Breast Lift with Implants: Who’s Suitable and Key Facts

breast lift with implants new 2024

Breast augmentation surgery is a sought-after procedure in the field of plastic surgery, attracting women. The common inquiries often revolve around the aspect and potential advantages.

In contrast to treatments, opting for breast implants with lift yields noticeable outcomes and guarantees a satisfying journey.

If you have experienced a reduction in breast fullness, choosing to undergo a Breast Lift With Implants is a decision. Breast implants effectively address the issue of volume loss following pregnancy or for reasons.

What is a breast lift with implants?

What is a breast lift with implants new 2024

A breast lift with implants is a procedure that helps correct drooping breasts due to factors such as pregnancy, weight loss, or the aging process. It is particularly advantageous for individuals experiencing a loss of volume.

During the surgery, the surgeon carefully makes incisions in certain areas. These areas typically include underneath the breast, at the part of the nipple, and on both sides. 

The surgeon then removes the skin, repositions the nipple, and tightens the tissue to give the breasts a more lifted and youthful appearance.

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What are the advantages of a breast lift and enlargement?

Advantages of this procedure include:

  1. Implants provide lasting support to prevent sagging.
  2. Achieves a natural look with a larger breast size.
  3. Restores symmetry and shape, correcting uneven breasts.
  4. Increases breast size by up to one cup, based on initial measurements.
  5. Maintains a proportionate body shape, enhancing overall symmetry.

Who is the candidate for a breast lift and augmentation?

Who is the candidate for a breast lift and augmentation 2024

Breast lift surgery is for people whose breasts have lost volume or elasticity due to age, pregnancy, or weight loss. Patients often have large breasts, yet their ptosis (sagging of the breast) more than makes up for it. Patients with children may require excessive sagging to accommodate their bust size. 

Other situations where a breast lift procedure may be indicated include:

  1. Women want to increase their breasts’ size without changing their shape or size.
  2. Women who want to improve the contour of the upper portion of their breasts.
  3. Women who have scars on their breasts from previous surgeries such as mastectomies.
  4. Women who want to even out asymmetrical breasts after weight loss or pregnancy.

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What happens during a breast lift and implants?

  1. Consultation: Meet with your doctor to discuss the procedure, assess your eligibility, and get answers to your questions.
  2. Preparing for Surgery: On the surgery day, you’ll receive general anesthesia to ensure you’re asleep throughout.
  3. Incisions and Tissue Removal: Surgeons make incisions around each breast to remove excess skin, tissue, and fat. You can stitch muscles together to tighten and lift them.
  4. Implant Placement: Surgeons insert implants behind each breast after removing tissue, enhancing volume and shape. Choose the implant size based on your desired post-surgery breast size.
  5. Muscle Adjustment: Surgeons stitch together muscles under your breasts to give your chest a higher lift.

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Breast lift with implant recovery time?

Breast lift with implant recovery time new 20244

Breast lift and augmentation recovery process is a crucial phase of your transformation journey.

Here’s a breakdown of what you can anticipate:

  • The recovery period typically lasts four to six weeks, allowing your body to heal and adapt.
  • Many people can return to work within two weeks, but they should avoid strenuous activities for at least three weeks.
  • Scars will naturally fade over time, with full breast settling consuming up to two years.
  • Expect initial discomfort from swelling and bruising around incision areas.
  • We will provide pain medication and antibiotics for discomfort management and incision care.
  • Numbness in incision areas may occur but usually resolves within a few months post-surgery.

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Breast augmentation and lift recovery week by week

Here’s a more concise guide to your recovery journey after breast augmentation and lift surgery:

  1. Week 1: Expect soreness, swelling, and discomfort. Wear a supportive bra. Pause work and other activities.
  2. Week 2: Swelling and bruising decrease. Avoid heavy lifting. Start light activities; rest is key.
  3. Week 3: Swelling reduces further. You might return to easy work. Continue wearing the supportive bra.
  4. Week 4: You should feel much better. You can resume most activities but skip intense exercise. Visit your surgeon for a check-up.
  5. Weeks 5-6: Swelling decreases more, scars heal. Slowly increase physical activities. Listen to your body.
  6. Weeks 7-8: Return to all activities, including exercise. Your breasts begin to show their new shape.

How Long Will My Breast Lift Results Last?

The results of a breast lift typically last 10 to 15 years. However, as the natural aging process occurs, sagging may occur again, and in such cases, another lift may be necessary. 

In the case where you already have breast implants, a surgeon can perform a revision lift alongside replacement. Even opt for a Breast Reduction Turkey if necessary. 

It is crucial to envision the desired shape and positioning of your breasts after a breast lift surgery. Your plastic surgeon will offer advice, thoroughly discussing all recommendations with you before moving with any procedures.

When will you see results from a breast augmentation with lift?

Your breast surgery outcome relies on age and body type. A breast lift alone or with breast enlargement in Turkey takes about a year for full results. Scars fade in six months to two years. 

Breast surgeries need time to adjust and regain their original shape, affected by smoking and changes in weight.

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What are the Risks of implants for breast lift?

What are the Risks of a breast lift and augmentation neww 2024

Some risks and complications may occur with any surgical procedure. The following is a list of possible adverse outcomes that may result from breast lifts with implants:

  • Doctors prescribe antibiotics to reduce the risk of infection associated with surgery. If you develop a post-surgery infection, promptly contact your doctor.
  • Breast Uplift Turkey results in scarring, but strategic placement minimizes visibility. Cosmetic procedures can treat scars and make them fade.
  • Getting a breast lift and implant at the same time is more expensive than getting them done separately. This can be an issue for individuals who desire multiple procedures.

 Is breast lift surgery safe?

Surgeons usually combine breast lift surgery with breast augmentation or reduction surgery to achieve optimal results. Usually, breast lifts have a high level of safety, but any surgery still carries associated risks.

Some complications can include:

  • Infection at the site of incisions
  • Blood clots in deep veins (deep vein thrombosis)
  • A wound split open
  • Scarring that causes indentations in your breast tissue (keloid scarring)

How much does a breast lift with implants cost?

How much does a breast lift with implants cost 2024 new

The cost of a Breast lift and augmentation will depend on the type of implant you choose. Saline, silicone gel, or textured gel implants are all safe options.

The least expensive option is saline, which consists of salt water. Silicone gel is more likely to rupture over time but doesn’t show through clothing as saline does. The textured gel implant is more expensive than the other two options but less likely to rupture over time.

Boob Job Prices differ depending on the location and doctor. On average, a breast lift and enlargement costs $6,225 without insurance. If you have insurance coverage, it may help cover some or all of your expenses.

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Breast lift and augmentation cost in Turkey

The cost of breast lift and augmentation at Hayatmed Clinic in Turkey is €4800. This price covers an all-inclusive package. Hayatmed Clinic chooses top implant brands that come with a 10-year guarantee. Surgery in Turkey is not only more affordable but also delivers better results compared to other countries.

When do you need a breast implant removal with a lift?

You might need a breast implant removal with a lift if:

  • Your implants are old or damaged.
  • You have discomfort or pain.
  • Your preferences change.
  • There are complications like leakage or shifting.
  • You want to change implant size or type.
  • Health concerns arise.

Alternatives to a breast lift with implants?

If you are considering a breast augmentation with a lift, it’s best to know all your options to decide whether that procedure is right. Here are some alternatives to consider:

Fat Transfer:

Fat transfer moves fat from one area, like the buttocks, to the breasts to make them appear fuller. Unlike other breast augmentation methods, this approach doesn’t involve surgery, reducing associated risks.

Fat Transfer Boob Job is safe but not advised for those with sensitive skin or excessive weight. In such cases, there might not be enough fat available for the procedure to be effective.

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Combining breast augmentation with a lift is a common and effective procedure for enhancing aesthetics. Patient satisfaction is crucial in any breast surgery.

Not everyone wants or needs surgery. Many women are happy with how their breasts look naturally.

Before deciding on breast surgery, it’s crucial to get all your questions answered, as it can greatly impact your life.

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Breast Lift with Implants FAQs

In a breast lift with implants, a surgeon cuts the skin to remove extra skin and shape the breast. They put in implants to make the breasts bigger and fuller. They also move the nipple and areola up for a younger look. This surgery makes the breasts look better in shape and size.

Yes, it is possible to achieve a breast lift using existing implants. This procedure, known as mastopexy with implant exchange, involves repositioning them while lifting your breast tissue for the desired shape and elevation.

Pain levels during a breast lift with implants will vary between individuals. You should expect some discomfort and soreness after surgery; your surgeon may provide medication to alleviate it; many patients find the discomfort manageable and experience relief as they make their way through recovery.

Breast lift with implant surgery typically lasts from two to four hours, depending on its complexity and the surgeon’s approach.

Recovery after breast augmentation with implants may take several weeks, with possible swelling, bruising, and discomfort experienced during the initial days following surgery. Most patients can return to light activities within two or three days; however, it may take up to several months before fully recovering and returning to more strenuous activities.

This surgery takes 2 to 3 hours. The time can change depending on how complex the surgery is and if it involves changing the implants or other adjustments.

Many people can breastfeed after this surgery. But, it depends on the surgery technique used. Talking to your surgeon about wanting to breastfeed later can help them plan the surgery to keep breastfeeding possible.

You can start light exercises, like walking, a few days after surgery. But stay away from hard exercises and lifting heavy stuff for 4 to 6 weeks or until your surgeon says it’s okay. Slowly do more as you feel better and follow your surgeon’s advice.

The swelling usually goes down in a few weeks but can take months to go away completely. Most of the swelling is gone in 3 to 6 months, and then you can see the final look of the surgery.

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