What is Radiation Therapy and its Uses in The Medical World Today

What is radiation therapy and its Uses in the Medical World Today

Cancer is prevalent today, affecting many people and persisting as one of the world’s most significant causes of death.

Multiple treatment types depend on the type of cancer being dealt with; one of the most common is radiation therapy.

This article will go over everything you need to know about radiation therapy treatment, how and when it’s used, and other uses for it as well as essential things you need to know. Keep in mind if you or a loved one have radiation therapy treatment shortly.

What is radiation therapy?

Radiation therapy is a cancer treatment method involving machine-administered radiation to treat cancer at various stages. It is less frequently used to treat non-cancer medical issues such as blood disorders, non-cancerous body growths, and thyroid diseases.

Doctors usually recommend cancer radiation treatment at different stages of cancer. Early on, the radiation will help reduce tumor size before surgery and kill the remaining cancer cells. Later on, it will help relieve bodily pains as a part of the palliative care process.

One type of radiation uses a machine that creates a radiation beam. This beam is targeted at specific body areas to treat cancer growth.

How is Radiation Therapy Administered?

What is radiation therapy

Radiation therapy utilizes energy waves – including heat and light – to treat cancer, cancer conditions, and various tumors. The radiation used in cancer therapy is known to most as ionizing radiation. Techs administer radiation therapy with external beams using a piece of equipment called a linear accelerator.

Scientists don’t understand precisely how radiation works as an effective cancer treatment, but they know it works well. They also understand that it breaks cancer cell DNA up, disrupting cell division and growth. Radiation kills cancer cells this way, slowing and preventing the disease’s spread.

Doctors can prescribe radiation treatment alone, but usually, they recommend it as a combination with other treatments like surgery and chemotherapy.

The Side Effects of Radiation Therapy

The Side Effects of Radiation Therapy

As is the case with many medical treatments, there are side effects.

The types of side effects a radiation therapy patient will experience will depend on multiple factors, including the area that the person is treating, the dosage level and type of radiation therapy, and the patient’s overall health.

Short-term effects can include:

  • Nausea
  • Fatigue
  • Changes in skin

Long-term effects can include

  • issues with the heart and lungs
  • hormone issues and change
  • thyroid issues.

Not everyone with radiation therapy experiences these, but they are important to look out for during the radiation therapy process.


Radiation therapy is one of the most prevalent cancer treatment methods globally and offers many benefits to those who opt for it. It has helped many people get through cancer and other medical issues.

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