Is Hismile Safe for Your Teeth?

Is Hismile Safe for Your Teeth

To correctly answer the question, Is Hismile Safe? Let’s explain some facts about this topic.

I’m sure you’ve seen famous personalities on social media posing with bright, shiny teeth that left you wondering about what they did to achieve that. 

At the back of your mind, you tell yourself that some social media pictures can be exaggerated to convert more leads. Is Hismile safe? That’s the common question among many people considering whitening their teeth. 

It is safe to use Hismile, also known as a smile bar, to whiten your teeth. The entire Hismile range, including the gel formula, has been designed with patients’ safety in mind. Other whitening agents use hydrogen peroxide, while Hismile contains an active ingredient, Phthalimido Peroxy Caproic Acid.

Unlike hydrogen peroxide, PAP will not damage your teeth’ enamel nor demineralize your teeth. Thank God, using Hismile won’t cause tooth sensitivity. The main active ingredients in Hismile teeth whitening products include PAP, Potassium Nitrate, and Hydroxyapatite.

In a similar manner to hydrogen peroxide, PAP oxidizes stains but without causing damage to your teeth. On the other hand, Hydroxyapatite replaces lost minerals to maintain and increase your teeth’ enamel strength. Besides, the Potassium Nitrate in the formula will protect the nerves in your internal teeth structure if you have any sensitivity.

What’s behind the ingredients in the Hismile teeth formula? 

First, the gel is not supposed to be ingested. But it may mix with your saliva naturally. So, it has been made to consume in tiny quantities. 

Unlike UV, the teeth whitening kit contains LED visible light incapable of causing cell mutations and, therefore, no cancer. 

Teeth Whitening Myths 

Having worked with many customers before, we are familiar with teeth whitening. In addition, we have vast experience refining our products to find the safest and most effective formula for home use.

Are you still confused about whether Hismile is safe? We’ve gathered customer feedback to help you understand a few myths and make a wise decision. 

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Myth 1: Hismile Teeth Whitening Damages The Tooth Enamel

Hismile Teeth Whitening Damages The Tooth Enamel 

It is among the common myths about teeth whitening. Unfortunately, most practitioners use hydrogen peroxide as the active ingredient in their formulas, which will cause significant damage to your enamel if used often.

However, this is not the case with His Mile, which contains a moderate dosage of PAP active ingredients. Together with other components, the formula ensures maximum whitening effects without damaging your teeth. 

Therefore, the Hismile range of products doesn’t harm your teeth, while formulas with hydrogen peroxide are the active ingredient. 

Myth 2: Hismile makes the teeth sore and sensitive 

If the teeth whitening formula contains hydrogen peroxide, your teeth will feel sore and sensitive. Even a glass of cold water, days after your treatment, will result in unbearable pain. 

On the other hand, the Hismile kit is functional and does not cause tooth pain or sensitivity. In addition, the combination of active ingredients in this formula ensures no sensitivity or discomfort after treatment. 

Myth 3: You should stop eating foods that cause teeth stains 

It might not be accurate since some foods can stain your teeth but are essential to your body. However, cutting down on some foods is a half effort towards whitening your teeth. Always remember teeth are porous and naturally absorb foods and fluids when consumed.

For example, regular intake of tea, coffee, curry sauce, pasta, and wine can cause tooth discoloration. So, to get maximum results, reduce the consumption of particular foods during your treatment cycle.


Is Hismile safe? We have given this question careful thought in this blog post. As a result, we believe that you’ve learned more about His Mile and are confident that it’s a safe formula to use for your stained teeth.

However, consult the doctor before using the formula if you have a pre-existing tooth issue. Nevertheless, it’s also essential to read reviews and recommendations to make informed decisions.

Are you looking for safe-to-use teeth whitening formulas? If yes, contact us to book a meeting with our dentists to help your teeth glow again. 

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