What Are Teeth Crowns – A Complete Guide

What Are Teeth Crowns

Everyone wishes to have perfect teeth. They help to improve your speech and self-confidence. However, you may not be aware of how healthy teeth are essential in your speech. A cracked or worn-down tooth can negatively affect your speaking patterns.

Also, it can lead to low self-esteem. Most people with broken teeth are less likely to smile in a crowd. Thankful for the teeth crown that will help improve your quality of life. 

What are teeth crowns?

Teeth crowns are caps that help to cover damaged teeth. They protect and restore the shape of your teeth. With this, you will be proud of yourself.

Remember, a smile is the first feature a person will notice when they approach you. Why should you leave a life of low self-esteem when there is a method of restoring the shape of your teeth and size and improving their appearance? Teeth crowns are easy to maintain.

They do not need special care. With normal oral hygiene, you will get a long-lasting solution.

There are different types of teeth crowns. They differ in terms of materials and prices. Some materials are metal, porcelain, ceramics, and stainless steel.


Metal alloys are more durable than other teeth crowns. They withstand the chewing forces. So they don’t break or chip easily.

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If you are looking for a teeth crown that looks like your normal teeth, porcelain can be your option. It can be a good choice for the front or back teeth. However, they are not as strong as metal alloys. They can chip or break off easily.


All-ceramic teeth crowns can be your solution if you are allergic to metal. In addition, it offers an excellent color match for the front and back teeth.

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Stainless steel

Stainless steel covers the permanent teeth. Their main purpose is to protect the teeth from decay. This type of teeth crown is suitable for everyone, regardless of age. They do not require regular dental visits. Also, they are cost-effective.

When should you consider dental crowns?

There are various situations when you will require restoring your teeth. Some of the incidents are:

  • When you want to protect a tooth from issues such as decay or breaking
  • When you want to cover misshaped or discolored teeth
  • When you have a cracked or worn-down tooth
  • When you want to protect a restored tooth
  • When you want to prevent your children’s teeth from decaying
  • When you have issues with the excessive wearing of teeth

Benefits of teeth crowns

Everyone is mindful of their teeth’ appearance and their smile’s impact. That’s why considering teeth crowns can be of great benefit. Dental crowns are flexible. In other words, they help to address various types of concerns.

The dental crown can be your solution whether you have broken, decayed, or cracked teeth. A dentist can use a teeth crown with a dental implant if you have fallen teeth. After the root canal procedure, a teeth crown is used to stabilize the tooth.

Improve chewing or biting

Digestion begins from chewing. Properly chewed food helps to speed up digestion and allows the intestines to work harder. Do you know that damaged teeth can affect chewing, leading to poor digestion? Modern technology has led to the introduction of teeth crowns.

These crowns come from tough materials to enable you to chew and eat food properly.

Offer protection to the broken or cracked teeth

Chipped or cracked teeth have a high chance of getting infections. A dental crown protects the teeth from infections and prevents further damage. In addition, its design allows it to fit the existing tooth or dental implant.

Creates an attractive appearance

Imagine having discolored teeth or teeth with an undesirable appearance. It can be frustrating, and you cannot be confident to smile in front of people. A dental crown covers various teeth issues.

For instance, dental crowns can be your solution if your teeth have an unacceptable shape, size, or color appearance. They are designed to look natural, thus, enhancing the look of your teeth.

Teeth crowns can be your solution if you want a long-term solution. They are durable and can last for 5-15 years. However, some materials may not last long.

Also, how well you maintain the crown will determine longevity. If you choose a skilled dentist who perfectly fits the crown to its final position, you will get a long-lasting experience.

Teeth crowns before and after

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