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Are You Thinking About Bariatric Surgery As A Way of Losing Weight? Don’t Feel Alone If This Is What’s On Your Mind. Bariatric surgery has become an increasingly popular procedure that may help achieve your weight loss goals successfully.

Gastric bypass (commonly referred to as restrictive gastric bypass) is one of the most popular procedures used to help those struggling with obesity shed extra weight and lower their risk for type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and other associated medical issues associated with being overweight.

Are You Deciding Where to Have Gastric Bypass Surgery? – Don’t Panic! Here’s a Good Way Out: Turkey Offers More Affordable Solutions Than Other Nations. Read on to gain more insight into the Gastric Bypass Surgery Cost in Turkey as well as any possible alternative locations where this procedure might cost.

What is Gastric Bypass Surgery?

Bariatric surgery (also called Roux En Y) is a surgical process that alters your digestive system to help you lose weight more effectively. Gastric bypass surgery is a bariatric option that creates a small pouch at the top of your stomach, allowing food to exit more slowly into your small intestine.

Bariatric surgeries such as Lap-Banding can make you feel fuller sooner while limiting how many calories, fat, and nutrients your body absorbs from what you eat. Other bariatric surgery procedures such as Sleeve Gastrectomy, Lap Bands (also called Adjustable Gastric Banding (AGB), Gastric Botox injections, or gastric balloons for weight loss could also be considered.

Turkey has provided bariatric surgery services for over three decades and has become the go-to location in Europe and beyond for this treatment.

What factors affect gastric bypass surgery cost

What factors affect gastric bypass surgery cost

Gastric bypass surgery costs can vary depending on several factors. Here’s a straightforward explanation of what influences the cost:

  1. Location affects surgery costs.
  2. Different healthcare facilities have varying pricing structures.
  3. Surgeon’s expertise may influence the cost.
  4. Surgery type can impact the price.
  5. Pre-operative tests and imaging add to the overall cost.
  6. Post-operative care and follow-up appointments may increase the final cost.
  7. Check your health insurance coverage to understand your financial responsibility.
  8. Additional services like accommodation or transportation can raise the total cost.
  9. Economic and geopolitical factors can influence healthcare costs in the region.

Best Gastric Bypass surgeons In Turkey

Packages include medical fees, hospital accommodation, airport transfers, and personal hosts.

Top Surgeons

Our surgeons are members of the International Federation for the Surgery of OBESITY AND METABOLIC DISORDERS (IFSO). They are professors, and they have years of surgical experience.

Top Facilities

Our hospital is rated A- by the Turkish Ministry of Health and accredited by JCI, representing gold standards in hygiene and quality.

Affordable Prices

HayatMed always strives to provide the best services at affordable prices; HayatMed provides all-inclusive packages from operation to hotels and transportation at the best prices.

Gastric bypass costs globally 

The average cost of gastric bypass surgery in the United States ranges from $20,000 to $25,000, According to the NTMC website.

In the UK, the price starts from £9,500 to £15,000, according to the Ramsayhealth website, and $20,000 in Canada.

Gastric Bypass Surgery Cost in Canada

Cost of Gastric Bypass Surgery in Canada can vary by province and healthcare provider; on average it ranges between CAD15,000CAD 20,000; however, certain provinces offer coverage through public healthcare, subject to certain criteria and waiting periods.

Gastric Bypass Surgery Cost in the USA

Cost of gastric bypass surgery varies significantly across the US depending on location and healthcare facility; on average it ranges between $20,000$35,000. Additional expenses may include pre-operative evaluations, hospital fees, surgeon fees and post-operative care – this should all be factored into your final bill as coverage may differ depending on insurance provider policies.

Gastric Bypass Surgery Cost in Mexico

Mexico has quickly become a premier medical tourism destination, particularly for bariatric surgery procedures. Gastric bypass costs in Mexico tend to be substantially less than in North America – typically ranging between $5,000$8,000 for this operation in top hospitals or clinics there.

Gastric Bypass Surgery Cost in the UK

Gastric bypass surgery in the UK is offered through both National Health Service (NHS) and private healthcare systems; for eligible patients covered by taxes. Private healthcare costs range between £9,000 to £15,000 depending on individual circumstances; therefore it’s wise to explore both options before making a decision.

How much does gastric bypass surgery cost in Turkey?

Finding affordable bariatric surgery is a challenge many face when accessing this life-changing procedure. Several factors influence the cost of gastric bypass surgery, including country and surgeon. In Turkey, bariatric surgery is considerably lower than in other countries, with the average cost for gastric sleeve surgery starting at around $3,000.

The cost of other bariatric procedures, such as gastric Botox, ranges from $800 to $1,200. The gastric balloon costs from $1,600 to $3,000 depending on the balloon you choose, but the question is, how much does the gastric bypass cost in Turkey? The average cost of gastric bypass in Turkey is $3,500, 

How do you choose the right bariatric surgeon in Turkey?


It’s essential to choose the right bariatric surgeon if you want to get successful and safe results from your surgery. The bariatric surgery process is long and complex, involving the collaboration of multiple medical specialists and team players. Each individual with different responsibilities within this chain is essential to the operation’s success. 

Choosing a specialist for bariatric surgery can be difficult. What should you look for? 

  • Look for international accreditation like JCI.
  • Research the clinic’s reputation through reviews and recommendations.
  • Expect a comprehensive consultation with the surgeon.
  • Top bariatric surgeons offer advanced treatment options.
  • Reputable surgeons have vast experience in bariatric procedures.

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Best Gastric Bypass surgeons In Turkey

Packages include medical fees, hospital accommodation, airport transfers, and personal hosts.

Why Choose Turkey for Bariatric Surgery?

1. Advanced Procedures

  • Turkey offers cutting-edge weight loss surgeries like gastric sleeve and gastric bypass.
  • Available in Istanbul and other cities.
  • Gastric sleeve reduces stomach size, limiting food intake based on activity level.
  • Gastric bypass reduces food passage through the stomach by up to 80%.

2. Affordable Options

  • Turkey provides globally competitive prices for bariatric surgery.
  • Attractive for those seeking cost-effective solutions.
  • Access to excellent hospitals with quality care at a fraction of the cost elsewhere.

3. High Success Rates

  • Turkey boasts highly skilled surgeons with vast experience.
  • Precision and accuracy in performing procedures.
  • Utilization of state-of-the-art equipment for superior outcomes.

4. All-Inclusive Packages

  • Turkey offers comprehensive bariatric surgery packages.
  • Hassle-free arrangements for accommodation and transportation.
  • Patients can enjoy their stay during the recommended six-day recovery period.

4. Modern Facilities

  • Turkish healthcare has modernized with advanced equipment.
  • Well-trained doctors and facilities certified by JCI ensure excellence in patient care.

5. Expert Surgeons

  • Turkey’s medical tourism benefits from a large pool of skilled surgeons.
  • Regulatory oversight by the Ministry of Health follows WHO standards, ensuring safety.

6. Personalized Care

  • Multilingual staff in Turkish hospitals cater to international patients.
  • Focus on patient comfort and ease during the entire treatment process.

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What are the advantages of bariatric surgical procedures?

Gastric Bypass vs. Gastric Sleeve Results and Benefits

Different types of bariatric surgery include gastric bypass, sleeve gastrectomy, and gastric banding. Each procedure works in another way to achieve similar results: 

 1. Effective Weight Control

  • Restricts excessive food intake, promoting long-term weight management.
  • It Encourages smaller, more frequent meals.
  • It Enhances satiety by promoting thorough chewing and prolonged fullness after meals.

2. Sustainable Weight Loss

  • Bariatric surgery aids in substantial weight loss, often exceeding 50% of excess weight within the first year.
  • Long-term weight maintenance is achievable when combined with a healthy lifestyle, including regular exercise and proper nutrition.

Bariatric surgery offers a practical solution for obesity and related health conditions, providing lasting benefits when accompanied by a commitment to a balanced, healthy lifestyle.

HayatMed clinic for obesity surgeries, located in Istanbul/Turkey, is highly experienced in performing obesity surgeries with satisfactory results and affordable cost, according to patients’ evaluations. Click here to book a free consultation with HayatMed.

What Are The Complications And Risks Of Bariatric Surgical Procedures?

There are risks with any surgery. Bariatric surgical procedures’ potential risks and complications depend on the specific procedure. Each type of bariatric surgery has unique risks. These include:

  • Anastomotic leakage (AL) is the most severe complication of bariatric surgery. It occurs when there is a hole at the site where two parts of your digestive tract have been joined together. 
  •  Bleeding is one of the most common complications after bariatric surgery. Bleeding can occur anywhere in your body—inside or outside your abdomen, chest, brain, etc. 
  • Embolism is the movement of foreign material from one part of the body to another through the bloodstream. For example, this can happen during or after surgery if a blood clot forms in your vein, such as an intravenous catheter or drainage tube.

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The cost of gastric bypass in Turkey is one of the lowest globally, and the surgery is being performed by some of the most outstanding surgeons globally at international standards. As a result, and thanks to its convenient location and affordable price, more and more patients worldwide are traveling to Turkey for this life-changing procedure.

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gastric bypass Frequently asked questions

Gastric bypass surgery is a safe and reversible operation, but the reverse operation is complicated, and you need to choose a reputable hospital and a very experienced doctor.

In general, gastric bypass and other weight-loss surgeries may be an option for you if:

  1. A body mass index (BMI) is 40 or higher.
  2. Your BMI is between 35 and 39.9, and you have serious weight-related health problems, such as 
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • High blood pressure
  • Severe sleep apnea. 

In some cases, you may qualify for certain types of weight-loss surgery if your BMI is 30 to 34 and you have serious weight-related health problems.

The Surgery may be associated with some side effects such as:

  1. Dumping syndrome
  2. Malnutrition
  3. Leakage
  4. Small bowel obstruction
  5. Anastomosis
  6. Gastrogastric fistula
  7. Ulcers
  8. Other complications

    Other complications that may occur after gastric bypass surgery include the following:

    • gallstones
    • Low blood sugar
    • Vomiting

There are many types of gastric bypass surgery, and the type of operation varies according to the patient’s condition, health condition, body mass index, and many other things. These types are

  1. Gastric bypass (classic)
  2. Mini gastric bypass
  3. The double-division gastric bypass (SASI)

Like any other operation, gastric bypass surgery has potential risks and complications. However, the risks caused by obesity are much greater than the risks of the operation.
Because gastric bypass surgery significantly improves weight-related health conditions such as type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, and cardiovascular disease.
The main point is to choose a skilled surgeon with high experience because this reduces the possibility of complications arising after and during the operation.

Patients lose between 60% and 80% of their excess weight, but they must continue to follow a healthy diet, or they will gain weight again.

Controlling blood sugar and treating type 2 diabetes with gastric bypass have been frequently reported.

An elevation in liver function tests (LFTs) was observed in a patient after gastric bypass surgery.

Because of the high risks and complications, gastric bypass is not usually performed again.

Smoking may increase your chances of serious complications after the operation, so you should avoid smoking for several weeks before and after the operation.

The stomach may expand and return to its previous size if you do not follow the diet instructions given by your doctor.

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