How long after breast augmentation can I fly?

How long after breast augmentation can I fly?

A more unusual accident succeeded in worrying the owners of breast implants: the silicones of a Russian girl exploded during a transatlantic flight. This raises the question: Is height pressure a real danger for breast implants, or is this just a myth?

Should women with breast implants avoid airplane flight?

What happened to the Russian woman? Do silicones give in to the flight cabin’s pressure, or does the silicone explosion remain an urban myth?

“I do not think the flight was the cause. Probably the woman had problems with the implants and before the flight, and the pressure in the cabin made things worse,” said one of the doctors who treated the woman.

Correct, experts agree that flying by plane cannot lead to the explosion of silicones. Besides, it cannot be about the blast but a leak of liquid. This is especially the case for more implanted implants, which were prone to such accidents.

How long after breast augmentation can I fly_

This is rarely the case with new, state-of-the-art implants. However, it is true that after breast implant surgery, women should take extra care of themselves and should avoid areas with high pressure, which can increase their tension.

Many patients ask how fast postoperatively they can fly the plane without the implant exploding. It has nothing to do with the trip to the flight with the eventual implant rupture. Airplanes are pressurized, meaning that the plane’s air differs from the one we breathe on the ground every day, so there is no potential danger of traveling by plane for implant holders.

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Six advice for women that recently have undergone a breast augmentation surgery

Traveling can be perfectly safe if you follow your surgeon’s advice. Aftercare for breast implants is critical, especially if you plan to travel immediately after your full recovery. Here are some simple suggestions for flying after breast augmentation surgery:

  • Do not lift or even pull heavy bags during your travel. This is an excellent time to use taxis, shuttles, or valet service to handle your luggage.
  • Do not run to catch your flight or make a connection!
  • Drink plenty of fluids during flight.
  • Walk through the cabin a few times, but do not exert to the point of raising your blood pressure too much.
  • Keep any medication at hand, and have your surgeon’s number on your phone.
  • Finally, if you wonder about the effects of flying on your implants themselves, not to worry: Any slight contraction or expansion of the shell due to changes in cabin pressure is merely temporary.
How long after breast augmentation can I fly_

Apart from these, traveling by plane or not, you should always consider the doctor’s advice until about 1-2 months after the operation to not have unpleasant surprises. Do not expose yourself to the sun or go to the solarium for at least six months after the surgery.

The post-operative massage should be strictly followed up to 3 months after the operation. Most important: do not come up with preconceived ideas about the size and shape of the implant!

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