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What is Permanent Makeup?

Permanent Makeup, also known as tattooed Makeup, is a cosmetic procedure that aims to enhance, contour, and outline facial features.

It is micro pigment implantation by penetrating the skin with needles and depositing pigment into the dermis skin layer to change its appearance.

Furthermore, this Permanent Makeup is also valuable for burns, camouflaging, scars, and skin pigmentation differences caused by vitiligo or facial irregularities.

What can options for tattooed Makeup be Done?

options for tattooed Makeup

Tattooed makeup procedures can be dramatic or subtle, depending on your desire. Here are some options for this procedure,


  • Eyeliner
  • Eyebrows
  • Lipliner
  • Lip Color
  • Beauty Marks
  • Scar Camouflage
  • Repigmentation of Areola

Some of these procedures use more advanced methods. Thus, they may require an experienced technician with advanced training.

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How are permanent cosmetics done?

Permanent cosmetics are just like getting a traditional tattoo. The cosmetic expert applying permanent Makeup uses a needle that penetrates the skin and releases pigment.

Choosing an expert who uses proper sterilization, techniques, and licensing is essential to achieve the desired results without risks.

Before undergoing Permanent Makeup, you’ll test your skin to check whether you are allergic to the used pigment.

You will then discuss the appropriate color with the makeup expert and choose the most suitable one.

The makeup artist will then use a sterile surgical pen to draw the tattooed area and put an anesthetic cream on your skin.

The expert will apply the pigment Using a hollow needle into the top layer of the skin.

Each time the vibrating needle pierces the skin, a small drop of pigment will be released into the hole the needle makes. Therefore, it is normal to feel a slight stinging during the process.

What should you expect after the tattooed Makeup?

After the process, the tattoo’s color will look dark and shiny. You must wait about three weeks for the color to fade to its permanent tone.

Furthermore, the surrounding area will be swollen and red. Your makeup artist will recommend using a cold compress to decrease swelling and antibiotic cream to prevent infection.

They will also ask you to avoid sun rays and wear strong sunscreen for several weeks to prevent color changes. Side effects are rare but can include allergic reactions to the tattoo pigment or infection.

How many sessions of the Permanent makeup procedure are needed?

Often, the tattooed Makeup is not ideal after the first procedure heals. This procedure usually needs at least one follow-up to the first procedure that should be scheduled.

The touch-up procedure is recommended four weeks after the initial process.

However, lips have a different healing schedule than other procedures. Therefore, the touch-up procedure is recommended six weeks after the first lips.

Is permanent cosmetics Painful?

Is permanent cosmetics Painful

Most women suffer some discomfort during the procedure. This feeling will differ according to each individual. There are several methods available that can help with discomfort management.

Your cosmetic professional should discuss the methods to determine which suits you. For example, all types of permanent Makeup can save time by not applying daily.

The discomfort a person feels from having the procedure done will soon be forgotten, while the decrease in stress will stay.

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Is Permanent Makeup Safe?

Generally, This procedure is considered safe. However, It carries the same risks as traditional tattoos.

The most serious risk is infection from improperly sanitized tools. Therefore, ensuring that the professional you choose to work with has the necessary certifications or licenses is essential.

Furthermore, you should see your technician open new sterile needles before you and use new gloves to perform the procedure.

Is permanent cosmetics permanent?

Permanent makeup procedure is often permanent, but their longevity varies depending on several factors,

such as:

  • Sun exposure.
  • The used color.
  • The topical products are applied to the skin.

The pigment is usually tattooed into the upper part of the skin layer and cannot be washed off.

However, as with any dye, it may often fade, requiring regular maintenance known as color refreshing or color re-enhancement.

This maintenance requirement is an excellent opportunity to reevaluate one’s color and design preferences and determine if any changes are appropriate. 

How much does a permanent cosmetics procedure cost?

The average cost per procedure differs but usually averages between $150-$600 in Turkey. Remember to choose your makeup artist based on quality, skills, and experience, not cost.

Furthermore, you should ensure the charging cost includes at least one follow-up visit. Moreover, the price should include the anesthetics fee to minimize the procedure’s pain and discomfort.

At HayatMed, for cosmetic procedures in Istanbul, we have the best makeup experts in Turkey who are well-trained to apply cosmetic tattooing professionally, avoid any risks, and achieve your desired appearance.

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