How Much Does Teeth Whitening Cost?

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Dental Bleaching or Teeth Whitening is a simple and non-invasive cosmetic dentistry remedy to help you achieve your dream smile.
In recent years, with more and more influencers and celebrities showing off their pearly white smiles, the whitening treatments popularity has increased dramatically. If you have considered getting your teeth whitened, you may have asked, how much does teeth whitening cost?
Let’s look at everything you need to know about teeth whitening, including the cost of teeth whitening and the best teeth whitening methods available.

What is teeth whitening?

It is a simple and non-invasive cosmetic dentistry treatment that can help people achieve their dream smile. Teeth bleaching involves whitening the teeth to make them lighter. However, the treatment can’t make the teeth brilliant white, but it can lighten the current color by several shades.

What causes Teeth Discoloration?

Before you head out to the dentist or choose what teeth whitening treatment suits you, it is better to know why your teeth are stained or discolored.

There are extrinsic or intrinsic elements that can cause teeth discoloration. Teeth discoloration 

Extrinsic discoloration:

Stains from drinks and foods cause extrinsic bruises—also, Stains from food, tobacco, and tea with dyes cause this type of stain. The home teeth whitening treatment will often work well with this type of discoloration.

Intrinsic Discoloration:

Unlike extrinsic discoloration, which affects the outside of the teeth, intrinsic discoloration begins from within. These stains are caused by aging, trauma, infection, child illness, and medication use. Professional teeth bleaching is the best way to remove this type of stain, so you must visit your dentist.  

What Teeth Whitening Options Do You Have?

Research has shown that after teeth bleaching treatment, people feel more confident and open to interacting with others.

There is no doubt that teeth whitening is a cosmetic change that can significantly impact.

While a small change can have such big results, it should be an easy decision to make, but with such different teeth whitening options, this can be challenging.

Here are the most sort after:

In-office teeth whitening treatment with the dentist

In-office whitening treatment is a real deal. The dentist can specify a whitening remedy specific to your teeth, including forming an imprint of your teeth for a custom whitening tray or an in-practice whitening remedy. An in-practice whitening remedy normally takes more than one visit. Your dentist may use laser – or -light-activated teeth bleaching, which takes about one office teeth whitening

After getting an In-office whitening treatment, you may need an at-home to maintain your sparkling smile.

Here is how teeth whitening at the dentist typically work:

The dentist applies a gel to the gums to protect them from the bleaching agent. Then, they use a bleaching agent on the front teeth. Last, a special light will shine on the teeth to enhance their whitening effect. Within an hour, the teeth can appear several shades brighter.

At-home teeth whitening treatment

You have probably seen teeth whitening strips, trays, and paint-on teeth whitening gel on market home teeth whitening

These products are often affordable and easy to do in the evenings at home.

Some of them may not be as active or may not be as effective fast as whitening treatments with the dentist; they can noticeably whiten the teeth.

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What Are The Factors To Consider When Choosing Teeth Whitening Treatments?

Choosing the right teeth whitening remedy depends on several elements. Here are some main factors to consider when determining which teeth whitening treatment is suitable for you:

  • Recognize the type of teeth stain, as treatments vary.
  • Ensure good oral health before whitening.
  • Consider the severity of discoloration.
  • Factor in sensitivity.
  • Treatment timeframes differ.
  • Budget considerations.
  • Choose based on convenience.
  • Consult your dentist for advice on the best treatment.

You can choose the most appropriate teeth whitening option by considering these factors and consulting your dentist.

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What Is The Importance Of Professional Teeth Whitening Procedure?

importance of professional teeth whitening

Professional teeth whitening procedures offer several distinct advantages over their over-the-counter or at-home counterparts, including these benefits:

  • Professional teeth whitening is safe and effective, delivering consistent results.
  • Dentists provide customized treatments tailored to individual needs, addressing factors like discoloration severity and sensitivity levels.
  • Professionals can minimize teeth sensitivity during and after treatment.
  • In-office procedures are fast and offer immediate results, ideal for special events.
  • Professional whitening provides longer-lasting effects than at-home methods.
  • Dentists diagnose dental issues before treatment to ensure oral health.
  • A whiter smile boosts self-confidence and positively impacts personal and professional life.

How Much Does Teeth Whitening Cost?

The cost of teeth whitening at a dentist can differ depending on several elements, including the location of the dental practice, the dentist’s expertise, the type of whitening treatment used, and any additional services or materials included in the procedure.teeth whitening cost

Here are the different types of teeth whitening procedures and their estimated costs:

  • In-office teeth whitening in Turkey: $400 – $550, UK: PS450 – PS850, USA: $500 – $1500.
  • Take-home whitening trays in Turkey: $200 – $350, USA: $300 – $900, UK: PS250 – £650.
  • Over-the-counter (OTC) whitening products typically cost between $20 and $100 and may not be as effective as professional treatments.

It is essential to consult a dentist before any teeth whitening procedure to ensure it’s safe and appropriate for your dental health. The dentist can assess your teeth and recommend the most suitable whitening option.

Making The Right Choice For Teeth Whitening Treatment

As we mentioned earlier, your choice of teeth whitening procedure is based on the type of treatment and your budget. Suppose you are looking to get the best teeth whitening treatment. Visit and experience our incredible offers. We have all it takes to restore your smile and self-confidence.

Our procedures are safe and are performed by seasoned physicians in our state-of-the-art facilities. So rest assured that you will get long-lasting results at highly competitive prices. 

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