A Guide to Ultrasonic Rhinoplasty and Its Benefits

Ultrasonic Rhinoplasty

If there’s one thing we all want, it’s perfect skin — or, in some cases, perfect noses. While this idea may seem far-fetched to some, it is completely possible to improve the look of your nose thanks to advancements in medical and cosmetic technology.

One popular technique to alter your nose’s look is ultrasonic rhinoplasty. You may have heard about this procedure before and are now curious about what it’s all about.

It is a minimally invasive procedure that uses ultrasound energy to reshape the nose. It has become increasingly popular due to its relatively short recovery period and low risk of complications compared to traditional rhinoplasty (nose job).

This guide will explore ultrasonic rhinoplasty and its many benefits in detail. Read on for more information.

What Is Ultrasonic Rhinoplasty?

What Is Ultrasonic Rhinoplasty

Ultrasonic rhinoplasty, also known as piezo rhinoplasty, is an advanced surgical technique for reshaping the nose that uses cutting-edge technology. The process uses a device with high-speed sound waves, known as ultrasonic waves, to vibrate tiny cutting and shaving tip inserts.

These ultrasonic waves work in the same way as a surgeon’s scalpel. They target and treat the bony part of the nose to correct a hump, too-wide nose, or asymmetric nose. The sound waves allow the surgeon to reshape nasal bones and cartilage in less time and with higher precision than traditional instruments.

Ultrasonic rhinoplasty differs from other instruments used for rhinoplasty because it uses ultrasound technology with an open tool to shave and sculpt nasal bones and cartilage. This allows for highly complicated surgery in places where traditional tools cannot reach, like the narrow bridge of your nose.

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Who’s a good candidate for ultrasonic rhinoplasty?

An ultrasonic rhinoplasty is a great option for those at least 18 years old and in good physical health yet seeking to improve the size or shape of their nose. 

Specifically, it’s a good choice for individuals with nasal bumps or humps on the bridge of their noses.

This procedure is a great alternative to traditional rhinoplasty because it’s less invasive and has fewer associated risks. In addition, it requires general anesthesia to minimize any pain associated with the procedure, and there are typically fewer post-operative complications.

It’s important to note that piezo rhinoplasty may not be ideal for everyone. It’s best suited to treating smaller areas of the nose that need minor adjustments, so those seeking more extensive changes may also want to consider traditional rhinoplasty. But, again, your doctor can help you evaluate your needs and decide which procedure is right for you.

How the piezo rhinoplasty Process Works

Ultrasonic rhinoplasty is a minimally invasive nasal surgical technique that reshapes the nose using an ultrasound device. 

  1. During the procedure, a small incision is made in the nose skin to expose the bone and cartilage. 
  2. The specialist then uses a device that employs high-speed sound waves to vibrate tiny cutting and shaving tip inserts, allowing them to make precise cuts in the bone. This allows them to shape and contour the nose without having to saw or grind away pieces.
  3. Once the bone and cartilage are reshaped, a nasal implant may be placed for additional support. 
  4. After this, the incision is stitched up, and you will be ready to go home with a new nose! 
  5. The process takes about one to two hours, depending on your needs.

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The Types of Results You Can Achieve With Ultrasonic Rhinoplasty

Ultrasonic rhinoplasty is a minimally invasive procedure that can give patients different results. The benefit of this type of rhinoplasty is that it provides greater precision when sculpting the nose, allowing for more accurate results than a traditional rhinoplasty.

Generally, the results of a piezo rhinoplasty are visible right after the surgery. However, it can take 12-18 months for the patient to see their final results since the swelling takes a while to subside completely. 

Most patients will recover from this procedure within 1-2 weeks, so it’s relatively quick compared to other plastic surgery procedures.

With ultrasonic rhinoplasty, you can achieve various outcomes depending on your preferences and needs. Some potential goals include:

  1. Making the nose smaller or bigger
  2. Altering shape and symmetry
  3. Changing profile lines
  4. Nasal tip refinement
  5. Removal of bumps or ridges in the nasal passage
  6. Correct any breathing issues.

Benefits of piezo rhinoplasty

Ultrasonic rhinoplasty is a popular procedure today thanks to its many advantages compared to other traditional methods.

  • Piezo rhinoplasty is a less invasive procedure. 
  • In addition, ultrasound technology during this procedure allows for a more precise and controlled cutting and sculpting of the nasal tissues while leaving the surrounding tissue unharmed. 
  • This results in less bleeding during the procedure too.
  • Moreover, ultrasonic rhinoplasty reduces the likelihood of nasal fractures with manual methods due to mechanical forces from cutting tools and instruments with sharp tips or edges when performing traditional rhinoplasty procedures. 
  • It minimizes post-operative pain too, which helps speed up recovery. 
  • As well as this, ultra-sonic rhinoplasty reduces the need for post-operative packing without compromising safety and efficacy.

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Risks and Complications Associated With Ultrasonic Rhinoplasty

Any surgical procedure, including piezo rhinoplasty, can have risks and complications. The most common risks associated with this procedure are bleeding, infection, and scarring.


One of the risk factors of ultrasonic rhinoplasty is excessive bleeding during surgery. The area around the nose may become swollen and red due to the accumulation of blood vessels during the operation. 

To reduce this risk, the surgeon must take great care to ensure a safe surgical environment and limit any potential contact with the nasal cavity.


Another potential complication of a piezo rhinoplasty is an infection due to a lack of proper wound care following surgery. The area around the nose should be kept clean and free from dirt or debris to prevent potential infections. 

Patients must follow all post-operative instructions to reduce inflammation and ensure a successful outcome.


As with any surgery, scarring can occur due to an ultrasonic rhinoplasty; however, the surgeon’s experience can help minimize this risk, and the medical staff will cover the nose with a protective film to protect against any damage or scarring due to improper healing or irritation.

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What is the Recovery Time for piezo rhinoplasty?

The recovery time for ultrasonic rhinoplasty usually takes two to three months, but the acute healing phase is usually between two to three weeks. 

This timeline generally applies to most people, though there are exceptions depending on a person’s age and individual healing process.

This timeline is generally more favorable than traditional rhinoplasty, as the post-operative healing process follows a more gradual course with less swelling and bruising. 

There may still be some swelling in the first few weeks after the surgery, but it should rapidly dissipate soon.

The recovery process will involve attending regular follow-up appointments with your doctor to monitor your progress and ensure the nose is healing properly. 

These appointments will typically involve X-rays or CT scans of your nose and physical examinations to ensure your surgeon is satisfied with your ongoing treatment plan. 

Moreover, you may have to wear a nasal splint or protective garment for up to seven days following the surgery to protect the delicate tissue of your nose during nose job recovery.

Is it more expensive than a traditional rhinoplasty?

No, at least not directly. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the average ultrasonic rhinoplasty cost is $5,483, and a traditional nose job costs around $5,500. But that doesn’t mean piezo rhinoplasty is more expensive than traditional rhinoplasty. Instead, it depends on what needs to be done to create the desired effect and how long it takes your surgeon to do it—traditional rhinoplasty may require more extensive cutting and reshaping, which could cost more in terms of time spent in the operating room and anesthesia.

Ultrasonic rhinoplasty may be cheaper in the long run because it typically takes less time to complete. During a piezo rhinoplasty procedure, a microtip is used to precisely break up the nose’s bone, cartilage, and other tissues. Because this happens with much less cutting or reshaping than a traditional Rhinoplasty aesthetic procedure, so costs can be kept lower.

What is the average cost of a piezo rhinoplasty procedure in Turkey?

If you’re considering ultrasonic rhinoplasty, you’re probably wondering about the cost. Fortunately, the average cost of an ultrasonic rhinoplasty procedure in Turkey is £2,800

However, depending on your needs, this cost can range from €2500 to €4000. Factors that can increase the cost include the complexity of the procedure and if any additional surgeries or treatments are necessary to achieve the desired results.

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What is the average cost of an ultrasonic rhinoplasty procedure in the USA?

The cost of piezo rhinoplasty in the US can vary greatly depending on 

  1. The geographical area, 
  2. The plastic surgeon’s skills and experience, 
  3. The complexity of the procedure, 
  4. And other factors. 

However, generally speaking, the average cost of an ultrasonic rhinoplasty procedure is between $3,000 and $15,000 in the USA.

The average cost of a rhinoplasty procedure in the US is around $5,483, according to RealSelf

But this price range can vary from $3,000 – $5,000 plus or minus for each plastic surgeon. Additionally, suppose any additional procedures are needed, such as additional revisions or treatments like Botox or soft-tissue fillers around the nose. In that case, it may add to the overall cost of the procedure.

What is the average cost of an ultrasonic rhinoplasty procedure in the UK?

If you’re considering a piezo rhinoplasty, one of the first questions you might have is its cost. Unfortunately, it’s not an entirely straightforward answer.

In the UK, ultrasonic rhinoplasty is typically more expensive than traditional rhinoplasty — but that’s because it comes with a few built-in perks. The average cost of a procedure using an ultrasonic device is higher due to the costs of disposable tools and medications used in treatment.

On average, the cost of a piezo rhinoplasty in the UK ranges from £2,200 to £5,000, depending on the complexity and location of your desired treatment. While this may sound pricey, many people report that it is worth the price for results that look natural and last for years.

comparison table for the price of ultrasonic rhinoplasty

CountryAverage Cost of Ultrasonic Rhinoplasty
UK£5,500 – £8,000
USA$8,000 – $15,000
CanadaCAD 10,000 – CAD 20,000
Europe€5,000 – €8,000
Turkey$2,500 – $5,000

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how is rhinoplasty done

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Ultrasonic Rhinoplasty in Turkey Before and After

Is ultrasonic rhinoplasty permanent?

So is an ultrasonic rhinoplasty a permanent procedure? The short answer is yes! Piezo rhinoplasty offers permanent results compared to other nose reshaping procedures because it offers more control and accuracy for sculpting the patient’s nose.

The ultrasonic rhinoplasty procedure utilizes sound waves to break apart tissues, making it easier for the practitioner to reshape the nose. In addition, this type of surgery is much faster and more accurate than other nose-reshaping techniques by accurately cutting, removing, and even repositioning tissue in one step.

But is the result permanent? Yes, the result of the surgery is a permanent look that will last many years into the future. So if you’re looking for a long-term solution to reshape your nose, consider piezo rhinoplasty your go-to choice!

Does ultrasonic rhinoplasty hurt?

One of the questions people ask about piezo rhinoplasty is whether or not it causes pain. The good news is that pain, if any, from ultrasonic rhinoplasty is minimal. Because the incisions are tiny and the surgery is done under general anesthesia, there’s very little discomfort during and after the procedure.

Compared to traditional rhinoplasty, where larger incisions are made, and anesthesia may be local, a patient may experience more soreness after traditional surgery. However, ultrasonic rhinoplasty typically takes 24 hours for most pain and swelling to dissipate.

The recovery time for piezo rhinoplasty is much faster than traditional methods since no sutures are required. All thanks to vibrations of high-frequency sound waves, which cause precision bone reduction without cutting through tissue or muscles like conventional surgery. This means a patient can expect minimal downtime and typically resume regular activities within a few days following the procedure.

What is the difference between rhinoplasty and ultrasonic rhinoplasty?

So what is the difference between rhinoplasty and its more refined counterpart, ultrasonic rhinoplasty?

At its core, both are plastic surgery techniques used to reshape the nose. Rhinoplasty involves removing the cartilage and bone of the nose to reshape it and make any necessary corrections. However, the surgeon can make these changes with piezo rhinoplasty without removing any nasal tissue.

A high-frequency vibration tool helps remove excess cartilage and bone while keeping the rest of the tissue intact. This eliminates scarring that would otherwise occur with traditional rhinoplasty—a major plus! Ultrasonic rhinoplasty also offers some other benefits, such as:

  1. Less pain and discomfort during recovery
  2. A shorter recovery time
  3. Results that look more natural than traditional rhinoplasty

differences between piezo rhinoplasty and traditional rhinoplasty

FactorUltrasonic RhinoplastyTraditional Rhinoplasty
InvasivenessLess invasiveMore invasive
PrecisionMore precise and controlled cutting and sculpting of nasal tissues while leaving surrounding tissue unharmedLess precise and may cause damage to surrounding tissues
BleedingLess bleeding during the procedureMore bleeding during the procedure
PainMinimizes post-operative painMay cause more post-operative pain
RecoverySpeeds up recoverySlower recovery time
Nasal FracturesReduces likelihood of nasal fracturesMay cause nasal fractures
Post-operative packingReduces the need for post-operative packingMay require post-operative packing
CostTypically more expensiveTypically less expensive

What happens to a nose job after ten years?

When it comes to the long-term effects of ultrasonic rhinoplasty, the results of a well-performed procedure are long-lasting. However, like other surgeries, one may require maintenance or revision procedures after a few years.

In terms of infections and poor healing, there is always the risk of this occurring. Therefore, it is important to follow all post-operative instructions from your surgeon and maintain proper hygiene to prevent infection. It is also important to note that there will always be scarring after surgery. However, piezo rhinoplasty procedures have a lower likelihood than traditional methods due to ultrasound technology, which minimizes trauma to the surrounding area.

Possible risks such as infection, bleeding, and bad anesthesia reactions are common in surgeries. However, these risks can be minimized when performed by a board-certified surgeon with experience in this type of procedure. Furthermore, one should thoroughly research their chosen doctor before going under the knife.

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What is the hardest type of rhinoplasty?

The hardest type of rhinoplasty is correcting a bulbous or rounded nose. This is because a bulbous nose has a wide and rounded nasal tip, making it difficult to achieve precise and symmetric results. 

In addition, it requires altering the underlying structure of the nose, including the nasal cartilage, bone, and skin. Therefore, the surgeon must have a high level of technical expertise and aesthetics to achieve the patient’s desired outcome.

During the surgery, the surgeon must refine the nasal tip to create a more defined, sculpted look while maintaining its natural appearance. This involves reducing the bulk of the nasal tip and reshaping the nasal cartilage to make it appear much better. Depending on the patient’s unique anatomy, additional adjustments may need to be made to other nose areas to achieve balance and harmony.

Furthermore, the healing process after rhinoplasty can be more prolonged and unpredictable with a bulbous nose correction. Patients may experience more swelling and bruising around the nose area, and it can take longer for the nasal tip to settle into its final position.

HayatMed Clinic for Cosmetic Surgeries, located in Istanbul/Turkey, is highly experienced in performing plastic surgery with satisfactory results and affordable cost, according to patients’ evaluations. 


Ultrasonic rhinoplasty is a safe and effective way to improve the nose’s appearance and is quickly becoming the preferred choice for many plastic surgeons. Its minimally invasive approach allows the procedures to be completed quickly with minimal downtime and few side effects. 

In addition, the outcome of the surgery can be seen almost immediately, and the results can last a lifetime when proper aftercare is followed.

Whether you want to improve your nose’s aesthetics or correct a functional issue, ultrasonic rhinoplasty may be an effective alternative to traditional rhinoplasty techniques. 

An experienced surgeon is best suited to discuss the benefits and risks associated with the procedure and how it could help you achieve your desired results.

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