Boob reduction and lift: Can I do Both at the same time?

Boob reduction and lift

A boob reduction and lift is a procedure that reduces the size of individual breasts or reshapes the chest area. The purpose of the surgery is to make the breasts smaller, reduce the areola, or alter their appearance when they have become droopy or uneven due to pregnancy, weight loss, or other factors.

What is the difference between breast lift and reduction?

Breast lifts and reductions are two popular cosmetic procedures, offering individuals seeking to enhance their breast appearance an array of advantages. Such procedures are frequently offered at clinics like Hayatmed. Here’s an in-depth comparison between them both:

1. Breast Lift:

  • Purpose: Lifts and reshapes sagging breasts for a more youthful appearance.
  • Candidates: Suitable for those with sagging breasts due to factors like aging or pregnancy.
  • Incisions: Involves incisions around the nipple or areola.
  • Tissue Removal: Focuses on reshaping existing breast tissue.
  • Recovery: Typically shorter recovery time compared to breast reduction.

2. Breast Reduction:

  • Purpose: Reduces breast size and improves the shape, addressing physical discomfort.
  • Candidates: Ideal for individuals with large, heavy breasts causing discomfort and pain.
  • Incisions: Involves keyhole or anchor-shaped incisions to remove excess tissue.
  • Tissue Removal: Removes a significant amount of glandular tissue, fat, and skin.
  • Recovery: It may require a longer breast reduction recovery period compared to a breast lift.

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Reasons To Consider A Breast Lift And Reduction

Reasons to Consider a Breast Lift and Reduction

Women who are uncomfortable with the size and shape of their breasts will obtain the most benefit from a breast lift and reduction. If your breasts produce any of the following symptoms, it may be worthwhile considering breast and lift reduction surgery.

  •   Bra straps create marks and indentations around the collarbone and shoulders.
  •  Breast size contributes to poor posture.
  • Difficulty finding clothes that fit.
  •   Exercising is difficult and uncomfortable.
  • Neck and back pain.
  • Rash or irritated skin under the breasts.
  •  I am balancing problems.
  •  The nipples and areolae are stretched.

Other aspects of large breasts may make them unappealing. For example, you may avoid group sports because of them, and unwanted attention on the chest makes you feel uncomfortable.

How Do I Decide Which Procedure Is Right for Me?

Determining the best approach for breast reduction or lift surgery depends on your goals and concerns, so here is a straightforward guide that may assist in making this choice easier.

Breast Reduction Surgery:

  • Consider this option if your large breasts are causing physical discomfort, including back, neck, or shoulder aches.
  • If your breasts sag too much and weigh too much for traditional bras to accommodate, a pushup bra may also be suitable.
  • Breast reduction can significantly decrease breast size and enhance overall comfort.

Breast Lift Surgery:

  • If sagging breasts are the source of discomfort for you, consider getting a breast lift as the solution.
  • This procedure can help restore a more youthful appearance by lifting and reshaping the breasts.
  • Issues such as nipple position, breast asymmetry, or downward-pointing nipples may all be addressed through this technique.

Can Breast Lift Surgery Be Performed Together With Breast Reduction

Breast Lift and Reduction Benefits

When considering both breast lift and reduction procedures simultaneously, it’s essential to research each option individually before making your choice.

But the question arises: should these procedures be combined, or is one the better choice? Your physician can offer valuable guidance in helping you choose an approach best suited to your particular circumstances.

There are compelling reasons why a woman might choose to undergo both surgeries concurrently:

  1. Addressing Excess Skin and Breast Size: Some individuals seek smaller breasts to shed any extra skin that has resulted from prior surgeries or pregnancy, thus making the combination of breast lift with reduction more suitable. It provides optimal and aesthetic results.
  2. Post-Pregnancy Concerns: Women who have already given birth and are wary of experiencing another pregnancy to shed excess weight and address stretch marks may find this combination procedure an appealing way to achieve their desired breast size and contour without going through another gestation cycle.
  3. Reducing Complications: Combining breast lifting and reduction techniques may also lower your risk of complications during childbirth. Furthermore, they can help eliminate stretch marks as well as address loose skin concerns in the breast area.

breast lift before and after

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Breast Lift And Reduction Benefits

Although many women choose to have a breast lift and a reduction, the two procedures are separate. Still, both are relatively straightforward and enjoy many successful outcomes.

Women who have received both treatments report feeling lighter and better able to maintain a good posture. Most also report psychological advantages such as feeling happier, enjoying a higher level of self-confidence, and feeling rejuvenated and youthful.

Scars leftover from the procedures are not evident, even in low-cut blouses and bikini tops. After consulting with their physician (because every procedure is unique), most women can breastfeed once they recover from the surgery.

How to Prepare for Breast Reduction with Lift Surgery

patient prepare for Septoplasty

Preparing for boob reduction with lift surgery is essential to ensure a successful procedure and a smooth recovery. Here are some tips on how to prepare:

  1. Your surgeon will recommend necessary tests to assess your health, especially if you have medical conditions like diabetes or high blood pressure.
  2. Quit smoking at least six weeks before surgery to aid healing, and consider weight loss to reduce complications.
  3. Choose a board-certified plastic surgeon with expertise in breast reduction surgery, preferably certified by organizations like ASPS.
  4. Plan for time off work for recovery and secure approval from your employer.
  5. Discuss current medications with your surgeon; some may need to be temporarily stopped to reduce bleeding risk.
  6. Adhere to specific preoperative instructions from your surgeon regarding diet, skincare, and hygiene.

How Is The Procedure Performed, And What To Expect?

Patients are required to fast 8 hours before the day of surgery. Both procedures are performed under general anesthetic, and The patient should expect a hospital stay of around one or two days.

Drains will be necessary; these are usually removed after a few days, or once you have been given the all-clear and discharged. Most patients notice neck, back, and shoulder pain relief immediately after surgery.

During recovery, breasts will be slightly flat on the bottom. However, their optimum shape will develop over the next few months because the tissue needs time to stretch slightly.

Women will have different reasons to pursue a breast reduction and lift procedure. For example, breast sizes that one woman may be wonderful with may feel large and uncomfortable to another. However, if large breasts cause pain and discomfort, a breast reduction and lift may provide a reliable and permanent solution.

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How Breast lift surgery is done

Best mastopexy prices for 2023

Packages include medical fees, hospital accommodation, airport transfers, and personal host.

Breast reduction and lift incision

Breast reduction surgery with a lift, often referred to as mastopexy, is a procedure performed by plastic surgeons at clinics like Hayatmed to address issues of breast size and sagging. There are many incision types for this procedure:

  • Traditional Breast Reduction with Lift:

Breast reduction with lift surgery is the most frequently performed form of breast reduction surgery, typically consisting of extracting excess breast tissue and reshaping it to create more youthful contours. Furthermore, your surgeon may reposition the nipple and areola to more attractive locations that create the best aesthetic result.

  • Vertical Incision Breast Reduction (Lollipop Lift):

This technique is suitable for patients with moderate breast sagging. It involves two incisions – one around the areola and another running from it vertically towards the breast crease – creating a lollipop-shaped scar.

  • Anchor Incision Breast Reduction (Inverted-T Lift):

Patients suffering from more significant breast sagging may need this technique, which combines incisions made for the lollipop lift with additional incisions near the breast crease to create an anchor shape and result in more extensive scarring than traditional surgery but is able to produce effective reduction and lifting results.

  • Scarless Breast Reduction with Liposuction:

Some patients may be candidates for scarless or minimal-scar breast reduction via liposuction, which involves tiny incisions for minimally invasive results. It’s an ideal method for those with excess fatty tissue but minimal sagging; its minimally invasive nature makes this option even more appealing than traditional methods.

  • Crescent Lift with Reduction:

In cases where sagging is mild, a crescent lift may be performed. This involves making small incisions along the upper half of the areola to provide for a minor lift while simultaneously decreasing breast size.

  • Donut Lift (Peri-Areolar Lift) with Reduction:

This technique involves making an incision around the entire areola. It’s ideal for patients with moderately sagging breasts, offering both lift and reduction of breast size.

Risks Associated with Breast Lift Surgery with Breast Reduction

Are there any Risks Involved with Buccal Fat Removal?

The risks associated with breast lift surgery include:

  1. Surgery-related incisions may result in open wounds or slow healing, requiring proper wound care and follow-up with your surgeon.
  2. Accumulated breast fluid may lead to swelling and discomfort, necessitating drainage or additional treatments.
  3. Some patients may develop prominent or thickened scars, which can often be managed with scar creams or treatments.
  4. To minimize the risk of allergic reactions to anesthesia or medications, provide your surgeon with a complete medical history.
  5. Infections after surgery are uncommon but should be identified early by watching for signs like fever and chills and seeking prompt medical assistance.

Boob reduction and lift price

The price of a combined breast reduction and lift procedure can vary widely depending on factors like location, surgeon’s experience, and the extent of the surgery.
Generally, it ranges from $3,000 to $4,000 or more. It’s essential to consult with Hayatmed Clinic for an accurate cost estimate tailored to your specific needs.

Istanbul is the destination for many people who intend to undergo plastic procedures. The reasons behind that are the competitive prices and the highly skilled surgeons in this field.

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Is a Breast Reduction without Surgery Possible?

How is the procedure Performed, and What to Expect?

LipoLift is an innovative, non-invasive procedure designed to safely eliminate excess fat and tighten loose skin on your breasts, offering an alternative solution to breast reduction surgery, which removes extra fatty tissue by tightening surrounding tissues.

LipoLift uses radiofrequency energy, a form of heat, to boost collagen production and shrink fat cells beneath the skin – this allows them to dissipate over time.

Procedure time typically lasts an hour and can be performed under local anesthesia in either a physician’s office or a spa setting. Sedation may be needed during some procedures; however, most can drive themselves home afterward with no assistance needed from anyone else. As no downtime exists after this treatment option, work can resume shortly after that.

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How long does breast reduction surgery take?

Timelines for breast reduction surgery will depend on its complexity. According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, an average procedure typically lasts from two to four hours, while more involved procedures could last even longer.

The exact timing will depend on both the doctor and the patient involved.


Boobie reduction and lift surgery are used to address loose, sagging, or droopy breasts caused by natural aging processes. Excess skin and gravity-induced tissue are removed by repositioning the nipple closer to the chest using incisions hidden when wearing a bra – the incisions are also strategically placed so as to be hidden when worn under clothing – while incisions are strategically positioned so as to be undetectable under clothing – most patients also report improved breast shape after surgery.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, breast reduction surgery usually includes a breast lift as part of its procedure. This is because shrinking the size of one’s breasts typically involves reshaping and repositioning them to achieve an aesthetically pleasing and youthful aesthetic.

Recover times vary for every patient, but typically, patients should expect several weeks for healing to take place. Most can return to light activities within a week or two; more strenuous activities and fully appreciating results could take as long as six weeks to resume.

Sometimes breast reduction surgery can be completed without a lift; this decision depends on your individual anatomy and goals; during consultation with your plastic surgeon, they will assess your situation and suggest the most suitable approach.

Yes, combining breast reduction and lift procedures together is possible. Patients who want both often opt for this combined procedure, which results in both smaller breast size and an age-defying lift effect. Your plastic surgeon will discuss this option based on your specific needs.

Breast reduction surgery should not only be determined by weight requirements; rather, it must take into account individual factors like breast size, body proportion, and medical considerations. Candidates for breast reduction often have overly large breasts that cause physical discomfort or health concerns. For this reason, a consultation with a plastic surgeon should be scheduled in order to ascertain if you qualify as an appropriate candidate for this process.

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