Dr. Samet Cagri Coskun


Dr. Samet Cagri Coskun is a dedicated and experienced otolaryngologist and facial plastic surgeon committed to patient care and advancing medical knowledge in his field. 

His extensive training and participation in scientific activities demonstrate his dedication to staying at the forefront of ENT and facial plastic surgery advancements. Dr. Coskun’s diverse expertise makes him a valuable asset to the medical community and a trusted practitioner for his patients.


  • Health Sciences University Haseki Training and Research Hospital, ENT Department Specialization
  • Istanbul University Cerrahpasa Medical Faculty, English Medicine Program

Years of Experience in Rhinoplasty: 

Dr. Samet Cagri Coskun is a distinguished otolaryngologist and facial plastic surgeon with over a decade of experience performing rhinoplasty procedures. He has honed his skills and expertise throughout his career, becoming renowned for his exceptional talent in reshaping and enhancing the nose’s aesthetics. His years of dedication to the art and science of rhinoplasty have allowed him to master the intricate techniques required for achieving beautiful and natural-looking results.

Expertise in Revision Rhinoplasty:

One of Dr. Coskun’s notable areas of specialization is in revision rhinoplasty, a complex and delicate surgical procedure to correct issues resulting from previous nose surgeries. His meticulous approach and deep understanding of nasal anatomy make him a sought-after expert. Patients who have experienced suboptimal outcomes from previous rhinoplasty procedures often turn to Dr. Coskun to restore their noses’ functionality and aesthetics. His successful track record in revision rhinoplasty underscores his commitment to achieving optimal results, even in challenging cases.

Dedication to Ethnic Rhinoplasty: 

Dr. Coskun recognizes the importance of preserving the unique ethnic characteristics of his patients while addressing their aesthetic concerns. He specializes in ethnic rhinoplasty, a specialized subset of the procedure that respects and enhances the natural beauty of various ethnicities. His skill in understanding and working with diverse nasal structures ensures that patients from different backgrounds receive personalized and culturally sensitive care. His approach to ethnic rhinoplasty celebrates diversity and promotes self-confidence among his patients.

Successful Career and Beautiful Results: 

Throughout his illustrious career, Dr. Samet Cagri Coskun has earned a stellar reputation for consistently delivering beautiful and harmonious rhinoplasty and facial plastic surgery results. His dedication to patient satisfaction and safety, artistry, and surgical precision have led to countless success stories. Patients who have entrusted Dr. Coskun with their cosmetic and functional nasal concerns have experienced life-changing transformations.

Work Experience:

  • Cevre Hospital
  • Erzurum Oltu State Hospital
  • Health Sciences University Haseki Training and Research Hospital

Areas of Interest: 

Dr. Samet Cagri Coskun is deeply passionate about otolaryngology (ENT) and facial plastic surgery. His areas of interest include:

  1. Nose Aesthetics – Rhinoplasty: Dr. Coskun specializes in enhancing the nose’s aesthetics through rhinoplasty procedures.
  2. Revision Nose Aesthetics: Experienced in correcting and refining previous rhinoplasty surgeries.
  3. Septum-Concha Surgery – Septoplasty: Expertise in septoplasty to correct deviated septums and improve nasal function.
  4. Endoscopic Sinus Surgery: Proficient in minimally invasive endoscopic techniques to treat sinus disorders.
  5. Adenoid-Tonsil Surgery: Skilled in surgically removing adenoids and tonsils, often performed in pediatric patients.
  6. Auricular Aesthetics – Otoplasty: Offers otoplasty procedures to enhance the appearance of the ears.
  7. Lip Lift Aesthetics – Lip Lift: Specializes in procedures to enhance the appearance of the lips.
  8. Eyelid Aesthetics – Blepharoplasty: Proficient in eyelid surgery to rejuvenate the eye area.
  9. Eardrum Repair – Tympanoplasty: Expertise in repairing damaged eardrums through surgical intervention.
  10. Thyroid and Salivary Gland Surgery: Skilled in surgical procedures involving the thyroid and salivary glands.

Scientific Publications and Papers:

  • “Evaluation of Daytime Sleepiness in Patients with Sleep Apnea and Its Effect on Quality of Life”
  • “Laryngeal Large Cell Tumor Recurrence”
  • “Eagle Syndrome Case Report”
  • “Evaluation of Deep Neck Infections; A Review of 85 Cases in Our Clinic”
  • “Evaluation of the Results of Thyroglossal Duct Sinus and Cyst Surgery in Our Clinic”

Scientific Activities: 

Dr. Coskun actively participates in various scientific events and congresses, including:

  • 2015 National ENT Congress
  • 2016 National ENT Congress
  • 2016 ENT-BBC Experts Meeting
  • 2016 Facial Plastic Surgery Association Meeting
  • 2017 ENT Assistant School
  • 2018 Nose School
  • 2019 Nose School
  • 2020 Face Minima Congress
  • 2020 Istanbul Rhinoplasty Course


  • Turkish Medical Association
  • Facial Plastic Surgery Association

Foreign Language:

  • English

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