Scaling of Teeth Cost

Scaling of Teeth Cost

What Is Teeth Scaling? 

It is a dental procedure performed to clean people’s teeth and help those with excessive plaque buildup and gum disease.

Most people who suffer from sensitive and bleeding gums have excessive plaque.

The first step towards healthy teeth and gums is periodically performing a deep cleaning, known as teeth scaling.

This procedure cleans the plaque from under the gumline, which the standard cleaning does not do. 

What to expect during a tooth scaling?

Because teeth scaling goes much deeper and cleans the teeth and the plaque from under the gumline, it can be uncomfortable from time to time, especially if you have susceptible gums.

Your dentist will apply a local anesthetic to numb the gum tissues and to make the procedure painless. 

Can dental scale damage teeth? 

This is a ubiquitous question, particularly because it is an intense cleaning, and it reaches underneath the gumlines.

Patients think that it is not healthy, which is completely wrong. This is a very safe routine and very necessary at least two times a year.

It does not damage the tooth surface, as long as a professional dentist does it. It is completely false that dental scaling makes the teeth weak or sensitive or removes the exterior layer of your teeth.

Scaling removes only the plaque, calculus, and bacteria from your teeth, cleans your gums, and improves the health of your teeth.

It is essential to do at least one scaling in a year to keep our teeth healthy. 

What to expect after teeth scaling? 

You may have sensitivity for one week after teeth scaling. Imagine how your skin feels after you remove a bandage that covered the skin for a very long time.

The skin feels sensitive because it hasn’t been exposed for a long time to airflow. The same thing happens with the teeth when they have been covered by plaque and calculus for a long time.

When the teeth are exposed to the fluids and air again, they will be sensitive until used. If the calculus and plaque are not removed periodically, it will affect the teeth’ gums and mobility.

Over a while, the teeth will shed off one by one. So, think twice about the health of your teeth and go periodically to the dentist. 

How much does teeth scaling cost in Turkey?

How much does teeth scaling cost in Turkey?

Turkey is famous for its professional care, experienced doctors, and low prices. It may be one of the fewest countries globally, which delivers great medical services at affordable prices. 

How much does teeth scaling cost in the UK? It may reach £1,000 or even more.  If you wonder how much teeth scaling costs in the US, note that it is the same price, in dollars.

In Turkey, the average cost of scaling is 400 €, and the best dentists do it. 

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