-time charge. Click here to get the exact price or go back to the other breast procedures.

Click here to get more information about Breast Implant Procedures or go back to the Breast Category.

Why Should you Prefer HayatMed for a breast reduction in Turkey?

Please keep in mind that HayatMed had extensive experience in terms of surgical operations and significant advantages.

At HayatMed, the package fee for breast reduction usually covers all your treatment costs, including hospital charges, surgeon’s and anesthetist’s fees, and aftercare policy.

There will not be any hidden costs following the procedure, and we will provide you with all services at a one-time cost. The cost varies from one case to another, so please contact us to get the exact breast reduction in Turkey cost.

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Breast reduction in Turkey Frequently Asked Questions

In general, you can back to work after one week following your procedure. This is at a time in your recovery when you have fewer signs of surgery, Ideally, you should aim to go back to work after seven to ten days following your procedure.

The required time for a Breast reduction in Turkey usually seven days. On the first day, you meet our doctor for consultation and the blood test, the second day, will be for the procedure, you will stay at the hospital for the third day, and the sixth day will be for control session made by our doctors.

In boob reduction surgery, it is usually performed using general anesthesia. So, you’ll sleep through the procedure. You will stay in the hospital for one night after the operation to avoid any side effects caused by general anesthesia

You may experience some side effects after the surgery,

such as:

  • Pain and Numbness in your breasts area.
  • Changing in sensation in both breasts and nipples.
  • Temporary bruising.
  • Scars, which may not fade completely.
  • Adverse reaction to anesthesia.
  • Bleeding.
  • Infection.


If you decide to undergo a Breast reduction in Turkey, the price will be included:

  • A fee of the surgeon
  • Fee for an anesthesiologist
  • Hospital accommodation fee
  • Transportation
  • Hotel accommodation

We will give you general anesthesia to make you more comfortable during the surgery. The surgery itself does not include pain. After the surgery, you might feel unusual discomfort in the early stages of healing. Your symptoms can usually be eased with pain relievers that you don’t usually need for a long time.

The answer, of course, is NO
When you make a reservation with Hayat Med Clinic, we will send a signed contract that contains all the details previously agreed upon. You will not pay any additional costs.

It’s simply YES for most cases, and you can have second boob reduction surgery. The operation can be repeated several times 

In most cases, the operation is done under general anesthesia or, in rare cases, local anesthesia with sedation. The process takes about two hours, and you do not need an escort to come with you to Turkey.
Our driver will pick you up to the hotel immediately after the operation. Make sure to get adequate rest after the operation and lie down as much as possible.

The answer is YES
boob reduction surgery can be combined with other operations such as liposuction, Tummy tuck, breast augmentation, etc.

The answer is simply on the third day from the procedure 

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