Mentoplasty: The Art and Science of Chin Reshaping

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Balanced facial harmonies are important for creating an attractive facial appearance. The chin plays a critical role in these harmonies affecting, for instance, the nose’s apparent projection and the definition of the jawline and neck. 

A disproportionate chin can make a big nose look even bigger or a neckline looks blunt. Mentoplasty is a cosmetic surgery designed to reshape the chin to improve facial proportions that help with confidence and self-esteem.

This article explains everything you need about Mentoplasty (Chin Surgery).

What is Mentoplasty?

Mentoplasty or Chin surgery is a cosmetic surgical procedure that aims to reshape the chin either by reduction surgery on the bone or enhancement with an implant.

Such as this Plastic surgery can often be performed on the chin and the lower jawline area to improve facial features harmony that, helps with self-esteem, and increases self-confidence.What is Mentoplasty

Sometimes a mentoplasty or genioplasty is performed by moving the bone from the jaw forward. On the other hand, more projection to the chin can be given using silicone implants. 

In contrast, it can be performed to decrease an overly projecting chin by removing bone. In addition, upper and lower jaw modifications can be recommended to improve chewing or how the teeth fit together. These procedures range from simple to very complex.

Often, surgeons may recommend chin plastic surgery to a nose job surgery patient to achieve better facial harmony, as the chin size may minimize or magnify the perceived nose size.

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What Are The Types of Mentoplasty?

Chin surgery is performed on the chin to improve or alter its appearance. 

There are two main types of mentoplasty surgery as following:

1. Chin Reduction Surgery

Chin reduction surgery (chin shaving surgery) aims to reduce an over-projected chin. It is typically done under general anesthesia. 

The surgeon will make a small incision either underneath the skin of the chin or inside the mouth to remove the excess bone and contour the chin to the desired shape. Then, they close the incision with sutures.

2. Chin Augmentation/ Chin Implants

It is usually performed to augment an under-projected chin. It is also done under general anesthesia. 

Typically, the surgeon accomplishes it by making a small incision underneath the chin’s skin or inside the mouth to put the implant; then, they close the incision with sutures. 

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Am I A Good Candidate for chin surgery?

You may be a good mentoplasty surgery candidate if:

  • Your health is generally good, and your weight is relatively stable.mentoplasty surgery candidate
  • You do not smoke or intend to quit smoking.
  • You have realistic expectations about the procedure’s result.
  • You have an over-projected or under-projected chin.

Review chin surgery photos and learn what to expect during recovery if considering the procedure. Preparation for the mentoplasty procedure helps patients have reasonable expectations and easy recovery.

It is important to consult a certified, experienced surgeon to answer all your questions and ensure that the surgery suits you.

HayatMed Clinic, located in Istanbul/Turkey, is highly experienced in performing plastic surgery with satisfactory results and affordable cost, according to patients’ evaluations. We offer a free consultation on WhatsAppor contact us by filling out the form.

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Best Mentoplasty Prices in Turkey

Packages include medical fees, hospital accommodation, airport transfers, and personal host.

How to Prepare for Mentoplasty?

The following tips can help you prepare for your surgery and reduce the risks associated with the surgery:

  • Get lab testing and a medical evaluation :

Before you undergo surgery, you must consult a surgeon to ensure your suitability. It would be best to have blood work before surgery to ensure your liver and kidneys function properly. Also, your surgeon will check your health history and explain what you may face before and after the surgery.

Remember to tell them about allergies, mainly if they include anesthesia or antibiotics.

  • Avoid taking some medications:

Aspirin and other anti-inflammatory drugs thin the blood and slow down clotting. It means you may bleed more than normal if something goes wrong during or after surgery (like an allergic reaction). So, informing your surgeon about the used medications is important to prevent such risks.

  • Quit smoking:

It is necessary for patients who wish to undergo surgery to be non-smokers or intend to quit smoking two weeks before the operation at least. Smoking negatively affects the results and increases the risk of infection and blood clots.


How does the chin surgery procedure perform?

A mentoplasty procedure includes some steps:

  1. Anesthesia: The procedure is usually done under general anesthesia.
  2. Incision: Your surgeon will make an incision under your chin or inside your mouth based on the surgeon’s preferred technique.chin surgery procedure
  3. Closing the incision: Your surgeon will close the incision with sutures or tapes.

The surgery takes about an hour to complete, and the patient may need to stay for one night at the hospital under the medical staff’s control to avoid any complications and ensure the patient’s health situation.

After the surgery, if the procedure is a reduction chin, a compression garment or bandage helps minimize swelling and support the chin during recovery. In contrast, if you undergo a chin augmentation procedure incision inside your mouth, you will not have any bandages. In this case, you must be given special mouth rinses or a liquid diet.

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What should I expect during mentoplasty surgery recovery?

As with any other surgical procedure, Following the post-op instruction strictly is important to ensure an easy, quick recovery and avoid risks.

The recovery time for chin surgery is approximately six weeks as swelling decreases. However, you can return to work in a week, depending on the extent of your surgery.

The initial recovery typically involves some swelling, bruising, and mild discomfort. Patients are usually advised to stick to a soft-food diet and avoid strenuous activities for several weeks.

You also need to avoid alcohol for at least two weeks after your surgery to avoid bleeding complications.

Your surgeon may recommend wearing a chin support bandage after your surgery that helps reduce swelling and protects against damage during healing. Also, they prescribe pain medication such as ibuprofen or acetaminophen for the first few days after your surgery. 

Following your plastic surgeon’s instructions and attending follow-up visits as scheduled will ensure safe healing for you.

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How much does mentoplasty cost?

The average chin surgery cost varies depending on some factors like:

  • The surgeon experience.
  • The geographic clinic location.
  • The type of procedure used.

When you choose a plastic surgeon for chin surgery, remember that the surgeon’s qualifications and experiences are just as important as the cost of the surgery.mentoplasty cost

At HayatMed Clinic, we have reputed, experienced plastic surgeons that provide high-quality medical services at affordable prices. We offer full packages that include the following:

  • The surgery’s fees.
  • Hospital accommodation 
  • All necessary tests
  • Doctor check-ups.
  • Post-operation medications.
  • All transportation from/to the airport and from/to the hospital.
  • Hotel accommodation with breakfast for 5 nights.

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What Are The Risks of Mentoplasty? 

Before you undergo chin surgery, you must be aware of the risks and potential complications associated with the procedure. 

The possible risks may include:

  • Anesthesia risks
  • Bleeding
  • Infection
  • Chin implant displacement
  • Asymmetry
  • Numbness in skin
  • Blood clots
  • unexpected result
  • Fluid accumulation
  • Unfavorable scarring
  • Poor incisions healing 

Ensure to follow all the surgeon’s instructions before and after the surgery. However, contact your surgeon immediately if you experience any unexpected side effects.


By choosing a qualified, highly trained plastic surgeon, you can guarantee optimal results and minimize the risks of the operation.

HayatMed Clinic, located in Istanbul/Turkey, is highly experienced in performing plastic surgery with satisfactory results and affordable cost, according to patients’ evaluations.

Suppose you still have more questions about the procedure, we offer a free consultation on WhatsApp or contact us by filling out the form.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Swelling can take several weeks to subside. While you will notice some changes immediately after the surgery, the final results may take a few months to become apparent.

Chin surgery can be considered permanent when implants alter the bone structure. The implants are designed to be long-lasting and do not require replacement unless complications arise.

Yes, chin surgery is often combined with other facial procedures to achieve overall facial harmony. Common combinations include rhinoplasty (nose reshaping), facelift, or neck liposuction to create a comprehensive facial rejuvenation experience.

Yes, non-surgical alternatives like dermal fillers or fat injections may be used for minor chin augmentation. However, the results are temporary compared to surgical options.

Surgery performed through an external incision under the chin may leave behind a small scar; however, the intraoral incision will leave no visible external scarring.

The cost of chin surgery depends on factors like experience, location, and surgeons’ techniques. Cosmetic procedures usually aren’t covered by insurance plans unless done for reconstructive purposes due to an injury or medical condition.

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