Breast Lift and Reduction

breast lift and reduction

A breast lift and reduction are comprised of two procedures. During a breast lift, the nipple-areolar complex will be lifted, and the excess skin of the breast will be reduced. Breast reductions use methods to remove excess fatty tissue from the glandular breast tissue to reduce their overall size.

Breast lift surgery’s primary goal is to reduce breast droopiness, which can create similar issues experienced by women who choose breast reduction.

The goal of a breast lift and reduction is to raise the breasts to a more youthful position, while breast reduction is more in line with reducing the cup size of bras. Many women will opt to have both procedures performed because of their combined benefits.

Breast Lift and Reduction Benefits

Although many women will choose to have both a breast lift and a reduction, the two procedures are separate. Still, both are relatively straightforward and enjoy a high proportion of successful outcomes.

Women who have received both treatments report feeling lighter and better able to maintain a good posture. Most also report psychological advantages such as feeling happier, enjoying a higher level of self-confidence, and feeling rejuvenated and youthful.

Scars leftover from the procedures are not evident, even in low cut blouses and bikini tops. After consulting with their physician (because every procedure is unique), most women can breastfeed once they recover from the surgery.

Reasons to Consider a Breast Lift and Reduction

Women who are uncomfortable with the size and shape of their breasts will obtain the most benefit from a breast lift and reduction. If your breasts produce any of the following symptoms, it may be worthwhile considering breast and lift reduction surgery.

  •   Bra straps create marks and indentations around the collarbone and shoulders.
  •  Breast size contributes to poor posture.
  • Difficulty finding clothes that fit.
  •   Exercising is difficult and uncomfortable.
  • Neck and back pain.
  • Rash or irritated skin under the breasts.
  •  Balancing problems.
  •  The nipples and areolae are stretched.

There are other aspects of large breasts that may make them unappealing. You may avoid group sports because of them, and unwanted attention on the chest makes you feel uncomfortable.

How is the procedure Performed and What to Expect?

Patients are required to fast 8 hours before the day of surgery. Both procedures are performed under general anesthetic, and a hospital stay of around one or two days should be expected.

Drains will be necessary, and these are usually removed after a few days, or once you have been given the all-clear and discharged.

Most patients notice relief from neck, back, and shoulder pain immediately after surgery.

During the recovery period, breasts will be slightly flat on the bottom part. Their optimum shape will develop over the next few months because the tissue needs time to stretch slightly.

Every woman will have a different set of reasons as to why they would pursue a breast reduction and lift procedure. Breast sizes that one woman may be perfectly fine with may feel large and uncomfortable to another. However, if large breasts are the cause of pain and discomfort, then a breast reduction and lift may provide a reliable and permanent solution.

breast reduction and lift cost

 Like any other cosmetic procedure, the cost of this process is various from one place to another, based on many factors like the geographic office location, the surgeon’s experience, and the type of procedure.

Istanbul is the destination for many people who intend to undergo plastic procedures. The reasons which stand behind that are the competitive prices and the highly skilled surgeons in this field.

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