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If you want a chin implant in Turkey, knowing the different procedures and what they entail is important. A chin implant can transform your appearance and give you the strong jawline you have always desired. At the same time, it is an expensive operation with some risks attached. Therefore, obtaining as much information as possible is essential before deciding.

This procedure has been around for more than a century. Still, it only recently became popular thanks to celebrities talking about their experiences and surgeons offering affordable packages for those interested in getting one. There are two main types of chin implants, smooth and porous, each with pros and cons. The article will explain them in detail so you can choose which option suits you best.

What is Chin Augmentation?

Chin augmentation, or mentoplasty, is a surgical procedure that reshapes the chin to provide a more defined and prominent profile. The procedure can be done on its own or in combination with other facial surgeries such as a Facelift in Turkey, nose surgery in Turkey, or implants, breast may also be called chin enhancement or chin implantation.

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Who performs chin augmentation?

Plastic surgeons are trained in facial reconstructive surgery and cosmetic surgery procedures, including chin augmentation.

What happens during chin implant surgery?

chin implant surgery

The surgeon makes an incision along the natural crease of the lower jawbone and then removes some bone from underneath to create an indentation in your chin area. He then places an implant into the hollowed-out area for added projection and definition. Some surgeons use synthetic materials such as silicone; others use bone from other areas of your body, such as your hip or leg bone (epiphysiodesis).

At HayatMed Clinic Turkey, we have highly skilled Plastic Surgeons in the Cosmetic Surgery in Turkey field. In addition to the experienced medical crew and the Clinic, which is equipped with advanced technologies.

chin implant types

What type of chin implants should you get? Smooth or porous? What’s the difference between these types? The answer is in the material. It is essential to understand what kind of chin implant you will get before you consult a board-certified plastic surgeon, and it may influence your choice. Which type of implant is better? The following are some of the main types of chin implants that you might opt for:


Smooth implants are the most common type of chin implants. They are smooth and rounded, allowing them to blend into the rest of your face. They are made from medical-grade silicone that is softer than natural tissue and highly elastic.


Porous chin implants are great for people with a lot of tissue under their skin, as they have more surface area to attach themselves to. In addition, the porous material allows blood to flow through it, so it doesn’t become stiff like other types of chin implants. It also allows water to pass through, which helps keep it from getting infected or damaged by bacteria during surgery. However, this type of implant is not as popular as smooth ones because placing them correctly into your body requires more time and skill.

chin implant vs. filler

Chin augmentation with fillers is a non-surgical technique used to improve the appearance of the face by adding volume to a small or weak chin. It is augmented by injection into the soft tissues near the skeleton of the chin.

The results of chin augmentation with fillers are temporary. Still, they usually last up to 12 months and may sometimes be performed to help the patient create realistic expectations before performing the permanent chin augmentation.

Among the advantages of chin augmentation with fillers are the immediate improvement, the absence of a recovery period, and the dispensation of anesthesia as it is performed under local anesthesia only, and its cost is less than the cost of chin plastic surgery. Still, in the end, it does not give strong and lasting results like surgery.

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Best Chin Implant Prices in Turkey

Packages include medical fees, hospital accommodation, airport transfers, and personal host.

Benefits of Chin Implants and Surgery You Need to Know About

If you’ve been looking for a quick way to jump-start your social life this spring break, you may want to consider undergoing chin augmentation surgery. 

And before you think about skipping this life-changing procedure for some bikinis and surfboards at the beach, consider these few benefits of chin implant surgery:

Boost Confidence and Improve self-esteem

Having a weak or small chin can negatively impact your self-esteem and confidence. In addition, constantly thinking about your appearance and whether or not others view you positively can take a toll on your mental health. 

While there are other ways to boost your self-esteem and improve your confidence, having a chin implant can immediately make you feel more comfortable with yourself. 

You’ll feel better about how you look and present yourself to the world, which will likely lead to less stress and better interactions with others. A big part of boosting your self-esteem and improving your confidence is also increasing your self-worth. 

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Better quality of life and self-care

One of the biggest benefits of chin implants is that they can improve your quality of life. When you’re unhappy with your appearance, it’s hard to focus on living your best life, but when you finally feel comfortable in your skin, it’s easier to focus on self-care. Better self-care can lead to better health and less risk for anxiety and depression. 

In addition, it can improve your diet, exercise routine, and overall sleep schedule, leading to more energy, better focus, and an overall positive outlook on the world. 

Enhanced appearance

Benefits of Chin Implants

When you go into surgery to enhance your appearance, you must understand that you will look different from how you went in. Depending on your expectations, this can be a good or bad thing. 

You’ll likely look younger and more attractive if you want a chin implant. That is because your face shape, smile, and facial features will be more proportionate and attractive. That can lead to better opportunities at work and a better experience since you’ll feel more confident and beautiful.

At HayatMed Clinic Turkey, we have highly skilled Plastic Surgeons in the plastic surgery field. In addition to the experienced medical crew and the Clinic, which is equipped with advanced technologies.

Preventative measures for future surgeries

If you are self-conscious about your chin and it doesn’t look as great as you would like, it might signify that you are heading toward a weak chin.

As people age, they often experience a receding chin, thinner jawline, or other markers that could lead to a weak chin, otherwise known as a weak or receding chin. A weak chin can lead to issues like a weak smile or an underbite if left untreated. 

If you want to prevent future surgeries, a chin implant can be a preventative measure. It will help strengthen your chin, keep it from receding, and avoid future surgeries that might be more invasive or difficult to heal.

Maintain or increase the value of your facial features

If you have a long face and want to round it out and make it appear less long and angular, a chin implant can help you achieve the look you want. You can also use an implant to balance the features on either side of your face. 

For example, if you have a prominent cheekbone, you can use chin implants to create a more rounded and equal appearance on your face, or if you have a weak chin, you can use it to balance the two features. 

The same goes for if you have a high or low-brow bone. But chin implants can be a great way to correct these issues without going under the knife again.

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Chin implant recovery

The expected recovery period for chin augmentation surgery ranges from a few weeks to a few months. In general, you should adhere to the instructions given to you by the doctor; no matter how simple the plastic surgery you are doing, the recovery period constitutes more than half of the success rate of the surgery.

It is recommended to rest completely in the postoperative period, eat soft and liquid foods, and avoid hard foods that require effort to chew. It is also recommended to avoid smoking to contribute to the speed of wound healing. It is also advised to avoid exposure to impact. Finally, doctors recommend using special pillows to sleep and trying to sleep lying on the back for a period after the surgery.

We offer you some tips you should follow to have a perfect chin. These tips start with your decision to perform the operation and end only with complete satisfaction with your new image after chin surgery:

  1. But, first, take it easy to choose your doctor.
  2. Then, do a lot of research and discuss with your doctor what kind of chin surgery is right for you.
  3. Do not go for chin surgery until you have finished treating all your dental problems and all the cosmetic and orthodontic procedures you want to perform on your teeth.
  4. Consult your doctor more than once to determine the appropriate chin surgery size for your face shape.
  5. Discuss the type of incision you’d like to have and where you’d prefer it to be made with your doctor.
  6. Prepare well for the postoperative recovery period, and have everything ready.
  7. Determine who will assist you in the postoperative period and agree with them on appropriate care methods.
  8. Avoid exposing your chin to pressure, shock, or impact after the operation.
  9. You will need a special pillow; select a specific sleeping position and practice it long enough before the operation, and you should discuss this with your doctor.
  10. Be aware that chin surgery is not completely symmetrical on both sides. However, giving it the perfect shape is important, so don’t worry about the asymmetry on both sides of chin surgery.
  11. Try to keep eating only liquid foods during the postoperative period, as eating solid foods may jeopardize the results of the operation.
  12. Determine with your doctor the appropriate period for your condition to recover, during which you should adhere to all the instructions of the specified sleeping position and avoid solid foods and other instructions from the doctor.
  13. Set your expectations well and discuss them with your doctor long enough before the operation. Make sure your psychological state is stable when you decide to operate so that you will not be disappointed afterward.

Best Chin Implant Prices in Turkey

Packages include medical fees, hospital accommodation, airport transfers, and personal host.

How much does chin augmentation cost in Turkey?

Chin augmentation surgery is a procedure that is used to correct the shape and size of the chin. This procedure can help patients with a weak chin or who have lost their chin due to aging or weight loss. 

It can also be used to reduce the size of the jawline. The average cost of chin augmentation surgery in Turkey ranges between $US 1,100 to $US 3,000.

Risks of Chin Implants and Surgery You Need to Know About‍

The chin is perhaps the essential feature of the face because it plays a big role in determining the type and intensity of facial expressions. A weak or receding chin can give you an old and tired appearance that is not very appealing. 

The surgery is fairly simple, affordable, and quick, with results that immediately improve self-confidence and quality of life. However, like any other surgical procedure, there are risks involved in getting a chin implant that cannot be ignored. 

It’s, therefore, essential to do your research before going ahead with surgery so you know what to expect from this process. Here are some of the main risks that come with getting a chin implant:

The risk of infection

A bacterial infection following surgery is a big risk you must be careful about. Choosing a reputable clinic and doctor for implant surgery is essential to avoid infections. 

Wearing clean clothes and keeping your skin clean and sterile before, during, and after the procedure are also crucial to reducing the risk of infection. 

Be sure to wash your hands frequently and avoid kissing or touching your face when you have an open wound. Some surgical procedures also require you to take antibiotics before and after the surgery to reduce the risk of infection.

The risk of visible scarring

face scarring

Any time a scalpel is used to make an incision, visible scarring can occur. That can happen when the incision isn’t made properly, or the surgeon accidentally nicks an artery, and blood flows out of the wound. The risk of scarring increases depending on the condition of your skin. 

If you have oily, dark, or wrinkled skin, you’re at a greater risk of getting scars because these types of skin don’t heal as easily as others. The risk of scarring is also greater if you get the chin implant procedure done on your face because it’s a sensitive area. 

Fortunately, modern techniques surgeons use can effectively reduce the risk of scarring and leave patients with barely visible scars.

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The risk of implant displacement

When the chin implant is not properly positioned and shifts from its original position, it’s known as “implant displacement.” That can happen if the surgeon doesn’t use a proper technique or the surgery is performed without anesthesia. 

It can also happen if you have a congenital deformity in the jawbone or a malformation in the head or neck that makes it difficult to place the implant properly. 

Displacement is a severe medical condition that requires the surgeon to remove the implant and perform the surgery again. That can be costly and might result in a visible scar.

The risk of losing natural bone density

The risk of losing natural bone density is rare, but it can happen if you don’t properly care for your health following the chin augmentation surgery. 

For example, the surgery might require you to get your jawbone shaved, a delicate procedure that can compromise bone health if not performed properly. 

Fortunately, many experts advise patients to consume calcium-rich foods after surgery to help maintain bone health. However, you can also take calcium supplements if you don’t consume enough of these foods. 

In addition, regular exercise and adequate rest can help you quickly recover from surgery and reduce the risk of losing bone density.

At HayatMed Clinic Turkey, we have highly skilled Plastic Surgeons in the plastic surgery field. In addition to the experienced medical crew and the Clinic, which is equipped with advanced technologies.

The risk of unnatural-looking results

Some patients who have received chin implants have complained of unnatural-looking results. That happens when the surgeon doesn’t conduct the surgery using an effective technique for your chin and facial structure. 

For instance, if you have a weak chin and the surgeon places a large implant in your chin, it won’t look natural and might draw attention. The best way to avoid unnatural-looking results is by getting a consultation from a surgeon who understands your needs and facial structure. 

The surgeon should guide you on the best implant type and volume to add to your chin.


Surgery is always accompanied by pain and discomfort, but you can manage the pain with medication. Be sure to inform your surgeon about your sensitivity to pain before the procedure so they can prescribe you painkillers before and after the surgery. 

Also, make sure to take the medication according to the prescribed dosage. Finally, to minimize post-surgery pain, you can take regular painkillers and rest in bed following the procedure. 

You can also keep yourself hydrated by drinking lots of water and eating light meals that are easy to digest.

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How Long Should I Stay in Turkey for a Chin Augmentation Procedure?

The surgery is scheduled to take place at the end of your stay. You will be given specific instructions on how long you should stay in Turkey and what to do before and after the procedure. You should spend at least five days in Istanbul before your surgery to recuperate from your flight.

The recovery time after the surgery varies from patient to patient. Some people can return home after spending only 2-3 days in Istanbul, while others may stay for up to 10 days. 

If you are concerned about how long it will take to recover from your chin augmentation procedure fully, consult an experienced surgeon before traveling to Turkey. Generally, you should take 5 to 7 days in Turkey after your surgery.


Chin augmentation is a simple procedure that can be conducted in outpatient settings. The surgery doesn’t require any skin-opening techniques, and it’s possible to be done on an outpatient basis without any hospital stay. 

However, you must choose a reliable and experienced surgeon to perform the surgery to avoid risks. One important thing to remember is that every surgery comes with risks and that no surgery is completely risk-free. 

Therefore, it’s essential to inform yourself about the risks associated with chin augmentation surgery to make an informed decision.

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