How Much Does it Cost for Fat Transfer to Buttocks?

Cost for Fat Transfer to Buttocks

For many women, the struggle for the hourglass figure is an unrealized dream. Despite dieting and hours on the treadmill, the body refuses to change from its natural shape.

In an age where shapely curves, flat stomachs, and rounded buttocks are highly desirable, a body that refuses to come to the party is incredibly frustrating. 

However, women do have other options for achieving their dream bodies. For example, fat transfer to your buttocks can flatten your tummy and give you the curvy buttocks you’ve always wanted. 

What is Fat Transfer to the Buttocks?

Surgeons use several procedures to transfer fat to your buttocks, including a tummy tuck that gives you a curvy butt and flattens your belly. 

The surgeon gently removes fat from the stomach area using various small instruments, and the fat cells are isolated and purified to prepare them for relocation.  

Small, localized injections relocate the fat to your buttocks. Over time, your body will reabsorb a portion of the transferred fat (from 30% to 40%), but some leftovers will give you desirable volume and curves. 

What are the Advantages of Fat Transfer

What are the Advantages of Fat Transfer

The most significant advantage of using your fat during the transfer is that there is no chance of an allergic reaction.

Your body won’t recognize the transferred fat as a foreign object, and the immune system won’t trigger a response to reject it. 

You also get to transfer fat from areas of your body where you would rather not have it to another area that would benefit from a little extra mass – like your buttocks. But, again, it’s completely natural, and the results you see at stage 3 are permanent. 

Fat transferral is a minimally invasive surgery and uses tiny surgical instruments to minimize the scarring. Once fully recovered, your barely noticeable scars will fade into even more insignificance. 

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Am I a Candidate for Fat Transfer

Before the surgeon can move fat from one area of your body, you will need an adequate amount to facilitate the transfer.

The amount of fat they will be able to transfer will depend on your age, state of health, and the blood supply and tightness of tissues currently present in your buttocks. Most fat transfer patients will retain around 40% to 60% of the transferred fat volume. 

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Cost for Fat Transfer to Buttocks

The cost for fat transfer to the buttocks varies depending on where you get the procedure done and the surgeon you choose. In the U.S., fat transfer patients will pay anywhere from $4,000 to $15,000. 

If you shop abroad, the cost of fat transfer to the buttocks can be significantly less. 

For example, in India, you can get the procedure done for less than $3,000, and it’s about the same for Spain and Turkey. Hungary is a little more expensive at $3,400, but still a lot less than the cost of fat transfer to the buttocks in the U.S. 

Perhaps the most important consideration, other than the cost of a fat transfer, is finding the right practice and surgeon for the job. You want to find a team with which you are comfortable and can trust, so be sure to explore your options in some depth.

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