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What Are Teeth Scaling new
Dental Treatments

What Are Teeth Scaling?

Probably the first thing you hear as soon as you step into dentistry is teeth scaling. Dentists recommend a scaling treatment every six months for

IVF due date calculator new
Fertility Treatments

IVF due date calculator

When an IVF or in vitro fertilization pregnancy is confirmed, a patient is eager to know when the baby will arrive. While IVF’s due date

Botox to lift eyebrows
Botox Injections

Botox to lift eyebrows

Eyebrows are a person’s most prominent facial features as they perform many important tasks. Apart from helping you communicate emotions, eyebrows help shape your face,

What Are Radiation Therapy Side Effects
Radiation Therapy

What Are Radiation Therapy Side Effects

Tumorous cancer cells are treated with high-energy radiation. The therapy is designed to focus treatment on cancer cells and limit exposure to healthy cells. However,

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