Dental Implants Cost: Exploring the Expenses Involved

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The dental implant cost can vary based on factors like the number needed, materials, location, and procedure type. For your specific case, consult with HayatMed Clinic dentists to determine the exact cost.

What is a dental implant?

What is a dental implant Dental Implants Cost

Placing metal posts in tooth roots and replacing damaged teeth with artificial ones that work like real teeth is what tooth implants do. 

The titanium process takes a few months to fuse with the bone, preventing slipping, bone damage, or noise. Per-Ingvar Branemark invented dental implants in 1952, and their success rate has risen to nearly 97%.

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Why do you need a dental implant?

Implant treatments replace teeth, giving options like dentures (cheap but limited) and fixed dental bridges (relying on natural teeth). 

People prefer implants because they rely on bone support, not natural teeth.

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What are the types of tooth implants?

What are the types of tooth implants Affordable Dental Implants

There are three types of dental implants: endosteal, sub-periosteal, and zygomatic.

  1. Endosteal implants, often made of titanium, are screws or cylinders placed directly in the jawbone.
  2. Sub-periosteal implants sit below the gum line but above the jawbone, which is ideal for patients with limited jawbone for endosteal implants.
  3. Zygomatic implants are positioned in the cheekbone and are chosen when the jawbone is inadequate for endosteal or sub-periosteal implants.

The average cost of dental implants by country

Cost of dental implants in Turkey, the UK, And the USA 2024 ne

The average cost of dental implants for a single tooth implant varies by region and dentist. In the USA, it’s typically $3000 to $4500. In the UK, the average is £2,415 (Pupa dental care website).

The cost includes all implantation procedures: surgery, components, and the crown. Individual circumstances can affect costs.

Dental insurance usually doesn’t cover implants but may cover the implant crown. Although an implant is an elective procedure, medical insurance might cover it for tooth loss due to accidents or injuries.

Cost of dental implants in Turkey

The costs of tooth replacement vary globally. Dental costs vary from €300 to €900 in many places, depending on factors like the complexity of the procedure.

Dental Implant Costs In Turkey are affordable because of high dentist competition, offering lower prices and discounts.

Cost of dental implants in the USA

In the US, a single tooth implant costs $1,500 to $6,000, depending on the materials, implant type, and location. Front tooth implants are usually more expensive.

Cost of dental implants in the UK

In the UK, single-tooth implants average £1,400, and full-mouth implants price from £10,000 to £25,000. Prices depend on factors like the number of teeth, implant material, and dentist qualifications and vary by location.

Price of dental implants in Canada

Dental implant costs in Canada can vary between $3,982 and $5,752 per tooth, influenced by multiple factors. The overall price considers various elements, including the complexity of the procedure and your specific province. The procedure’s intricacy plays a significant role in determining the cost of dental implants.

Cost of dental implants in Mexico

Cost of dental implants in Mexico

In Mexico, a single dental implant typically costs $790, much less than the $5,000 price in the US. When including the implant, abutment, and crown for one tooth, the total cost is about $1,390.

The starting price in Mexico for a full-mouth restoration using the all-on-4 implant method is around $6,000.

Additional procedures like bone grafting, which some patients may need, can increase expenses by nearly $400. Overall, dental implant costs in Mexico can be up to 70% lower than in the USA.

HayatMed Clinic, located in Istanbul/Turkey, is highly experienced in performing dental treatments. Based on patients’ evaluations, we offer satisfactory results at an affordable cost. We offer a free consultation on WhatsApp.

Cost of dental implants in costa Rica

In Costa Rica, a dental implant costs $750, and an All-on-4 implant procedure is priced at $8,500. In contrast, in the US and Canada, a single tooth implant costs $3,000, while an All-on-4 procedure costs over $24,000. Costa Rica provides implants at prices 50% to 75% lower than those in North America.

Dental implants cost in the Philippines

For many, cost is crucial when considering dental implants. In the Philippines, implant prices vary based on factors such as type, quantity, and dentist expertise. On average, a single implant costs between 60,000 pesos and 100,000 pesos.

Although dental implants may seem pricey at first, their long-term benefits usually surpass other options. They offer lasting durability and aesthetics with proper care, potentially lasting a lifetime.

CountryCost Range (per tooth)All-on-4 Procedure (starting price)
Turkey€300 to €900Affordable
USA$1,500 – $6,000$24,000+
UK£1,400£10,000 – £25,000
Canada$3,982 – $5,752Varies by province
Costa Rica$750$8,500
Philippines60,000 – 100,000 pesos

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Types of dental implants cost

Dental implant costs vary based on factors like the type of implant. Here’s a quick overview:

The average dental implant prices per tooth

The average dental implant prices per tooth d

The tooth replacement cost per tooth varies based on the following:

  1. Location
  2. Dentist’s experience
  3. Materials used
  4. Type of implant procedure needed.

On average, a single tooth implant costs $3,000 to $4,500 in the US, while in the UK, A dental implant at a private hospital can be quite expensive, starting from £1,400 per tooth.

In Turkey, the average price of a dental implant per tooth is €400, and Tooth implant prices in Turkey will include:

  1. X-rays or 3D scans help plan treatment.
  2. Implant fixture
  3. Abutment
  4. Crown or bridge
  5. Anesthesia
  6. Follow-up visits

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How much does a full-mouth dental implant cost?

How much does a full-mouth dental implant cost ;ll

The full arch dental implant cost can vary depending on several factors, such as 

  1. The number of implants needed.
  2. Materials used
  3. Type of implant procedure required. 

However, the total cost of a full set of teeth implants in the US is around  $60,000 to $90,000, according to While in the UK, prices can range between £17,000 to £35,000, in Turkey, the price will be much cheaper and ranges between €4000 to €9000 while keeping the same quality and better results.

This cost covers the implant procedure and other expenses like 

  1. The implant procedure.
  2. Initial consultation
  3. Diagnostic tests
  4. Anesthesia
  5. Follow-up visits, 

However, it’s essential to check with your insurance provider to understand the details of your coverage. Consultation with HayatMed Clinic dentists can estimate the exact cost of full teeth implants in your case.

all-on-4 dental implants cost

The average dental implant cost per tooth vdd

Here are the estimated prices for All-on-4 dental implants:

  1. UK: £10,000 – £25,000
  2. US: $20,000 – $40,000
  3. Canada: CAD $25,000 – CAD $50,000
  4. Turkey: TRY 30,000 – TRY 60,000

These costs may vary due to factors like the dentist’s skills, location, materials, and any extra treatments. Consulting a dentist is crucial for an accurate quote personalized to your needs.

all-on-6 dental implants cost

Here are the approximate costs of All-on-6 dental implants in the UK, US, Canada, and Turkey:

  1. UK: £15,000 – £30,000
  2. US: $25,000 – $50,000
  3. Canada: CAD $30,000 – CAD $60,000
  4. Turkey: TRY 40,000 – TRY 80,000

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Why is dental implant surgery expensive?

Tooth implant procedures are costly because of their complexity and cosmetic nature. You pay for the dentist’s skills, implant posts, and dental crowns.

Is a dental implant worth the cost? Yes, because it provides a conservative approach with predictable and durable results. With quality appearance and optimal functionality, tooth implants are a long-lasting option without side effects, making them worthwhile.

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Dental implants vs. dentures cost

Dental implants vs. dentures cost mnn

Dental implant surgery tends to be more expensive than dentures. Here are some general cost ranges for each option:

Tooth Implants:

  1. Single tooth implant: $3,000 to $4,500
  2. Full mouth implant (implant-supported dentures): $30,000 to $50,000


  1. conventional Full set of dentures: $1,500 to $4,000
  2. immediate Full set of dentures: $1,700 to $4,000

8 Tips to get affordable dental implants in Turkey

What Does the Price of Dental Implants Include bbn

Looking for affordable dental implants in Turkey? Here are some tips:

  1. Research reputable clinics are offering reasonable prices.
  2. Compare prices from multiple clinics, considering quality.
  3. Ensure accredited clinics and experienced dentists.
  4. Look for package deals that include accommodation and transportation.
  5. Schedule during off-peak seasons for potential savings.
  6. Inquire about payment plans for manageable costs.
  7. Check health insurance coverage for dental treatments.
  8. Seek recommendations for insights and cost-saving tips.

Do cheap dental implants mean less quality or bad results?

Cheap dental implants don’t always mean bad quality or results. The cost might indicate material quality or dentist skills, but not always. Factors like labor/material costs, competition, or government aid can lower prices.

It’s vital to find a trusted dentist who offers affordable, high-quality options. Discussing concerns with the dentist can ensure good results, no matter the price.


Dental implants are a great, long-lasting way to replace missing teeth. Despite a higher initial cost, they keep your jawbone healthy. 

HayatMed Clinic dentists provide personalized plans and financing to make tooth implants affordable and accessible.

Dental Implants Cost FAQs

Dental implant costs change based on factors like the number of implants, the type used, additional procedures (like bone grafting), and the clinic’s location.

Usually, dental insurance won’t cover the whole implant cost, but check with your provider. Some parts, like the restoration (crown, bridge), might be eligible for coverage.

Many dental clinics have financing plans to help manage implant costs. These plans often include monthly payments, making the procedure accessible to more people.

Dental implants are a lasting solution, often for a lifetime, with proper care. Despite the initial cost seeming high, their durability and functionality make them a valuable investment in your oral health.

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