Are Dental Implants Painful

are Dental Implants Painful

Are Dental Implants Painful: Tips How to Manage Pain After Implant

Are you having a missing or damaged tooth? Dental implantation is one of the recommended ways of replacing your missing teeth. This implant teeth surgery involves the incision of the gum and placing the implant on your jawbone using a screw. Probably you want to go through this procedure but wonder: are dental implants painful? Do I need anesthesia for dental implants?

Maybe you are among the people who interpret surgery to mean pain. Certainly, no one can deny that surgeries hurt.

Dental implant surgery is not exceptional. It comes with some discomfort. However, you’ll endure little pain during and after the implant process. Fortunately, it is easy to manage the pain.

Managing pain during dental implant surgery

As noted, this teeth replacement procedure involves an incision of an implant on the gum with the support of a screw that penetrates to the jaw bone. Dentists carrying out this procedure will drill through your gum and jaw bone to create space for inserting the screw.

As you can imagine, the drilling and screwing sound to be a painful process. No one can stand the pain involved.

You are right. The procedure comes with huge pain. Luckily, it is manageable. For your information, the process can be pain-free. But how is that possible? There are several ways of doing it.

Local anesthetic

A local anesthetic is a common approach of numbing areas where the surgical process will take place. The method is the same in the dental field. Before beginning the process, your dentist will give you a shot of a local anesthetic using a needle. You will feel some pain within the initial few minutes as the needle pricks your gum.

The anesthetic numbness effect takes place immediately. So, you won’t feel any pain as the drilling and screwing take place. However, there will be some push and pull from the drill vibrations, but they are painless. So, with the local anesthetic, your dental implants will not be painful.

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Despite the use of local anesthetic, you might be unease with the surgery process. Anxiety might be overwhelming to you and hinder the dentists from conducting the process effectively. This aspect is more common for aged persons. In such cases, the dentists can prescribe oral sedation or use Nitrous oxide.

Nitrous oxide is commonly known as the laughing gas as it has a relaxing impact on the patients. The gas does not have any numbing effect. However, it eliminates anxiety and makes the dental implant procedure proceed without many challenges.   

Another way the dentist use to reduce anxiety is by using oral sedation. Here, the dentists prescribe you some sedative pills depending on your anxiety level.

If your anxiety is overwhelming, you will get a moderate sedation dose. This dose does not keep you awake, but you won’t remember whether the dental implant surgery is taking place.

On the other hand, low anxiety will call for the use of a mild sedation dose. This does enhance your relaxation. Good to note is that the sedation has an immediate and long-lasting effect. So, when undergoing this process, consider bringing a relative or peer with you who can facilitate your travel back home.

Managing the dental implants pain after the surgery

Like other surgery, dental implants require a healing process. You’ll experience some pain and discomfort days after undergoing this procedure.  However, the pain is very mild and does not affect your day-to-day affairs.

Nonetheless, pain levels and tolerance vary from one individual to another. Therefore, if your pain level is intolerable, you can consider using some painkillers to manage it.

Some of the perfect over-the-counter prescriptions for this case include Tylenol and Ibuprofen. In addition, you can consider seeking your dentist’s advice in managing the after dental implant surgery pain.

Wrapping up

So, are dental implants painful? Indeed, the answer is yes. This dental procedure comes with some discomfort levels. You’ll experience a bit of pain during and after the procedure. However, the pain depends on your tolerance levels.

In many cases, the dentist uses anesthetic and sedations to deal with pain and discomfort during the procedure. Also, you’ll get painkillers for managing your pain after the surgery.

So, if you are feeling to undergo the dental implantation due to associated pain, you now know what to expect. Remember, you should opt for the best dentist specializing in this surgical procedure for excellent results.

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