Tummy Tuck Before and After – What to Expect

Tummy Tuck Before and After

The tummy area can be one of the body’s most frustrating. Fat and excess skin can develop around the middle and lower abdomen for many different reasons, including childbirth and aging.

Despite valiant attempts to return to a more youthful figure through diet and exercise, stomach fat can resist all efforts to be rid of it.

Tummy tuck procedures remove stubborn fat and excess saggy skin from around the middle and lower abdomen. Liposuction removes excess fat, and the result is a sculpted waistline and a smoother and flatter stomach. A tummy tuck may also help restore some strength to weakened abdominal muscles.

Here a few tummy tuck before and after considerations you should think about before deciding to undergo surgery.

Tummy Tuck Before – Things to Consider

Choosing to undergo major surgery is a significant life decision that requires serious thought. You should carefully consider the implications of the operation and mentally prepare yourself for life after a tummy tuck.

Always use a board-certified surgeon to perform your tummy tuck. Consulting with an expert and working with an experienced surgeon will always get you the best results to create a firmer, flatter, more youthful figure.

Before you undergo surgery, you should plan on being close to your desired weight for between 6 to 12 months. Most surgeons will recommend their patients be within 10 – 15 pounds (3 to 5kg) of their ideal weight before continuing with the procedure. 

The reason is that weight loss or gain can alter the new shape created by the surgery. In extreme weight change cases, a revision procedure may be needed to restore the results of the initial surgery.

What to Expect After the Tummy Tuck?

A tummy tuck is a major surgical procedure in a sensitive area of the body. Part of the surgery involves creating an incision that runs from one hip to another, so patients should expect to be confined to resting for at least two or three weeks afterward.

The first few days will be the toughest, as there will be significant swelling and soreness. Not only will you require lots of bed rest, but you will also be confined to very light duties for some time.

Ensure you have someone you can rely on to take care of most of your household chores.

Tummy tuck Before and after

When you undergo the tummy tuck procedure, you will see the difference after a few days of the operation, but the real result will appear one month after the operation.

There Will Be Scarring

Tummy tucks are cosmetic surgery that can achieve outstanding and evident results. However, the incision will leave a scar running horizontally from hip to hip, just above the pubic bone.

It will fade a little in the coming years, but it will still be visible for many of those. Skilled plastic surgeons are experts at placing the incision where it will most often be hidden underneath clothing. 

While you will have quite a few weeks of downtime after the procedure before you can return to a semblance of a normal life, full healing can take up to 12-months.

There may be lingering swelling for up to six months after the surgery, but you should be starting to enjoy life with your new figure and the ability to wear your favorite clothes once again.

Tummy Tuck Cost 

This procedure is quite expensive compared with some other plastic surgeries. 
Like any other cosmetic procedure, abdominoplasty cost varies from one place to another and from case to case

depending on:

  • The individual needs and the used method.
  • The geographic hospital location. 
  • The surgeon’s experience.

Keep in mind that an abdominoplasty is not an easy procedure. It needs a trustworthy surgeon who has previous successful results to ensure avoiding the risk of surgery failure.

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